Thrills To Spare

Hand Job

“Come on, you can’t back out now and I really want you to meet him.” Kara, Phoebe’s good friend pouted as she tugged her along into the restaurant/bar in downtown Pittsburgh. “We’re already here and if you try to run I’ll scream.” She narrowed her eyes, wobbling slightly in her high heels.

“Yeah, yeah.” Phoebe sighed, knowing she had much better things to do than meet her best friend’s boyfriend, but she also knew this was important to Kara and decided to come along nonetheless. “But you’re paying for my drinks.” She insisted.

“Be nice, okay? Some of his brothers are here and I’m trying to make a good impression.” She bit her lip, straightening out her little black dress.

“You’re making me come along to meet his family?” Phoebe asked, raising her eyebrows, fixing her own top, a little red number that went along nicely with her black pants and heels.

“No no, I’ve met Jordan before but I haven’t met Eric, and I only met Jordan in passing, so I haven’t really like talked to them or anything. So please, please best behavior.” She pleaded, leading her to a table near the back. Phoebe nodded, watching in interestedly as a man stood from a booth, walking up to them and wrapping his arms around Kara tightly, kissing her lips softly. “Marc, baby, this is Phoebe, Pheeb, this is Marc.” Kara blushed, introducing her boyfriend to her best friend.

“Pleasure.” Phoebe grinned, sizing up the man to see if he was good enough for her Kara.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.” Marc smiled charmingly, ushering the two of them to sit down. Phoebe scooted first into the U-shaped booth that was made for a much larger party.

“Phoebe, these are my brothers Jordan and Eric.” Marc introduced. Phoebe’s eyes flew to Eric, a predatory smirk coming to her lips as he shook her hand tenderly. She had a hard time ripping her eyes from his as she greeted Jordan, not noticing the way his eyes were glued to her.

“Nice to meet you.” She all but purred, looking up at Eric through her long lashes. “Correct me if I’m wrong… but are either of you old enough to be in a bar?” She asked with a grin.

“Twenty-three.” Eric replied with a smug grin.

“Twenty-one.” Jordan piped up with a cute smile.

“If anyone should be suspicious, it’s the two of us.” Eric said, motioning between he and his brother with a finger. Phoebe’s eyes trained on that finger, a whole slew of inappropriate images running through her head.

“Twenty.” She laughed softly, knowing she was caught.

“We got a minor in here!” Eric laughed, making Phoebe blush and hush him as the waitress came by.

“What can I get you to drink?” She smiled, eyeing Jordan up and down.

“Red Stripe.” Jordan ordered.

“Pabst Blue and a Shirley Temple for the minor.” Eric smiled charmingly at the waitress who blushed in return, taking Marc and Kara’s orders before turning away from the table.

“You are no fun.” Phoebe huffed, narrowing her eyes at Eric who simply grinned in return.

“My mom raised me right.” He winked, leaning back into his booth and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well let’s see if she raised all of you right.” Phoebe sighed. “Come on Jordy, buy me a drink.” She grinned, getting out of the booth and making her way towards the bar. Jordan didn’t need to be told twice, something about the swing of this girl’s hips, the tempting curve or her lips and her obvious charisma had him hooked from the moment she purred his name.

“What can I get you?” The bartender asked, a male no doubt who took more interest in her silky red top and what it had to offer than her age.

“Hand job, two.” Phoebe smiled sweetly at the bartender, holding up two fingers, and making Jordan’s pale eyebrows shoot into his hairline. The bartender slid two small glasses down the marble bar top and Jordan set down a twenty, encouraging the bartender to keep the change.

“A hand job?” Jordan asked, biting his lip as Phoebe handed him the glass in question.

“Jack Daniels and Squirt Soda.” She grinned, clinking her glass with his. “Y’know, Jack ‘n Squirt.” She winked as they each downed the concoction. They shared another few drinks, getting to know one another and Phoebe’s hands feeling brave as they placed themselves on his hard chest, giggling and openly flirting. “So what are the chances that I can get your big brother’s number off of you?” She asked, looking up at him through kohl lashes, an innocent grin pulling at her lips.

“Slim.” He smiled down at her. Jordan Staal was not going to let this one slip away quite so easily. “How about, you give me the rest of the night to convince you that it’s my number you want?” He asked, leaning in awfully close. Close enough to smell the alcohol on her breath from her last drink, “the leg spreader”.

“You’re on.”


“Mommy! Mommy!” Dylan wailed as he flapped his arms, damn near nailing Jordan right in the nose as he waved for attention.

“I see you baby! Be careful!” She smiled, waving at him as he grinned excitedly from the shallow end of the pool securely in his Daddy’s arms as the Staal family spent a relaxing day in the sun. It was the last day of August and Phoebe and Jordan took advantage of that fact, spending the day in the pool.

Dylan giggled as Jordan would toss him up in the air before catching him and swooping him down into the water. “Mommy!” He would giggle as Jordan pretended to be a shark, dipping the lower half of his face into the water, the hair of his faux-hawk being a fin as he advanced on his little boy.

“Nom nom nom!” Jordan would animate, pretending to gnaw at little Dylan’s neck, biting at it softly with his lips wrapped over his teeth. “Daddy’s got you now!” He laughed as Dylan would squeal and giggle, grabbing at his Daddy’s hair. “Mommy come swim, get your cute butt in here.” He nodded his head towards the water.

“In a little.” Phoebe called with a wave, turning the page on her book, adjusting the top to her cover up, a flowy, terry-cloth thing that went over her pink bikini, a gift from Jordan for their first vacation together two years ago to Cancun.

“Mommy!” Dylan giggled, immediately reached out for his Mommy, not taking to for an answer. He continued to chant until Phoebe lifted herself from the deck chair, bookmarking her page, and peeling off her cover up, knowing Jordan’s eyes would be on her.

“Here I come!” Phoebe smiled, wading down the steps and into the water, reaching her hands out to Dylan, who with help from Jordan, excitedly swam over to greet her.

“Oh look at Mommy’s big boy.” She smiled, cradling Dylan to her as he clung to her. “You look sleepy. Lots of sun is making you tired.” She smiled at the baby to rest his head on her shoulder.

“Here, I’ll go put him down, you stay here.” Jordan insisted, walking over in the shallow water and taking Dylan. Phoebe grabbed a noodle from the deck, looping it behind her back and relaxing, floating softly and letting the warm sun kiss her face.

“Baby boy is down and will be asleep till dinner time.” Jordan smiled, walking back out to the pool. Phoebe eyed him up, biting her lip as she watched his muscles move and flex under his skin, his bicep flexing as he held onto the railing, slowly walking down the stairs.

“Don’t think I don’t notice you’ve been working on your arms more.” Phoebe grinned, laying her head back as she floated peacefully. “I always notice.” She said knowingly as he approached her.

“Maybe I wanted you to notice.” He stated, walking up behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders softly, rubbing them with his thick fingers.

“Yes, because I’m running out of reasons to be attracted to you.” She rolled her eyes, giggling softly as he puffed lightly. “I’m tired of your dreamy eyes, and adorable chin, and hot body, and delicious voice… and that way you play with your baby. All of it – ” She paused to sigh, “total turn off after three years of marriage. I’ll start looking for a newer model.” She added casually.

“Hey.” He pouted softly as she stood in the water, pushing the noodle aside and stepping into his body.

“Oh hush you big baby. You know that every day I’ve never been more in love with you than the day before.” She kissed him softly. “And you did a good job.” She giggled, placing her small hands on his growing biceps, squeezing them softly. “It’s not fair.” She sighed.

“What isn’t?” He asked, watching as her fingertips grazed the rivets and grooves of his abdomen, pupils dilating as he toyed with the waistband of his navy blue board shorts.

“That all you have to do is look at me and my panties are soaked.” She shook her head, looking up at the giant shit-eating grin on his face. “Oh don’t get so cocky, we’re in a pool. All of me is soaked.” She poked him in the chest softly, pulling his board shorts away from his body and peeking down them. “Uh oh.” She giggled as his member that was growing to half-staff.

“Be nice.” He exhaled as her delicate hand slowly encircled his length, tugging it softly. He shuddered as she slowly felt her way up and down his erection before raking her nails up the fine, white blonde hairs above his package, watching as his skin broke out into goose bumps.

“I am always nice, Mr. Staal.” She looked at him pointedly before reaching up to kiss the cleft of his chin. “Aren’t I?” She asked innocently, untying his shorts.

“I suppose.” He grinned, reaching around to untie the pink top of her bikini, gathering it in his hands before he set it on the cement edge of the pool.

“Be good Daddy, we’re outside.” She bit her lip, looking around to see that even if her neighbors were out, their fence would protect them from prying eyes.

“Baby girl, I’m always good.” He mimicked her; leaning down to kiss her lips softly and grab her butt, lifting her in the water to bring her legs around his waist. Phoebe whimpered into their shared kiss as he took his sweet time untying the strings that held her bottoms together.

She gasped as he dragged the fabric away from her body, the cold water on her hot anatomy making her gasp as Jordan tugged his shorts away from his body, letting them drop to the floor of the pool.

“Be careful.” She whimpered as his fingertips grazed over the rosy buds of her breasts. “You know they’re sensitive.” She insisted as he fondled her breasts softly.

“I know.” He grinned wolfishly, leaning down to prove his point as he captured one of her nipples between his lips softly, tugging and watching her whimper, closing her eyes as he let her head drop back. “Jesus you’re warm.” He commented, one of his hands snaking down to rub over her slick folds.

“Don’t tease.” She insisted, letting her forehead drop down onto his shoulder as he positioned her hips over his, slowly sliding his length into her, watching as she unwound. “Oh.” She groaned, her eyes screwing shut.

“Shh.” He covered her mouth with a kiss, slowly pumping into her. Sex during pregnancy was always a trip, especially when Phoebe was this close to popping. Every sense and feeling was heightened, and finding a position that worked was always a new adventure. Jordan had the pool put in when Phoebe was six months pregnant with Dylan and he knew his prayers had been answered.

Phoebe clung to his hard-as-rock body as every nerve ending in her body began to fire away, making her shiver and shake as he brought a hand down to rub a her most sensitive place.

“Jordan.” She gasped, making him smile, showing all his teeth, loving how easy it was to completely undo his wife like this. Not that he didn’t love to lavish his woman as well as spend hours in bed with her, but sometimes, it boosted his ego to know he could get her done so quickly.

“I know baby.” He said confidently, puffing his chest out as she began to tense around him, shaking and clinging to him uncontrollably. He thrust his hips into her a final time, groaning as he felt his orgasm release into her, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as it dropped back.

“Don’t move.” She instructed as she caught her breath, his large hands splayed across her back comfortingly. Phoebe took a moment to gather her head, making sure all of her appendages were still functioning before she could finally pull away from him.

“Okay there, babe?” He asked, nuzzling his face into her neck, kissing her tender skin as she trembled in his arms, making his ego grow exponentially. He slowly began to move towards the stairs, carrying her out and setting her delicately down onto her feet before grabbing her a towel from the cart beside the patio door.

“Cuddle me, Daddy.” She demanded softly, huddling into him before they could walk into the house, seeing as the sun was beginning to drop down below the horizon.

“Let’s get you in some pajamas, then time to feed the baby.” He insisted, walking behind her up the stairs, a firm hand of the small of her back. It wasn’t long until Jordan had her dressed in a soft nightgown and her robe over it, watching from a dining chair as he moved about the kitchen, grabbing plates and forks in preparation for the Thai food they ordered.

“I’ll go get Dylie.” Phoebe said, getting up from her chair to go get their first born who was more than likely sitting up in his crib, sucking on his fingers indicating that he was ready for some dinner.

Jordan had the family room suited up with plates and drink in all the right places, knowing that whenever they had takeout, Phoebe liked to eat in the family room as opposed to sitting at the table.

Upstairs, Mrs. Staal gathered her baby boy in her arms, walking over and sitting down in the rocking chair, listening as the old wood creaked.

“Mommy.” Dylan smiled sleepily as he snuggled into her shoulder.

“Hi baby boy, are you ready for some dinner?” Phoebe asked, rocking slightly as he brought his thumb up, sticking into his mouth as he melted into her touch. The two sat in silence for a moment in utmost comfort, knowing that Daddy was fixing them up plates of something yummy to eat.

“Baby.” Dylan stated, placing his hand on his Mommy’s tummy, rubbing it gently with his curious fingers.

“Baby sister.” Phoebe nodded, kissing the top of his head softly, living the feel of his feather light hair under her fingertips.

“Gimme.” He said, looking up at his mother with a soft demand.

“Trust me baby, I wish I could.” She sighed, rocking her baby gently, not being able to wait till the day she could finally complete her family.
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