Thrills To Spare

For Love

“I want Daddy.” Dylan wailed as Phoebe carried him into the Mellon with a small frown on her face. “Da-ddy.” He continued to wail. Dylan was fussy and hadn’t seen Jordan for a day and a half. Today the Pens had a three o’clock game against Phoenix and then a big group of their friends would be going out for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Kara strut into the Mellon confidently as she held Chloe in her carrier. The older of the two was proudly donning a Crosby jersey while the infant wore a black, fleece, full body onesie with Staal across the back jersey style and the number two.

Dylan wore a replica jersey just like his Daddy’s while Phoebe represented her Penguins with a new, traditional-looking hooded sweatshirt.

“Dylie, sweetie, calm down.” Phoebe kissed his pudgy, pink cheek softly. “Daddy is gonna play, do you want to watch him play?” She asked, smoothing his hair back from his face before he could stick his thumb into his mouth. He nodded somberly before dropping his head down onto her shoulder, people watching with eager eyes at the huge throngs of people entering the Mellon as well.

“How’s Chlo?” Phoebe asked over her shoulder to Kara who blissfully flounced along behind her.

“Beautiful.” Kara sang in reply. Phoebe laughed at her friend, knowing she was feeling on top of the world now that she had broken things off with Marc and was in the process of slowly moving in with Phoebe and Jordan. She gladly left her cell phone at home, Marc running up her texts and minutes like no other.

Sidney was very well aware of the fact that Kara was newly single and planned on finally making a move on her towards a relationship that night at dinner.

“Hungry.” Dylan huffed as soon as his eyes set on the familiar letters of the concession stand. Phoebe bit her lip, not necessarily wanting to feed him fried chicken strips, but at the same time, she knew he would be demanding something them all night if she didn’t.

“I need to get him something, I’ll meet you up there.” Phoebe insisted, making a pit stop at the stand to get chicken strips for her son and a box of hot fries for herself. After grabbing a handful of packets of ranch, she headed up to the box where family and friends of the team generally enjoyed the game.

“Cho Cho, you are going to be such a heartbreaker.” Kara grinned, kissing Chloe’s forehead where a small gold bow rested from the stretchy headband around her head. Kara coddled Chloe to her chest softly humming so the baby could feel the vibrations as more and more people filed into the box.

Phoebe knew that Kara wanted kids, and soon, and hoped that Sidney could keep up with her demands because a main factor she broke it off with Marc besides his infidelity was that he wasn’t ready for kids.

“Take it all in while you can.” Phoebe laughed. “You get her while she’s being adorable, not when she needs a diaper change or when her teething gets to be too much.” She said pointedly, sitting next to her friend with Dylan in her lap as he happily gnawed down on his chicken tenders.

“Nummies.” He demanded, pointing to the packet of ranch in his mother’s grasp.

“Oh, sorry babe.” Phoebe laughed at his small demand before tearing off the corner of the sauce packet and pouring it in the corner of his small paper basket.

“Now kisses.” He puckered his ranch-covered lips up at Phoebe who was happy to drop a kiss on them, making him giggle at the white sauce that was now on her lips. “Nummies?” He asked, tilting his head at her and holding up his chicken strips.

“I have my own, but thank you very much for sharing, baby.” Phoebe giggled at her son who acting rather absolutely adorable tonight.

“Muh.” He sighed, wiggling down into Phoebe’s lap, leaning his back into her chest, tugging one of her arms around his waist and sticking his thumb into his mouth. The game slowly got on its way and Phoebe helped Dylan cheered as they announced his Daddy’s name in the starting lineup.

“Daddy!” Dylan wailed with a big smile on his face, brandishing a chicken tender in his hand. “Da-ddy.” He wailed again, pumping his tiny fists in the hair, attracting the attention of the people in the neighboring boxes who smiled and laughed all in good fun.

The game began and Dylan glued his eyes to the figures that zipped all around the ice, trained on the number eleven as it moved all over the ice. However, the Penguins’ first goal seven minutes into the first period sent the whole arena into a frenzy, frightening Dylan and causing him to cling hopelessly to his mother.

“Oh, baby.” Phoebe smiled softly as she bounced him softly on her hip. “It’s okay, they’re just happy.” She insisted, brushing his blonde hair softly with the palm of her hand. “It’s okay, baby boy.” She coddled him to her chest. Eventually Dylan finally caught his breath and retreated back into Phoebe’s form, curling into her for the rest of the game.

When Dylan finally saw Jordan after the victorious game down in the lounge that family waited in, he began crying again.

“Hey buddy, what’s the matter?” Jordan frowned as he took his main man from Phoebe’s arms, holding him to his broad chest comfortingly. “Huh? What’s wrong, buddy?” He continued, planting a soft kiss to Dylan’s pudgy cheek.

“He got scared by the crowd and wanted you, he’s been like this the whole game.” Phoebe informed her husband who kissed her next, a steamy kiss right on her lips. Phoebe loved when Jordan played so well, not just for the team’s sake, but he was always pumped full of adrenaline afterwards. She’d be lying if she said their sex after a particularly well-played game wasn’t the best she’d ever had.

“Aw, baby.” Jordan smiled at the small sniffles that emitted from Dylan who buried his face into his Daddy’s neck, a thumb stuck in his mouth as he stared down at Chloe who was comfortably in his mother arms.

“Well hello.” Kara giggled as Sidney emerged from the player’s room, pulling Kara up into a tight hug, sweeping her off of her feet and twirling her around softly. “Good game.” She smiled flirtatiously, looking up at him through thick lashes that she spent half an hour perfecting in Phoebe’s bathroom earlier that day.

“Guess you’re my good luck charm.” Sidney blushed as the words came from his mouth. Jordan made a subtle gagging motion before Phoebe could slap him on the arm softly.

“Be nice, baby.” She insisted, happy that her best friend was so happy. “You used to be just as bad.” She added pointedly before adding a dramatic sigh. “I wish you were still that romantic with me.” She feigned disappointment. Jordan’s jaw dropped at his wife before scoffing and rolling his eyes.

“I am not even going there.” He put up a hand, causing Phoebe to giggle wildly before pressing a kiss to the cleft of his chin.

“Ready to head out for a raging night on the town?” She asked, lacing her fingers with Jordan’s as Kara took Chloe in her carrier, her own hand finding it’s way to Sidney’s rather discreetly.


“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.” Jordan kissed Phoebe’s lips softly at the table that he, his wife, and about twenty other people were seated.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Daddy.” She smiled, resting her head on Jordan’s shoulder softly for the moment of peace they had while their children were being passed around the big table for the players and their significant others to coo over.

“Look.” Phoebe nodded her head across the table to where Sidney and Kara sat, Chloe in her arms. “They’re so cute baby, I love them.” Phoebe gushed, crossing her legs into Jordan’s form as he draped his arm over her shoulder.

“Yeah.” Jordan agreed, rubbing his hand up and down her arm softly. Phoebe held in a gasp as Sidney leaned over, time slowing down as he pressed his plump lips to Kara’s tenderly.

“Are you watching?” Phoebe squeaked silently with wide eyes, a shocked hand placed on Jordan’s thigh.

“Yes.” Jordan laughed before averting his eyes to see that Dylan was entertaining himself with Marc-Andre’s facial hair, sitting in the goalie’s lap contently as Vero rubbed the toddler’s back lovingly. The Fleury’s were one of Dylan’s favorite baby sitters, having a high affinity for their silly accents.

“Baby, try this.” Phoebe insisted, holding up her fork that was wrapped in smoked Gouda pasta with bacon and peas. “You’ll like it.” She added as he stuck it in his mouth.

“Mm, ‘dat’s goot.” He insisted through a mouthful of food, opening up for another bite. “More.” He informed, smiling like the cat that got the cream. “Can I get a romantic back rub tonight?” He asked, chewing with a hopefully look on his face.

“Only if I can get one, too.” Phoebe insisted. “Me first.” She added, pointing a finger in his direction. “And lotion, none of this dry hands on back thing you try and get me to settle for.” She added again.

Jordan stuck his neck out with a pout, releasing a heavy sigh before nodding. “Yeah, sounds good.” He agreed. “But then I get lotion, too. The good smelling stuff from Vicky’s, not that gunk from Target.” He insisted, making Phoebe giggle at his demands.

“Yes, baby, the good stuff from Vicky’s.” She placed her hand on Jordan’s chest. “I just can’t wait to get home and relax.” She smiled. “Not that I don’t love being with my friends, but it’s nice to have alone time, y’know?” She asked.

“I know what you mean. I spend all my time with these guys.” Jordan nodded as Dylan finally made his way back over to them after Evgeni entertained him with a few words in Russian, effectively making him burst into giggles.

“Hey baby boy.” Phoebe smiled as he crawled into her lap before dunking his hand into her pasta, grabbing a few noodles and sticking his fist in his mouth.

“Gets his charm from his Daddy.” Jordan puffed out his chest, immediately taking a napkin to wipe the pasta sauce from around his son’s mouth. “That’s not something you can learn, baby, that’s inherited.” He insisted as Dylan giggled, a piece of bacon stuck to his lips. Jordan leaned down, nipping the pork from his son’s lips and chewing it animatedly. “Delish.” He laughed as Dylan puckered his lips up at his Mother.

“I’m pretty sure the constant need for attention is inherited as well.” Phoebe remarked.

“I can’t help it.” Jordan shrugged. “I crave contact.” He added simply, “but it’s not like you don’t like it.” He winked. It wasn’t long until the couple’s began to break away from the table; calling it a night and soon the Staal family decided that would be a good idea for them as well. Sidney insisted he could bring Kara back to Phoebe and Jordan’s in his car, bringing Chloe with them as well seeing as he already had the booster seat in his SUV.

They tailed Jordan and Phoebe on the short drive back to their neighborhood.

“Fuck.” Jordan sighed, as he noticed a familiar car in the driveway.

“Is that Marc?” Phoebe asked, taken aback to see that her brother in law had quite obviously driven from his place in New York, a good six-hour drive. She also had a very accurate hunch that nothing good could come from this.

“Bring Dylan right inside.” He instructed, making Phoebe nod. If this was worrying him this much, she knew better than to argue. Phoebe did as she asked, going right inside with Dylan, not that Marc bothered to get out of his car to greet her. Dylan was already tired, making Phoebe’s job easy as she quickly changed him and tucked him into the crib, sticking his pacifier into his mouth before he could pass out.

Phoebe doubled back downstairs, standing in the doorway as a rather tense situation unfolded on her very front lawn.

“Marc, what are you doing here?” Jordan asked, trying to keep things casual, knowing Sidney and Kara would be pulling up any moment now.

“Phoebe.” Marc nodded at his brother’s wife as she stood in the doorway of their family’s home.

“Hi, sweetie.” Phoebe offered a nice smile, knowing it was best to not provoke him.

“Marc, what are you doing?” Jordan asked again, sticking his hands into his pockets, as the headlights of Sidney’s car were visible after turning into the neighborhood. “Why don’t you come inside, Marc?” Jordan ushered his older brother into the house. Marc nodded, looking over his shoulder to see that another car had parked in the driveway.

“Can I get you something to drink, Marc?” Phoebe asked, staying the doorway as Jordan brought him into the house. There was no response and Phoebe gave Kara and Sidney wide eyes as they walked up to the house.

“Sid, take Chlo upstairs, will you?” Phoebe asked, knowing it was best to keep him out of Marc’s sight for a little longer.

Sidney had barely made it in the clear before Marc hopped up from the couch.

“Kara.” He exhaled expasperatedly.

“Holy shit.” Kara muttered, eyes wide as she stood close to Phoebe, clinging onto her arm. “Did you invite him here?” She asked, eyes still glued on Marc as he advanced.

“No, we didn’t know.” Phoebe answered.

“Baby.” Marc sighed, opening his arms up for a hug. It created quite the awkward situation when she didn’t move. “Baby come on.” He insisted. “I miss you.”

“Marc, we’re over… we’ve been over.” She insisted, watching as Jordan rose from the sofa. “I thought you understood that?” She asked tenderly.

“It’s time to stop all this bull shit and come home, okay?” He sighed, sounding more and more irritated, reaching for her hand.

“Marc I am home.” She frowned. “I’m happy here, I want to be here, not New York.” Jordan stood just behind his brother, able to hear Sidney’s footsteps as he ascended down the stairs.

“You.” Marc’s expression darkened upon seeing Sidney. “This is because of him? You left me for him?” He asked furiously. “I shoulda fuckin’ known, everyone always told me how buddy-buddy you two were but I never thought you’d fuck him behind my back.”

In the blink of an eye, Sidney crossed the room with powerful strides, a handful of Marc’s t-shirt balled in his fist.

You were the one that cheated, not her, not in a million years would she sink to your level.” He hissed. “Nothing ever happened between us before she dumped your lame ass.” The next moment Sidney was down on the floor, holding his eye before Jordan could get a hold of his brother, holding him back from Marc with strong arms.

“You’re such a little bitch Crosby!” Mark hollered, his face turning bright red as Kara helped him up from the ground. “Sink to my level? I thought we were bros! How could you go behind my back and fuck around with her?” He asked, looking like he was going to explode. “And you!” He turned his attention to Kara, eyes softening. “I love you, Kara, how could you do this?” He all but whimpered. “You were going to be my wife.” He looked so utterly distraught. “We were going to get married.” His voice broke.

“You cheated on me Marc.” Kara frowned as she took a stop closer to him, Jordan’s arm still around him tightly. “Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think I could ever overlook that.” Her voice quieted down.

“You and I both know it didn’t mean anything, Kara. It was a drunken mistake, you know I would never do that to you on purpose.” He said, muscling his way out of Jordan’s grip. Kara took a step back as he approached him again, watching his heart break in front of her.

“We want different things, Marc.” She spoke softly. “I’m sorry.” She shook her head.

“Baby.” He advanced again, watching as Kara took another step back into Sidney’s arms where he held her securely.

“I’m sorry.” She shook her head again. Marc took in the situation in front of him, his ex-fiancé in Sidney Crosby’s arms, leaving him all alone, his expression becoming dark again.

“Fuck you.” He hissed. “Fuck all of you.” He shoved past Sidney and to the front door, slamming it behind him before they could hear the angry roar of his engine. Kara turned in Sidney’s grasp, crying into his hands as she hid her face. Sidney consoled her as Jordan took his wife into his arms as well.

“I think we should call it a night.” Jordan said, knowing he would have to be calling his other two brothers as well as his parents tomorrow morning. “Sid, watch her.” He said, nodding his head down at Kara before escorting Phoebe back upstairs to their bedroom. After stripping down to his boxers and before sliding into his bed, Jordan sent a text to Marc, asking him to give him either a call or text so he knew it made it back home safely.

“Some night.” Phoebe sighed as he finally got into bed, curling into him as he tangled their legs together.

“I’m sorry, I honestly had no idea he would drive all the way down here to do something.” Jordan said, honestly surprised at his own brother. “Marc’s… never, ever done anything like that. I’ve never seen him act that way in my life.”

“People do crazy things for love.” Phoebe mumbled tiredly. “Do you think he’ll do anything?” She asked softly.

“After tonight, I honestly don’t know.” He replied.

“Too much excitement for me.” Phoebe yawned. “Too bad, too, I had the cutest outfit picked out for tonight.” She teased, giggling softly as Jordan groaned.

“Tomorrow night, we’ll push the kids on Kara again, then we get both of our backrubs, burgers and fries, and I get the outfit.” He demanded softly.

“You’re awfully demanding.” Phoebe smiled, knowing she still had tomorrow night to look forward to.

“And blow jobs, I want like five blow jobs.” He added, making Phoebe smack his bare chest with a snort.

“You’ll get your five blow jobs as soon as you clean the main floor and then get the groceries, oh, and then get Dylan to sit still for his haircut on Thursday.” She grinned confidently, watching as his chest dropped in defeat. “Work on that, baby.” She smiled into the warm skin of his chest, dragging her fingertips over the nearly invisible chest hairs he possessed.

“Can you settle for a happy Valentine’s day for now?” He asked softly.

“I would love one.” Phoebe smiled tiredly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.” He kissed the top of her head.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”
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