Thrills To Spare

The Wife

Two weeks later, Kara was still having a few things shipped down from New York to Jordan and Phoebe’s place, where she’d be staying until she could find her own place.

While the girls stayed home and arranged the room that Kara would be staying in, in the basement of the Staal home, Phoebe handed Jordan a list of things that needed to get picked up at the store. Jordan volunteered to take his main man along and since Sidney was in the neighborhood anyways visiting Kara, he got dragged along to the store as well.

Sidney pushed the cart as Jordan walked alongside, glancing down at the big list his wife gave him with a scowl, Dylan on his hip, happily sucking on his fingers. Jordan needed to keep Dylan in the middle of the aisle when they went grocery shopping because he liked to pull things down from the shelves and begin eating them.

“So… why do you need like five kinds of milk?” Sidney asked, glancing at the list as well.

“I don’t know… I don’t question things, I just obey diligently.” Jordan replied, sticking Dylan in the small carrier by the handle of the cart.

“Whoa, buddy!” Sidney laughed as Dylan began to swing his legs, nearly knocking Sidney right in his tenders. Dylan giggled wildly, reaching for Sidney’s cell phone and sticking the corner of it in his mouth, looking around curiously. Sidney shrugged and figured this was better than getting knocked right in his nuggets.

“Cheerios or Charms, buddy?” Jordan asked, reaching for the cereal boxes as he examined the coupons that Phoebe had all but pinned to his jacket.

“Yes.” Dylan giggled, looking up at Sidney who affectionately pet his hair before tugging on his earlobe softly, making him giggle even harder.

“You’re silly.” Sidney laughed as Jordan packed several boxes of cereal into the cart before they could make their way down the aisle to the deli. Dylan loved attention and had no shame in hamming it up with the other patrons of the grocery store.

“He’s so cute.” A blonde woman smiled at Sidney as Dylan giggled and smiled up at her. “How old?” She asked.

“Two.” The two men replied at the same time.

“Well he’s adorable, and you two are such a handsome couple.” She complimented before walking away, pushing her own car as well. Sidney’s jaw dropped as he looked over at Jordan before they both broke out into rounds of laughter.

“Well at least she’s honest, but I’m a ten, you’re like… an eight point five.” Jordan shrugged, taking control of the cart.

“Um, if anyone’s a ten here, it’s me.” Sidney said, raising a finger as he walked further along to the dairy where Jordan began loading all sorts of milk into the cart. Dylan was getting restless and Sidney took him out of the cart. He ran ahead, holding Jordan’s hand as they began to pick out cartons of yogurt.

“Oh, get key lime pie.” Sidney insisted as he scanned all the flavors.

“My yogurt, I pick.” Jordan stuck out his tongue, “go be the wife and watch the cart.” He shooed his friend away. Sidney stuck his side out, placing his hands on his hips and scowling.

“I am not the wife in this relationship.” He wagged one of his fingers at Jordan.

“Yeah, because you totally don’t look like one right now.” Jordan laughed at Sidney who was taking a rather feminine stance. Sidney scoffed as Jordan loaded the yogurts into the cart. “What else do we have to get?” He asked as he took out his tiny stack of coupons while Sidney scanned the grocery list.

“Bread, eggs, grape pop, some Graduates stuff…” Sidney listed off.

“Oh, Graduates bars, Dylie.” Jordan laughed, “You love those!” He turned to smile at his son, only to see that Dylan was absent. “Dyl?” He stuck his head around the corner of the refrigerated column. “Dylan!” He called, walking the next aisle over. “He’s gone!” Jordan called with wide, terrified eyes. Sidney abandoned the cart and took off down the opposite side of the store, scanning the giant market for the two year old.

Jordan’s heart began to race in his chest as he ran full force down every single aisle, searching for his precious boy. He was only two years old, he really couldn’t have gotten too far, could he? Not on his own. Jordan wanted to double over in pain at the idea of someone grabbing his son. When he saw a flash of white-blonde hair at the end of the aisle, he turned on his heel, full on sprinting.

“Hey!” He yelled angrily at the man who was holding Dylan’s hand, leading him to the front of the store. “Hey! That’s my kid!” Jordan had never experienced any soft of emotion like this, anger to such an extreme extent. “What are you doing with my kid?” He yanked Dylan from the man’s grip.

“Hey, I was just going to bring him to the desk!” The man said, putting his hands up in defense, clearly terrified of Jordan who looked enraged. “I was just going to have them go on the loudspeaker! I found him alone!” He justified himself. Jordan’s rage level was sinking, but his heart continued to race. “Jesus, look at me like I’m some kind of kidnapper? You’re the one who can’t keep tabs on your kid!” The man scowled before walking away, joining his wife in their checkout aisle.

“I’m so sorry, Dylan, that will never happen again.” Jordan squeezed his baby boy tightly. “Daddy’s so sorry.” He buried his face into Dylan’s neck petting his hair over and over. “I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked as tears began to fill his eyes. “So sorry, baby.” He sniffled softly. “Never again.”

“Jord.” Sidney came panting up upon seeing his friend who was clinging to his son. He stood by silently and let Jordan calm down before wiping under his eyes. “I think we should head back, anything we missed, Kara and I can come back later to get the rest.” Sidney assured.

Jordan agreed and waited at the front of the store as Sidney ran back to the dairy section to get the cart. They loaded up the car after paying for their groceries, and driving home.


“C’mere.” Jordan insisted, opening up his arms to his wife who had finally emerged from the basement and upstairs in their bedroom later that night. Kara was entertaining Dylan while Chloe slept soundly after an eventful day walking through the park and playing with her favorite Auntie.

“Hi baby boy.” Phoebe smiled, getting on top of the covers, knowing they wouldn’t be going to bed quite yet; it was still early and while they fed the kids, they hadn’t fed themselves.

“Off.” He insisted, tugging at her t-shirt. Phoebe rolled her eyes, but obeyed nonetheless, knowing Jordan was in desperate need of attention after being separated all day. “Bra.” He closed his eyes sleepily. Phoebe grinned at her husband who was quite the lovebug before complying to that wish as well, pressing her bare chest to his.

“You okay, baby?” She asked, nuzzling her nose into his neck, kissing his skin tenderly.

“I just want some love.” He exhaled tiredly, rubbing his callous hands up and down her spine, making her sigh softly and melt her body into his.

“Oh, that’s nice.” She moaned quietly as Jordan tucked his hands into the band of her black yoga pants. “Mm, I rather like this.” She insisted as her hips wiggled on his, settling into place so they fit together like Lego pieces.

“NHL superstar still gets all the ass he wants.” Jordan narrated, making Phoebe giggle.

“Oh, you must be so disappointed to give up your legions of fan girls who just want to express their undying love for you.” Phoebe rolled her eyes as Jordan pulled a blanket up over them.

“So disappointed.” Jordan agreed. “I could be coming home to a dark, quiet, empty house every night. No food in the fridge, no one warm in my bed, and no babies to love.” He laughed with a shake of his head. “That really is the best thing…” Jordan trailed in thought. “I mean, being a bachelor was fun while it lasted, but nothing compares to this, coming home to a family who loves you and wants you there. The worst part of being single with this lifestyle was realizing how alone you were all the time. I mean, you have your teammates, your buddies, but when it really comes down to it, you travel alone, room alone, and you come home alone.” He finished. “That had its perks, but then I met you.” He grinned softly.

“And your life changed forever.” Phoebe added dramatically, followed by a giggle.

“You have no idea.” He nuzzled into her neck further. “I never really thought about being a Father as seriously as I once did before I met you. Once I laid eyes on those hips, I thought ‘yep, she’s the one’.” He joked as Phoebe scoffed, shaking her head. “I was jealous of what some of my friends had, they had normal jobs, loving wives, and kids to come home to. A few weeks after we started dating, I realized that that was what I wanted, y’know, minus the whole normal job thing.” He added in afterthought.

“I always knew I wanted kids, but it’s like… I knew what I wanted, but when we got serious, I realized that I wanted it with you.” Phoebe smiled up at her husband sweetly. “I always pictured the white picket fence, and the two kids, but as more and more time passed, they weren’t just kids, but they were your kids; your beautiful blonde, blue-eyed babies. Then you asked me to be Mrs. Staal and I knew that we were meant to be.” She finished, small, happy tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“I love you so much, I don’t even want to think about what my life would be without you… without Dylan or Chloe.” He shook his head before pressing a kiss to her temple. “Never let me find out, okay? I never want to be without you.” He shook his head softly against his pillow.

“You know that as long as this –” she snaked her hand down to his sleep pants, cupping him softly through the fabric, “only ever goes in me, and as long as you always spoil us with unconditional love and respect, you’ll never have to find out.” She assured him. They had discussed after they got married that if one ever cheated on the other, it was a one and done deal, not that either of them was ever worried. Phoebe trusted Jordan to a fierce level, knowing he’d much sooner die than to have his wife and children leave him, just as Jordan knew Phoebe never gave herself the chance to even think about succumbing to the idea of temptation.

“I would never do anything to compromise all of this.” Jordan confirmed. “And, speaking of things I’d never want to lose…” He trailed, sure that his wife already knew what he was talking about.

“Baby.” Phoebe sighed softly.

“Pheeb, can you think about it? Please?” He nipped at her neck softly. “We’re just so good at making babies, and we make such perfect ones.” He whined quietly. “I know you wanted two, but it would be a sin to not procreate just a little more.” He insisted.

“Jord, baby, I love you, I’d walk to the ends of the earth for you and back, but if you pressure me into having another baby for you again, I’ll castrate you with my bare hands.” She kissed his pouty lips softly, moving her way down the line of his jaw before pressing a feather-light kiss to the cleft of his chin.

“Well, maybe I’ll stop letting you kiss my chin.” Jordan replied nonchalantly, making Phoebe frown immensely.

“That’s now fair and you know it.” She insisted. “I’d leave you if it weren’t for that chin.” She added seriously. “Mm, especially when you have just the tiniest bit of scruff, God that gets me hot.” She shivered in his grip.

“I can tell.” He smirked cockily, being able to feel the skin of her breasts pucker against his chest.

“Don’t be so confident.” Phoebe stuck her tongue out at him as his fingers pulled the hair binder from her soft brown tresses. “Seeing Sid with a baby gets me pretty riled up, too.” She giggled at his unamused expression, “just kidding baby.” She insisted, winding her arms around his neck. “I hope he and Kara have babies.” She mumbled into his warm skin. “Lot’s of ‘em.” She insisted. “They’d have cute ones.”

“I guess.” Jordan shrugged, not really thrilled to turn a possibly sex-inducing conversation into one about his best friend. He rolled over, grinning at her squeal as he pinned her beneath her. “Let’s see if you were wearing a matching set today.” He smiled mischievously to himself, dragging one of his thick fingers down the flat plane of her stomach, catching the band of her pants. He clicked his tongue, shaking his head as he revealed her lacey panties to be orange while her bra that he previously made her shed was a lime green.

“I was in a rush.” She giggled as he quickly disrobed her, nuzzling his face into her tummy, kissing the faint scars from her pregnancy days tenderly. He dragged his slightly scruffy cheek across her lower tummy from hip to hip, placing a kiss on each bone as her fingers found their way into his beautiful hair.

“Is that a hint?” He mumbled into her skin, sliding down just a little farther to loop his hands around her thighs that trembled in anticipation. It was no secret to Phoebe that Jordan was especially skilled with his tongue – and she didn’t mean kissing.

And as Jordan’s eager, pink muscle made contact with her hot, female anatomy, she could never imagine her life without her husband.
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