Thrills To Spare


“Daddy!” Chloe squealed as she ran into he and Phoebe’s part of their villa, Dylan wandering in close behind, his gaming device in hand that his Dad had gotten him just for the flight. “We can go in the water now?” She asked, leaping onto the bed and sequentially Jordan who instantly coiled as the five and a half year old flung herself onto his stomach.

“Oof.” Jordan felt the air rushing from him as she placed her dainty hands on his face with a big, beaming smile that was promptly missing one of her front teeth. “Do you want to go in the water right now, Princess? Don’t you maybe want to relax now that we just got here?” He suggested, pulling her down to his chest in attempt to calm her down. She immediately began to squirm against him as Phoebe entered, a waddling, toddling little two-year old on each hand.

“No Daddy I wanna go swimming right now! I wanna catch fishies and shells and sharks!” She giggled wildly, drawing said sharks on her father’s bare chest as he closed his eyes and attempted to rest his eyes for if only a few moments.

“Let me call Uncle Sid and see if maybe he’s planning on going to the beach, maybe you can go with him and Kara.” Jordan suggested, pulling his phone from his cargo shorts.

“No Daddy! I wanna go with you!” She pouted in an overdramatic way, making her blue eyes as big as possible and wobbling her bottom lip just as her mother taught her in a way that he knew he couldn’t say no to. “Doesn’t you wanna go swimming with me?” She squeaked, placing her soft hands on his scruffy cheeks in an innocent manner, tilting her head ever so slightly.

Jordan’s unsure expression dissolved right in front of her to be replaced by a soft smile. “What do you say, Dyl? Wanna go hit the surf?” He grinned at his boy who was already dressed in his board shorts and a white tee. Dylan looked up at Jordan and nodded excitedly.

“Perfect, Kara and I are taking the little kids to meet Brianna for lunch.” Phoebe smiled as Jordan hefted Chloe over his shoulder after standing from the bed, causing her to giggle wildly.

“Gimme a kiss.” Jordan insisted, puckering his lips at his wife of just over seven years. She smiled before pressing her lips to his sweetly for a few moments, blushing and pulling away as he traced her bottom lip with his tongue lightly. He winked at her and mouthed later before turning around. “Give Mama a kiss.” He insisted to Chloe who hung over his shoulder. She giggled before picking up her upper half to sloppily kiss Phoebe on the lips.

“Mwah!” She laughed as he carried her back into she and the boys’ part of the villa, a big, luxurious room that contained two twin beds and two cribs by request. Jordan knew that Chloe would end up crawling into Dylan’s bed later that night, but she had her own bed to watch TV and play dollies on during the day. Jordan quickly helped his little girl into her favorite yellow two-piece that showed off her adorable potbelly and highlighted her neon pink toenails. Phoebe and the boys had left before they could enter the grownups bedroom again and Dylan was sitting on his Mom and Dad’s bed, swinging his legs as he flipped through the cable TV.

“Whoa.” His eyes grew wide as he happened to stop on the Spice channel. Jordan quickly crossed the room and flipped to a different station before taking the remote from his son’s hands.

“Erase that from your memory.” Jordan commanded, suppressing a laugh at his son’s face who was obviously shocked, setting his little girl down on the bed beside him. “I’m going to change, Dyl, will you grab the towels and sun block?” He asked of his son who quickly obeyed, hopping down from the bed as Jordan stepped into the bathroom to pull on his pair of white and navy blue swim trunks.

“You are so pale.” Dylan commented as his Dad entered the bedroom again, handing him the beach towels and sun block that Jordan tucked into a beach tote along with his cell phone and water wings for Chloe if he could manage to get them on her tiny arms without too much of a struggle. Fittingly, his cell began to ring as they stepped from their upscale villa. He struggled to fish it out of the bag with his baby girl on his hip but managed nonetheless.

“Hey Sid.” Jordan answered after peeking at the caller ID.

Hi Uncle Siddy!” Chloe screeched to which Jordan’s ear drums nearly popped and Sidney chuckled on the other end of the line before relaying a sweet, “Hi Chloe.”

“We’re just on our way down to the beach in case you’d like to join.” Jordan informed as Dylan ran ahead but not too far away that Jordan needed to call him back.

Already there, I’ve got a prime spot.” Sidney replied. Jordan looked ahead and found the familiar head full of dark curls as well as the nearly obnoxious behind that a pair of severely stretched board shorts could barely cover, enough to make Jordan grimace with a laugh as Sidney waved his cell phone in the air excitedly. Jordan killed the call and stuck his phone back into the beach bag. Jordan dropped Chloe down to the sand carefully as she wriggled uncontrollably, anxious to see who Jordan was convinced was her favorite person in the word, that is, after him.

“Siddy!” She giggled, charging toward the Penguins center, running as fast as her tiny legs could take her before leaping onto him with zero abandon, squealing uncontrollably as he held her tightly.

Sidney and Kara had arrived in Key West two days before Jordan Staal’s family, one day before Eric Staal and his family, and the same day as Marc Staal and his new wife, Kate. Jared was unable to make the vacation composed of family and friends now that they had a few weeks before their next season.

“Did you miss me?” Chloe pouted her lips at her God father, making Jordan roll his eyes as he laid out their towels, he and Dylan’s matching Penguins towels with Chloe’s miniscule Barbie towel between the two of them along with her even smaller pink flip flops.

“Every second of every day!” Sidney replied his usual mantra whenever the sole Staal girl asked him her favorite question.

“Will you takes me to catch shells and sharkies?” She asked, tilting her head at him. “Daddy doesn’t want to and Dylie just wants to do whatever Daddy wants to do.” She pouted her unbelievably pink lips at him as she wrapped her tiny arms around his thick neck so he could get a close up of her beyond pathetic expression.

“Nothing would make me happier.” Sidney insisted, tossing his phone from his pocket down to his towel before marching his girl down to the warm, blue water.

“Women.” Dylan stated, shaking his head as he laid back on his towel, his father’s sunglasses over his eyes with his hands folded behind his white-blonde hair.

“Amen.” Jordan agreed, taking a similar stance as they both attempted to eliminate the severe moon-tan they both possessed. Phoebe and the twins would be preoccupied for a long time with Kara, Emmy, and Brianna along with she and Eric’s three boys, Chase, Zachary, and their most recent, Jackson.

Marc Staal married his short-term girlfriend, Katelyn, or more commonly known as Kate just short of two years ago and while she was a perfectly nice enough woman, it almost caused a rift in Sidney and Kara’s marriage. While Kara would never admit she was jealous of Marc’s new wife, he certainly loved to rub his new woman in her face. Sidney tried to remind her that she was happily married to him and if she was really over Marc, this shouldn’t have bothered her. Kara toughened up and decided her husband was right, remembering that she was the one who upgraded to an incredibly kind, loving, and seemingly perfect husband while Kate would always just have Marc.

Now Sidney and Kara acted as if they were still on their honeymoon every day and she was now four months pregnant with their next child, a boy, who they had yet to decide a name for.

Jordan’s contract with the Penguins would be wrapping up in less than a year, Eric was three years into a blissful retirement at an enviously young age and Jordan was ready to enjoy what his big brother had. He couldn’t wait to spend all day with his babies, coach Dylan, coddle Chloe and coo over his youngest boys Gavin and Spencer.

Yes, this vacation was just a preview of things to come.


“Can you believe those suckers?” Jordan grinned as he pulled out a chair from he and Phoebe’s dining set in their villa on the second night of their vacation. Earlier in the day Sidney had offered to watch the Staal children along with Kara, of course, Marc jumping in early to offer his service as well.

”It’s no big deal, really, we haven’t seen the kids in a while.” Sidney shrugged as the men sat around on the communal patio off the main lobby that overlooked the ocean.

“Well I never see them.” Marc pointed out, trying to keep his tone from getting nasty but failing miserably. “Let me take them.” He acted as if the conversation was over, taking a drink of his beer casually.

“Isn’t Kate going out with Brianna tomorrow? You’re going to watch four kids by yourself?” Sidney asked, hoping that the exchange took a tragic turn for the worse, waiting to pounce Marc knowing he was not nearly as experienced with kids as Sidney was.

“Something tells me I’ll be able to take care of my own nieces and nephews, y’know my namesake.” Marc smirked as if the fact that one of his nephews possessed his name as his middle name was some sort of accomplishment.

“Yes but what you don’t understand as that you’re an Uncle by default, kudos, Jordan and Phoebe picked me to be part of their kids lives.” Sidney pointed out, watching as the Ginger’s face began to turn red. It was clear that this discussion was concerning a lot more than just the Staal children.

“Look,” Jordan finally, but hesitantly stepped in, “I’m pretty sure that Kara already told Pheeb that you she and Sid would take the kids.” Jordan lied, eyes glancing to the two men quickly as Marc stood from the table, taking his drink as he downed it and headed back to he and Kate’s suite.

“Did she really?” Sidney asked as soon Marc was out of sight; Jordan looked over to his best friend and shook his head in the negative.

“The truth is, the kids rarely ever see Marc, and while that it doesn’t really help to have them not spend more time with him, I know who they’re most comfortable with.” Jordan explained. “Having the two of you watch them is just an extension of the two of us watching them. Family.” He shrugged, not really realizing what a sweet thing he had just admitted to his best friend.

“They’re not suckers.” Phoebe giggled as she ignored the wine on the table, reaching for her goblet of water that was recently poured by the resort staff who came in to set up the whole romantic dinner. “We’re very lucky to have friends like Kara and Sid.” She added as he nodded, cutting up his filet mignon that was smelled especially delicious to Phoebe rather than her stuffed chicken breast. “Baby, let me have a bite.” She insisted, biting her lip and walking her fork over to his plate.

“But.” Jordan pouted terribly. “It’s tiny and you have your own!” He whined but stabbed a piece of the steak nonetheless.

“I just want a bite.” She insisted.

“You don’t even love steak like I love steak.” He mumbled as he held his fork up to her lips.

“Oh God.” She moaned, sinking back into her chair as the steak melted in her mouth. Jordan watched with wide eyes as his wife thoroughly enjoyed the steak he fed her, the back of his neck heating up as he watched her relax into her chair, savoring the taste.

“Should I… be jealous?” He asked, tilting his head, eating more of his steak, hoping to wrap up the dinner portion of their romantic night in as fast as possible. It was dark out, around eight and the moon was glittering over the ocean in a picturesque way.

“Very.” Phoebe nodded with a sigh and heavy eyes as she cut into her own dinner. They ate in a comfortable quietness, the flickering of the candle between them illuminating their features.

“Done, babe?” He asked as she cleared her plate. “Wanna change into some pj’s and cuddle up on the patio?” He suggested to which she shook her head in the negative.

“No, I wanna go swimming.” She insisted, making Jordan want to whine and shake his head, knowing tonight he was getting some sex (a lot of sex if he could help it) and walking all the way down to the beach and swimming was going to delay that.

Before he could complain, he was changed into a pair of board shorts and his eyes were trained on his wife’s backside as she lead him to the beach. It was on the hotel’s property and all but abandoned by other beachgoers. The temperatures were comfortable but not quite as warm as during the day. Phoebe had opted for Jordan’s favorite of her swimwear, a white bikini that was held together by bows on her hips and same for her top, covered by a terrycloth tube dress that would keep her warm until they could reach the water.

“Babe are you sure you want to do this right now?” Jordan asked, pausing at the water’s edge to check his phone that had a new picture from Kara’s phone. He grinned at the picture of Sid in the recliner, all three of the youngest Staal children strewn across his chest and lap along with Emmy who was just light enough to keep the footrest from folding under his legs. Dylan’s head was popped up behind Sidney’s sleeping face with a big grin, giving the Penguins center a bair of bunny ears. “Baby! Come look at this!” Jordan laughed before he was hit with something heavy and wet. “What the…” He huffed, picking the object up to see that it was in fact the white bottoms to Phoebe’s swim bottoms.

In the blink of an eye Jordan Staal was showing his full moon as he all but ran into the water, his phone tucked safely in his board shorts that stayed on the beach. Phoebe gasped as he scooped her up into his arms, her nearly naked body pressing into his, and warm skin against warm skin in the cool water.

“Boobies.” He mumbled into her neck as her legs wrapped around his waist, freeing his hands to undo the ties of her top.

“Such a way with words.” Phoebe giggled as he tucked her top into his fist. She pushed off from him, earning a soft whimper as she treaded water, slowly swimming backwards in the dark night.

“Hey, come back here.” He laughed with a determined, growling comically as he launched himself towards her, making her squeal and turn on her stomach to swim away. She yelped a few moments later when he finally looped his hand around her foot, giving it a gentle tug to let her know that she’d been caught. They reached a shallow sand bar and she giggled as he crushed his body into hers. They could stand with the water still reaching just an inch or so below her shoulders, mid-chest for him. “God you’re beautiful.” He said, pushing a piece of her hair back away from her face. He grinned that even in the dim light of the night, he could tell she was blushing.

“You think so?” She asked, biting her lip as his hands traveled all over her back, not hesitating to lift her by the backs to her thighs to mold her body to his once again.

“I know so, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” He nuzzled her cheek lightly with his nose, kissing the faint law of her jaw softly. She surprised the both of them as she reached down, circling her hand around his hot erection, guiding it into her slowly as she stretched to accommodate his size. “Oh God.” He groaned, knees buckling momentarily as he began to throw uncontrollably at the feeling of her tight, warm folds surrounding him.

Jordan thought he was going to swallow his own tongue as Phoebe leaned back into the water, giving him a full view of her enticing body as he pumped into her, something hot and wanton about this particular time they made love.

A big paw traveled up Phoebe’s stomach, reaching her breast as she let the motion of Jordan’s body moving into hers sway her in the water, making every single one of her nerve endings tingle. She knew he was close as he traced his hand back down her body to the junction where they met, rubbing her bundle of nerves in slow, lazy, but firm circles that made her body jerk in all the best ways possible.

“No, don’t.” She insisted as he moved to pull out seeing as they didn’t have a condom. It was natural for Jordan to assume that she was back on the pill, even if he hadn’t seen any of her Seasonique packages around lately, but Phoebe was not the kind who tried to get pregnant.

Jordan’s knees were trembling as well as the rest of Phoebe’s body as he carried her back up the beach, carefully tying up her top before helping her step into her bottoms before worrying about covering himself up. He carried her across the sand, holding her close to his body as they entered their villa again, heading straight for the shower to get the salt water off of their bodies. While the shower was quick and warm, Jordan took his sweet time drying her off, making sure to cover every inch of her body with the fluffy, soft towel before finally laying her down in their plush bed.

He could tell that the sun and kids were taking a toll on her as she quickly curled into his chest, eyes closed and bow-shaped lips parted slightly.

“Goodnight.” He kissed her tenderly, stroking her skin up and down the length of her spine comfortingly.

Yes, this vacation was more than needed.
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