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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

0-60 in 2 seconds

i decided to drop the fight. it was 3 against 1 and the odds did not want me to win, apparently. fate would not have me going home alone tonight. i sighed heavily in defeat.

"Thank you for offering Jason. i know you must be tired, since you worked a double shift today. its OK, Delano will get me home safely." i turned to look up at Delano, happy that i would not be spending any extra time with Jason and his confusing web of feelings.

Jason eyed me suspiciously, no doubt wondering why i had accepted Delano's offer without pressing any further. Jason thought me a cautious person, and i knew that he would call me the moment he thought i would be home. his affection for me bordered on obsession, i knew he was upset he could not take me home himself, his discontent was clearly etched on the wrinkles in his tired face. i tried not look at him, the guilt was starting to get to me. Jason was kind, but i was in no way prepared to deal with him right now, not after what happened in there.

"That's fine Amina. get some rest tonight, i will call you tomorrow to check up on you" he told me before embracing me and turning to Delano. "Drive safe Delano, and thank you for inviting us out to dinner tonight" with that he turned around and started walking towards the parking lot. i felt his trail of disappointment until he turned the corner of the block.

"alright Amina lets go" Delano spoke as he walked towards the boy working valet. i saw him slip the boy a hefty wad of bills. the look on the boys face, it must have been a nice amount of money. as the boy turned and ran to fetch Delano's car, i followed suit behind Adryaan and stood by them as we waited.

"Thank you for the ride, Delano" i spoke softly, not knowing what to say in order to fill the silence. he only smiled at me in return.

after a few minutes, the boy returned with a beautiful - and very luxurious sports car. a car so expensive, i had never seen it in person before. i knew the car well. but it couldn't be.

the boy pulled up in front of us in a Jet black Bugatti Veyron.

i felt like rubbing my eyes, in case i was only making it up. the boy pulled himself unwillingly from the drivers seat and handed Delano the keys.

"you're one lucky man sir," the boy spoke to Delano as he held the door of the car open for him "beautiful car AND a beautiful woman". Delano laughed, a hearty rumble coming from deep in his chest.

"thanks, kid" he said and slid inside of his car. the boy ran to the other side and opened the door for me as well. i had briefly considered correcting the mistake, but thought against it. let the boy dream. i laughed to myself as well as i slid into the luxury car. never before in my life had i ever sat in something so - expensive. The Bugatti Veyron was named the worlds most expensive car. it would cost you a cool $1.7 million to drive this baby. i sat uncomfortably, although the smooth leather was enough to make me sleepy, in honesty i was afraid to touch it, in case i broke it. a sick and selfish satisfaction took over as i realized the fact that i was actually sitting in this car.

my ex - boyfriend had been an avid car lover. he loved his precious cars so much so, he used the little bit we had saved up for our wedding to bid on a 1965 Jaguar Roadster. and this, this beautiful Bugatti was his DREAM car. a car i knew he would never have. and yet here i was, about to take a ride in one. i almost cried in victory.

how could Delano have afforded this car? who was he? what the hell did he do for a living? i knew for a fact that owning a blood bank wasn't enough to make that much money....

"i hope you don't mind speeding" Delano said, taking me out of my reverie. i only smiled back and shook my head.

i should have remembered that a Bugatti can hit 0-60 in less than 2 seconds.
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