Status: Complete and edited

Love Will Keep You Up All Night

The title is actually a Backstreet Boys' song and I thought it went well with this story.

Taylor Samuels is a normal teenage girl who is ready to graduate from high school. She is also a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and loves Sidney Crosby. With her eighteenth birthday around the corner she will get the best present ever.

Sidney Crosby is a professional hockey player and shouldn't be in the situation he is faced with. He is falling for someone who he shouldn't be.

Will age be a problem? Find out in Love Will Keep You Up All Night.

Because her heart can't lie
And even though her face may try
Love can keep you up all night

Cause love will keep you up all night
It's nothing that you can't decide
One day you're all alone
The next you're crying on the phone
Love will keep you up all night

I DO NOT own the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, or any othere people mentioned in the story. Though I do know some of the characters...not the Penguin players
=( haha.

Lyrics by the Backstreet Boys-Love Will Keep You Up All Night from their Unbreakable CD.