Thrills To Spare


Jordan wouldn’t say he was scared per se, but he was most definitely… anxious. For the first time since she was born, five months ago, Jordan would be left absolutely alone with not just Chloe, but Dylan as well, who was now a big bad two years old. Jordan hadn’t mentioned to Phoebe that while she was out all day, shopping, seeing a movie with Kara, and taking a few hours at the spa, he had invited Sidney over for a little backup.

“And you know where the extra bibs are, right?” Phoebe asked, bustling about the kitchen to make sure that she had enough bottles ready in the fridge and cups of Graduates applesauce for Dylan because he was going through a phase where it was all he wanted to eat.

“Yes baby, I know where the bibs are, I know where the diapers are, I’m the Daddy.” He said, placing his hands on her shoulders. “You can trust me baby.” He insisted, leaning down to capture her lips in a soft kiss. “Go and be girly and shop and buy stuff and relax.” He insisted, pulling her body into his, sliding his hands around her sides and to her back, and rubbing softly. “Go buy some naughties.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows as a goofy smile came over his face. “Stop in Vicky’s, take a look around.”

“Wow, you are such a smooth talker.” She rolled her eyes, a grin pulling at her lips as he gripped at her sides as Dylan waddled into the kitchen dressed in a pair of Pull-Ups and a too-small powder blue Penguins shirt with a Sippy cup hanging from his lips.

“Goin’?!” He asked, cup dropping from his mouth, eyes growing wide as he saw this his Mommy had her purse tossed over her shoulder and not the diaper bag. “Where goin’?!” He asked, reaching his hands up to Phoebe who smiled sadly.

“Just for a little while, baby.” Phoebe assured as he latched onto her, sticking his warm face into her neck. “But you get to spend the day with Daddy and do all sorts of fun guy stuff!”

“Dyl, guy’s night!” Jordan cheered, pumping a fist into the air.

“Guy’s night!” Dylan giggled, mimicking his father’s actions, something they taught him to do long before he could speak, but still pump his fist in the air like his Daddy.

“Let’s go see if baby’s hungry, huh?” He asked, reaching out for Dylan who kissed Phoebe on the lips softly before going to his Daddy who was more than happy to take his baby boy. “Have a good day, drive safe.” Jordan kissed his wife again, watching as she headed to the driveway, getting into her car and pulling out of the neighborhood. “She’s gone! Time to party!” Jordan laughed at Dylan’s surprised face.

“Silly.” Dylan declared rather seriously as Jordan carried him up the stairs to see if the Princess was awake and ready for the day. Dylan looked rather surprised as he could hear his Daddy’s cell phone ringing from within his pocket.

“Oh, that sounds like Uncle Sidney.” He stated, making Dylan smile excitedly at the mention of his Sid. “Hey buddy.” Jordan answered, hiking his son up on his hip.

Hey do you want me to stop and bring over something to eat?” Sidney asked, turning out of his neighborhood.

“Do you mind?” Jordan asked, glancing at the interface of is iPhone to see that it was about eleven-thirty and it wouldn’t hurt to eat lunch this early, giving him an excuse to eat a snack before he made dinner.

No, not at all, I’m going to swing by Panera and get some soup and sandwiches, I’ll get you whatever looks good.” Sidney said casually. “Anything I can get Dyl the Thrill?

“He likes their chicken wild rice soup and blueberry muffins.” Jordan commented casually as he stepped into Chloe’s nursery to see her awake and smiling.

Soup and muffins, I’m on it.” Sidney sighed before hanging up. Jordan slid his phone back into the pocket of his sweatpants before scooping up his daughter into his arms, leaning down to kiss her head, inhaling her baby smell and smiling.

“Sid?” Dylan asked, wiggling in his father’s grasp before he could set his boy down in the recliner and taking Chloe to her changing table where he – like a pro – changed her into a diaper and into a cute outfit for the day. When she was ready for action in her pink and white-checkered flannel outfit and lacy socks, he set her back down into her crib so he could get Dylan dressed as well. Dylan liked to pick out his own clothes and for the day, settled on his mini Crosby hoodie and a pair of khaki cargo pants.

“Oh Staal family!” Sidney called from the front door, accompanied by the rustle of paper Panera bags. Dylan giggled, jumping down from his father’s grasp and hurrying down the stairs as he held onto the railing before charging at Sidney who welcomed him with open arms. “Hey buddy!” He smiled widely, scooping up his favorite little boy into his arms and a tight hug, the cold January chill lingering on his coat as Dylan nuzzled his face into Sidney’s neck. “Mm, I missed ya kid.” He said, tossing Dylan up and down into the air a few times for good measure. “What’s it been, three, four days?” He asked with a laugh.

“Dis.” Dylan help up his fingers, signifying it had in fact been three days since he last saw his Uncle Sid.

“And look, here’s Papa Staal and baby number two!” Sidney laughed as Jordan approached. Dylan wiggled out of Sidney’s arms, knowing that for as often as Sidney made appearances at the Staal home, half of those times he came bearing gifts.

“Hot Wheels!” Dylan giggled excitedly, pulling the familiar package out of the backpack Sidney brought along, holding it up to show his Daddy.

“Dylan you little sneak!” Sidney laughed at the boy who planted his upper half back into the backpack, his tiny behind up in the air as he dug around for more. “Baby girl.” He said, waving around a peach chenille teddy bear in the air.

“You’re right.” Sidney laughed, taking the bear before handing it to Jordan who tucked it softly into his arm along with Chloe who gripped it with her tiny fingers. “Hello there, beautiful.” He smiled before placing a tender kiss with his plump lips onto her cheek.

“Hungry, Dyl?” Jordan asked as he walked over to the Panera bags, bringing them down to the dining room table so it could all be sorted out.

“Yesh.” Dylan responded with a nod as Sidney took Chloe from Jordan’s arms, bouncing her softly before grabbing a bottle from the fridge and warming it up for a moment in the microwave. Sidney was rather familiar with the operations of feeding a baby; he loved to be an active part in Chloe’s life especially as the coveted role of her Godfather.

Soon the little group of three men and a baby were situated around the dining room table, chowing down on soup, sandwiches, and muffins while Jordan helped Chloe nurse a warm bottle of milk.

“So Kara’s out with Phoebe today.” Jordan commented casually, wanting to know where his best friend stood with that whole situation. Kara and Marc, as expected, called off their wedding two months after Chloe was born, and last weekend was the scheduled date for what was supposed to be their wedding. Sidney swallowed the soup in his mouth, grimacing at the large gulp and set down his spoon.

“Your point?” He asked.

“Well… are you going to try and see her today? She’s going back to New York next week for couple’s counseling with Marc.” Jordan informed his friend of something he already knew.

“I don’t know what to do. I know I’m not the whole reason that they decided to… call everything off, but I know I was a big part, and as much as I would like to do something with this opportunity, it’s not my place.” Sidney sighed, sitting back in his chair.

“Sid, she caught him kissing another woman on the night of their rehearsal dinner.” Jordan stated obviously. “I would be rather surprised if they worked out their differences.” He brought up his fingers to make air-quotes. “If you’re going to make your move, you need to make it now.”

“Is there a reason you’re pushing me on the woman that your brother is supposed to marry?” Sidney asked as he broke Dylan’s muffin up into smaller pieces.

“Marc is my brother and I’ll always love him, but to be honest, he can’t hold a relationship with a girl like Kara. She wants to settle down and have a family, and Marc wants to live the high life for as long as possible.” Jordan shrugged. “Besides, Kara doesn’t bitch as much as Marc and is better at air-hockey.”

“You are some kind of messed up.” Sidney laughed, shaking his head and trying to ignore the blush that was creeping up his neck.

“I’m telling you Sid, as a friend, make your move now before they both end up in a relationship they’ll regret. Besides, if you and Kara get together, she’ll be here more often, which means a happier Phoebe, which means a happier me.” He pointed out. “And when I’m happier, I play better, so really… you need to do this for the team.”


“I’m home!” Phoebe called later that evening, loaded down with shopping bags in her manicured hands from all sorts of stores ranging from Frederick’s of Hollywood to Gymboree.

“Family room!” Sidney called back, crossing his legs as he played with Chloe softly. Jordan and Dylan were both – surprise – dead asleep in the recliner in the family room.

“Hey sweetie.” Phoebe smiled as she entered, setting down her bags in the corner of the room before walking over and taking a seat next to Sidney on the couch.

“Pheeb? Where should I set these flowers?” Sidney’s eyes widened as he recognized Kara’s voice from the kitchen. He looked over at Phoebe, a deer in the headlights look to him as she offered a sheepish smile.

“Anywhere is fine!” Phoebe called back, crossing her legs as Sidney handed her Chloe who was rather excited to see her Mama. “Hi pretty baby, did you have a fun day with Daddy and Uncle Sidney?” She humored the child as Chloe eagerly wrapped one of her hands around Phoebe’s fingers with a big gummy smile.

“Hey Sid.” Kara blushed as she entered the room, taking a seat on the loveseat perpendicular to the couch Phoebe and Sidney sat on.

“Oh, you know what we forgot?” Phoebe feigned disappointment, slapping her hand down on the arm of the couch.

“What?” Kara asked, crossing her legs and tilting her head, rather unaware of the gaze Sidney kept on her.

“We forgot to go to the store and pick up something for dinner.” Phoebe sighed, glancing at her Cartier watch to see that it was about five-thirty. “I don’t think Jord is up to cooking tonight.” She sighed to see that even through all of the hustle and bustle he and his clone were still out like lights.

“I can go grab something.” Kara insisted, getting up from her seat. “I can take, Chlo, too, let you relax for a little bit.” She shrugged.

“Oh, that would be perfect.” Phoebe smiled. “Sid, keep her company.” She insisted, giving him a light nudge in Kara’s direction.

“Yeah, of course.” He hopped up from the couch. “I’ll go put the booster seat in my car.” He said, pulling his keys from his pocket and heading to the other side of the house to the garage.

“You are the worst.” Kara shook her head, knowing exactly what Phoebe was up to as she grabbed her purse.

By the time Jordan finally woke up, Kara and Sidney were back in the kitchen, with Kara attempting to teach Sidney how to make lasagna. And by the sounds of it, he was a rather apt pupil.

“Hi baby.” Jordan smiled upon opening his eyes and seeing his wife. Phoebe leaned down and picked up Dylan, settling him into her lap before she took up residence on the arm of the recliner. She stretched her legs across his lap and he immediately reached for her recently manicured toes, running his fingers over the ruby red polish. Jordan Staal didn’t have a foot fetish per se but he did appreciate painted toenails. “These are nice.” He said, looking back up at Phoebe before stretching his neck to kiss her a little more inappropriately. “Who’s in the kitchen?” He asked upon hearing the voices clanging around.

“Sid and Kara are making dinner, and Sid just put Chloe down for a nap, it was adorable.” Phoebe grinned as Dylan wriggled out of his mother’s arms and waddled over to the couch before tossing himself on it. Phoebe and Jordan watched on amusedly as he curled up and stuck his thumb in his mouth. “Well then.” She giggled, scooting her butt down into Jordan’s lap, loving the feeling of his arms around her.

“I think… we just got told….” Jordan stated, tilting his head before they both laughed and Phoebe tucked her head into his neck. “Mama stop trying to play matchmaker. I already tried.” Jordan insisted, rubbing his hand up and down her back comfortingly.

“But I’m good at it! Can you hear that?” She insisted, tilting her head in the direction of the kitchen where Kara’s giggles could be heard and Sidney’s masculine chuckle followed by his not so masculine giggle.

“Jesus, Sidney, be careful where you swing that thing!” Kara laughed, no doubt referring to his… generous backside that had a habit of getting him in quite a bit of trouble.

“Don’t make fun of my donk.” Jordan and Phoebe could hear the pout in his voice. Phoebe pressed her mouth into Jordan’s shoulder to stifle her laughter.

“See? I’m good at it.” She insisted, placing the lightest of kisses in the cleft of his chin, something she loved to do.

“I’m hungry.” Jordan pouted softly before latching his lips into Phoebe’s neck, sucking softly as he swiped his tongue across her delicate skin. “What did you get at the mall?” He asked, nuzzling his newly cut hair into her neck before closing his eyes.

“Some clothes for everyone, I got you that belt you wanted from Wilson’s, um… some stuff for Chlo and Dyl.” She trailed, shrugging softly.

“I saw the Frederick’s bag.” He pointed out. “Can’t hide that from me, Pheeb, I’ve got a fifth sense for it.”

“Baby, you have a sixth sense for it.” Phoebe laughed loudly before he could cover her mouth with his in a deep kiss.

“Whoa, virgin eyes in the room!” Kara announced as she and Sidney entered, causing Phoebe’s eyes to snap open, detach from Jordan and rear her head at her best friend.

“I know you’re not talking about yourself.” She insisted, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course not, but be courteous around poor Sidney.” Kara scolded, shaking her head. Phoebe laughed heartily as Sidney’s jaw dropped and his face turned a violent shade of pink.

“When is dinner done?” Jordan whined as he tugged Phoebe closer to him, eyeing Dylan as he scooted his tiny butt into the air with his cheek still flat against the couch cushion.

“Soon, like twenty minutes.” Kara shrugged, taking a seat on the couch next to Dylan and placing him in her lap, letting his tiny body curl into hers.

“Twenty minutes?” Jordan whined. “That’s not soon.” He mumbled into Phoebe’s neck, missing they way she rolled her eyes at her overworked and exhausted husband. Even calling in back up didn’t help him escape the work of being a single father for the day.

It wasn’t long until Jordan had his wish and the four adults plus Dylan sat around the dining room table while Chloe slept soundly. It would be dumb to ignore the signals that were flying back and forth between Sidney and Kara, but it made rather interesting dinner entertainment.

“Well, I better get going, I’m sure Sam misses me.” Sidney sighed, standing up and taking his empty plate as well as Kara’s into the kitchen as he spoke of his golden retriever.

“Aww, I haven’t seen Sammy in so long.” Kara cooed.

“You could… come over and see him.” Sidney suggested shyly, causing Phoebe and Jordan to exchange rather surprised looks.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude.” Kara blushed softly.

“No, it’s no problem.” Sidney shrugged, leaning in the archway between the kitchen and dining room. “I could bring you back before too late.” He insisted, looking down at her as she twisted the end of one of her brunette tresses between her fingertips.


“I thought they’d never leave.” Jordan exaggerated as he flopped back down onto his king size bed. Phoebe tucked Dylan into his crib for the night, fed Chloe and lulled her back to sleep as well before she wandered into her master bedroom. “Now sex me.” He insisted, wiggling his shoulders cutely.

“Jordan.” Phoebe laughed as she pulled her red sweater over her head. Jordan rolled onto his side, propping up on his elbow as he watched Phoebe disrobe down to her matching lace underwear and bra; they were green, his favorite color.

“Can’t I get a little shimmy?” He asked, eyes raking up and down her body lustily. There was nothing more attractive to Jordan than the body of his wife; her post-child figure constantly enticed him with her full hips and breasts.

Phoebe giggled softly as she wiggled her panties down her legs, pulling the band down by her thumbs with her back to Jordan. Before she could even think of taking off her bra, Jordan’s arms were around her once again.

“Mm, I like your shimmy.” He kissed the outer shell of her ear, holding him to her tightly.

“Baby.” She smiled softly as he kissed her neck delicately. “Someone’s horny.” She pointed out as his obvious arousal prodded at her body, making her jump as only a thin layer of cotton separated them. She gasped as he tested the waters, letting his fingers brush over her mound softly, feeling how wet she already was.

“Looks like I’m not the only one.” He whispered huskily into her ear, turning her and walking her over to the bed, pushing her down softly before straddling her lap. He latched his mouth to her neck, working the same tender spot under her ear that got always got a vocal response while his hands made quick work of the small hooks on her green bra.

“Behave.” Phoebe moaned softly as he captured her impossibly soft nipples between the hard calluses of his fingertips.

“Never.” Jordan breathed, running his hands up and down her sides, wishing he could absorb her through the pads of his fingers. “You don’t want me to behave.” He grinned wickedly as he stood up; he dropped his track pants and pulling his shirt over his head to reveal his Adonis-like body.

“No.” Phoebe giggled as he nearly pounced on her as she tried to scoot further up onto the bed. “I rather like when you don’t act like the innocent little boy you are.” She all but purred.

“Innocent?” He scoffed, propping himself up with one arm as he hovered over her and placing his other hand on her side gently. “And what, in the past four years has made you think that I’m the innocent one?” He asked before pushing his whole length into her tight but inviting body, smirking confidently at her face as it contorted into an expression of pure pleasure. “That’s what I thought.”
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