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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

Thats one HELL of a migraine

I looked up at what I thought to be a wall I had bumped into, only it was a person. A person with beautiful blue eyes.


He grabbed me by shoulders firmly and looked me in the eyes. His worried look was enough to send me over the edge again, I began to sob. I let the tears run freely now. No shame and no embarrassment now. Only a withered version of the professional he thought I was. My promotion was surely ruined. Any chance I had of impressing him was surely ruined.

And the emotions that weren’t really mine stayed, now mixed with my own shame. My own anger and my own pain. A mix that could surely bring down even the strongest of men. I covered my face with my hands and let myself cry into them. I didn’t want him to see me this way. I felt ashamed.

“Shhhh now Amina.” Was all he said before wrapping his strong arms around me and bringing me to his chest.

Then, the silence came. A silence that came only when my shield was there to protect me. A silence that came with years of practice and tribulations. Only this time, my shield was not up. It had crumbled under the pressure. But there it was, the golden silence I always sought after. The peace and quiet I worked so hard for. The calm serenity of throwing out everything that did not belong to me.

How was this happening? I decided not to question it…for now. Instead I rested my head on Delano’s chest, reveling in the beauty of the stillness. I breathed deep. Taking in his woodsy, musky scent. Taking in all the quiet I could.

He must have sensed my calm.

“Are you alright, Amina? What happened?” he pulled me away from him, but only slightly, thankfully his arms still around me.

What was I to say to him? Well Delano im an Empath and what you just witnessed in there was my reaction to feeling every single solitary emotion in that restaurant. Yeaaa, im sort of a freak. I doubted that would go well with him.

“I’m fine. I just get really bad migraines sometimes. They come without warning. I’m sorry if I worried you.” I looked up at him as I spoke. In comparison to his 6’4 frame, im sure my puny 5’2 self felt like he was embracing a dwarf. I tried to smile at him, as evidence that all was well in my world. It was a hard feat, but it seemed to work.

He chuckled lightly and brought his hands to either side of my face tracing tiny yet rhythmic circles with his thumbs on my temples.

“That’s one hell of a migraine problem” he chuckled again, the sound sending my girly parts into frenzy. Slowly, I felt my shield coming to life again. So when he dropped his hands from my face I felt safe knowing I was in control again.

“Im truly sorry you had to see that” I said to him, looking down at my fingers.

“Don’t apologize for that Amina. That’s not your fault. Come, let’s go back inside.” He smiled at me and began to walk back inside of the restaurant. I cringed at the thought of going back in there.

“Uh actually Delano. I’m not feeling to well. I rather just go home and rest if that’s all right. Could we continue the meeting tomorrow night?” That was the truth. I felt worn out. My psyche had taken quite a punch tonight, and I knew that soon, I really would be getting a migraine. My body grew heavier with every passing second. I needed to rest.

“Of course Amina. We can continue this some other time. Don’t feel obligated to stay if you feel ill” he looked at me with that worried expression again.

“Thank you Delano, again, im so sorry for my little episode,” I laughed lightly, trying to seem normal.

“That’s fine Amina, would you like me to accompany you to your car, just in case?” His voice was the purest most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I felt my mind picturing inappropriate things. I shook my head to erase the naughty pictures before speaking again.

“I actually don’t drive. I came in a taxi, ill just call him to come back for me” I brought my phone out of the tiny clutch I had with me, I couldn’t even remember when I grabbed it during my little episode. I flipped it open and began to dial the numbers of the cab that dropped me off before, when Delano was instantly in front of me, his giant hand flipping my phone closed before I could finish dialing. I looked up at him, the shock in my face painfully evident.

“That’s not wise of you Amina. What if you get another migraine? Let one of us take you home” he looked at me with pleading eyes. I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want to be near Jason for a while, not after being so wound up in his emotions. And as attractive as he was, I wasn’t ready to jump into a car with Delano, or Adryaan for that matter.

“You don’t have to do that Delano. Ill be fine, I promise. Thank you for offering though, that’s very kind of you” I slowly placed my hand over his to remove it from mine, so I can have access to my phone again. The soft, quick touch was enough to melt me inside, although I couldnt figure out why is hands were still cold.

“Amina please, I would feel a lot better knowing one of us took you home. Would you feel safer with Jason?” after his last word, and almost as if on cue, Jason and Adryaan appeared through the glass door of the restaurant. Jason rushed towards me and embraced me…very tightly.

“Jason…i…cant…breath” I said as loudly as I could with what little breath I had left. He let go instantly.

“Amina! What happened, you scared the shit out of me! Was it another migraine attack? You haven’t had one in such a long time, I thought you were over those!” he flooded me with his words of caution and worry, but I really was too tired to have this conversation with him.

“I guess theyre back again” was all I could manage to spill out of my mouth.

“ you need to take better care of yourself Amina, please!” he told me with his brows furrowing together.

“im ok, Jason. Really, I am. I was just on my way home” I told him, trying to reassure him.

“and that’s the problem, Jason. She wants to take a taxi home. With the condition she’s in, I highly disagree with that idea.” Delano stated in a cool tone.

Jason and Adryaan widened their eyes at the same time. I really didn’t see what the big deal was here.

This time, it was Adryaan who spoke. “Amina, it would be better for you and our consciences if you allowed one of us to take you home”

“yes, Amina I agree. Come, I will take you home” Jason spoke very strictly. Like a father talking to his young daughter. But I was seriously not ready to spend extra time with him. There was no way I could handle a car ride with him, not after falling into his confusing pool of emotions. I could feel the machismo flowing from him, as if this was his chance to seduce me. It made my head ache escalate.

“that’s fine Jason, ill take care of her. I will escort her home.” Delano stated looking at me intently to see if I disagreed with him. “judging from the information you sent me about her, she does not live far from my hotel, its on the way.” I looked at him now, then Jason. How long had they been planning this “promotion”?

my head pounded in reaction to the new thread of information I had injected into it. Sending a painful jolt throughout my entire head. I squeezed my eyes shut, and winced. Instantly regretting the small squeak that came from my mouth.

It passed a few seconds later, and I opened my eyes to three very concerned men watching me intently, hoping another episode would not ensue.

“im fine. Just a small brain pain, is all” what else could I say? Honestly?
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poor amina.

will things get better before they get worse?