Thrills To Spare


“Baby, wake up.” Jordan nuzzled his wife softly. “Ma has dinner done and Brianna and Eric just got here.” He insisted, kissing her cheek softly. “Come on baby, up and at ‘em.” He grinned at the girlish grunt she let out, stretching languidly, her arms above her head before looping them around his neck, pulling him down onto her.

“A little longer.” She whispered gingerly, pressing her lips to his as he settled his knees on either side of her midsection. “Please?” She whimpered softly, almost changing his mind.

“Baby, we get to relax for days, and Ma wants to talk with you – catch up.” He glided his newly-shaven jaw across her cheek gently. “Besides, Bri and Eric brought baby Chase.” He kissed up and down her face.

“Oh, baby.” She grinned, scooting out from under him; adjusting her bra and pulling on her jeans from the floor of Jordan’s bedroom. It had recently been redone, new carpeting, new paint, and a new bed, but keeping some of the key things from his childhood like photos, trophies and other awards. Jordan and his brothers had always been gracious to their parents, and for their thirty-fifth anniversary, they had their childhood home renovated to fit a much bigger family full of grandbabies.

“I like this.” He grinned, picking up a pair of her panties from the carpet that must have fallen out of her luggage. “I never got to have girls here growing up, now I can even do the dirty and no one can say squat.” He smiled excitedly.

“Oh honey, you are so cute.” Phoebe pinched his cheek before putting her hair up into a ponytail. “But we are not having sex in your parents house.” She patted his face softly. “Now where are my babies?” She asked, leaving the bedroom.

“Dyl and Jared are taking a nap in the play room, Ma has Chloe.” Jordan informed as he followed her obediently downstairs.

“Good morning, sleepy.” Jordan’s mother, Linda smiled, bouncing Chloe on her hip as the little girl softly nursed a toddler-friendly Popsicle.

“Ma, this early?” Jordan frowned.

“It’s sugar-free, hush.” She silenced her son who swooped Chloe into his own arms as she looked up at him with big, curious eyes. “Besides, it’s almost lunch time, your father is out back grilling up some salmon and steak.” She nodded her head to their new back patio.

“I’m gonna go find Bri.” Phoebe pecked Jordan’s cheek softly before wandering into the family room where her soon to be sister-in-law was cradling her new son, Eric looking on proudly.

“Pheeb.” Brianna smiled adoringly up at her good friend turned family.

“Oh, Chase.” Phoebe cooed down at the brunette little baby who was just going on six months old. “Oh you’re such a pretty boy.” She dropped a kiss on his head, brushing his impossibly soft hair. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to a brunette Staal.” She joked, taking a seat on the couch beside the loveseat.

“I’m hoping it’ll lighten up over time.” Eric winked with a laugh, causing Phoebe to blush as Jordan and Chloe entered the family room as well.

“Mm.” Chloe reached for Phoebe as Jordan sat down beside her.

“Hi baby girl, are you having a good day with Nana?” Phoebe asked, kissing her daughter’s temple lovingly. Chloe’s eyes seemed to get bigger and bluer every day, and they looked particularly beautiful as she innocently worked on her grape Popsicle. She giggled, raising the treat to Jordan’s lips, laughing wildly as he pretended to nibble it up before digging his fingers into her sides gently.

“Chlo, you are so damn cute.” Jordan beamed at his daughter who was his absolute joy. Phoebe looked on adoringly as he cuddled her tightly, a big smile across her face as he nuzzled his face into her neck, her white blonde hair distorting the view of his face.

Brianna and Eric smiled at one another, witnessing Jordan interact so sweetly with his daughter, hoping for a little girl of their own some day.

“So Pheeb, when are you popping out the next one?” Eric asked with a grin, sending his brother a secret wink, seeing as they had a long phone conversation earlier that week about Jordan’s attempts to talk Phoebe into having another Staal.

“Not in this lifetime.” Phoebe rolled her eyes at her brother in law who was not as nearly as sneaky as he thought he was.

“I’ve got a thing about even numbers, I think you need to have one more to make it odd.” He advised as Chase whined for his father.

“Not gonna happen.” Phoebe shook her head. “Our deal was two and Jordan is very well aware of that.” She stated pointedly as Jordan’s hand rubbed up and down her thigh lovingly.

“I’m keeping this one.” Jared announced as he entered the family room, shirtless and clad in a pair of sleep pants as Dylan – who was dressed almost identically – rested his sleepy head on his Uncle’s chest, tiny arms wound around Jared’s neck. “He likes to sleep more than me.” He stated, lowering himself down into Henry’s recliner. Dylan adjusted himself, laying out flat against Jared’s chest as his thumb made it’s way into his mouth, white blonde hair tickling the underside of Jared’s chin.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Jared asked.

“Pop’s making dinner now, I think it’s up to us to find something for dinner, then bonfire late night when all the kids are tucked in.” Eric informed as Brianna handed Chase off to him.

“Mm bonfire. That means alcohol.” Brianna smiled wistfully. She hadn’t a drop to drink during her pregnancy or the last five months during her breastfeeding, but now that they had weaned Chase onto formula and bottles, she was ready to let a little loose.


“Mm, yummy.” Brianna giggled as she finally had a cold drink in her hand later that night. The day was long and relaxing, consisting of lazing around, catching up, and eating to their heart’s content.

Henry and Linda let their kids be as she rocked Chloe to sleep, Chase and Dylan already knocked out for the night in the playroom downstairs.

Phoebe leaned into her husband as the adults surrounded the new fire pit in the backyard, a roaring fire in the middle, warming them in the early spring evening. Jordan was slowly roasting two hot dogs over the fire and Phoebe had buns waiting, lined with ketchup and on Jordan’s, mustard.

“So what excuse did Marc have this time?” Brianna asked, taking a sip of her hard lemonade.

It was true that the second oldest of the brothers hadn’t been attending the past few family get-togethers and it was really taking a toll on the family. Shortly after his split from Kara, Marc threw himself into his job. He spent twice as much time working out, going for runs that lasted hours at home, and was the first to arrive and last to leave from his practices. Each of his brothers tried reaching out to him, but he refused to acknowledge that anything had changed. They wanted to feel bad, but at the same time, he didn’t want anything from them.

“He volunteered to do a few publicity things for the Rangers.” Phoebe answered, putting together her dinner as she slid she and Jordan’s dogs into their buns, dragging over a bag of Doritos to share between them.

“I wish he could just let all of this blow over.” Brianna frowned as Jared stood up and walked away to answer his cell phone, not wanting to be rude.

“It’s Marc, this is just how he is.” Eric pointed out before skewering his own dinner to stick over the fire. “Just give him some time. I’m sure it doesn’t help that Kara and Sidney are already playing house.” He added. “Kara and Marc didn’t move in together until they had been going out for a year, and she just moved in with him after a couple of months.” He finished.

“Well, that’s not completely their fault, he asked because it she needed a place and we all knew it was heading in that direction anyways.” Phoebe remarked. “I’m sure it would have been nice for them to have some real privacy of their own instead of what they could get in our basement or driving back and forth between Sidney’s place and ours all the time.” Phoebe said pointedly.

“Regardless, he’s still not over all of it, so we just need to respect that and give him time.” Jordan finished the discussion.

“Maybe we could go visit him?” Phoebe asked, tilting her head at Jordan. “He’d love to see Dyl and Chloe.” She pointed out.

“I think we could work something out.” Jordan nodded, handing her another hard lemonade.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” She giggled as Brianna and Eric got lost in their own conversation.

“Maybe I am.” He grinned, leaning back into the backrest of the benches that were place around the fire pit, slinging his arm over her shoulder and pulling her close. “But I know it would take a lot more than a few hard lemonades to do the trick.” He laughed, kissing her temple softly as she eyed him suspiciously.

“You’re not going to seduce me into having sex in your parent’s house, Jordan.” She pointed at him with the same hand that she held her drink in.

“Yeah, you just wait. I can convince you of a lot of things.” He winked before she could lean over and kiss the cleft of his chin. “What’s with you and my chin, huh?” He asked, hooking his hand around her far knee and pulling her legs off of the ground and across his lap.

“I just love it.” She sighed dreamily. “It’s so cute and… cute!” She laughed, blushing at her own, lovesick words. Jordan laughed, shaking his head before she could feed him a piece of fruit. He nibbled on it before she could let out a big yawn, resting her head on his shoulder.

“You’re cute.” He mumbled, resting his head on hers. “And sexy, beautiful, charming, intelligent, incredible…” He trailed. “Did I say sexy?” He asked, making her blush violently in the cool night air. It wasn’t late by any means but the fresh, northern air was taking a toll on her, compared to the thick air of the city. “Someone’s ready for bed.” He rubbed his hand up and down her arm. They had only been around the fire for about two hours, but the warm flames combined with the fresh air lulled Phoebe into a very relaxed state.

“Yeah.” She sighed tiredly, knowing she wouldn’t have to worry about either of her babies tonight, Henry and Linda taking baby duty so their children could sleep.

“Let’s go.” He nuzzled the top of her head softly, inhaling the scent of her shampoo and letting his eyes flutter shut. She nodded softly and got up from the bench first, stretching and yawning. “We’re going to head up, someone’s not used to the north yet.” Jordan laughed as his brothers grinned.

“Alright, night guys, Jord, we’re making breakfast at ten, so get your ass out of bed.” Eric pointed a finger at him threateningly before turning his attention back to his wife.

“I can’t wait to get you into bed.” Jordan grinned as he followed his wife up the stairs, eyes trained on the way her body moved in her black yoga pants, restraining himself from grabbing her then and there and pinning her against the wall.

“Baby, you heard me, no sex at your parent’s house.” Phoebe scolded with a secret grin, glad that even after two kids, her body could get her husband going like that.

“Phee-bee.” Jordan whined as he obediently followed her to the bedroom, capturing her in his arms, kissing up and down her neck with a confident grin as she giggled softly. “Come on, just a little, show me some love.” He all but purred in her ear, walking her over to the bed.

“Jordan!” She gasped as he pushed her softly down onto the mattress. He kneeled on the bed, legs on either side of her hips as he slowly pulled her shirt up and off of her body.

He leaned down, placing his hands on her bare sides before placing several kisses up and down her stomach, retting his head there before he could lay his body out between her legs. “I miss having the bump here.” He spoke softly, knowing he could get himself into a lot of trouble.

“Jordan.” Phoebe sighed, knowing that with each talk they had about this certain subject, her defense weakened.

“I can’t help it, baby, I just love the way you look when you’re pregnant with my child.” He began. “Can you blame me?” He asked, tenderly resting his head on her chest.

“Baby, you know what we said…” Phoebe trailed, biting her lip.

“Phoebe, give me one more, one more.” He pleaded, sitting up again, kneeing over her. “Please baby.” He kissed up and down the soft curve of her cheek. “One more and I’ll never ask again.” He insisted.

“Jord.” She bit her lip.

“Who are we to stop if we make such perfect babies, huh?” He asked, pulling the elastic from her hair, letting it tumble down onto the bed. “Not to mention you’re the most incredible mother I’ve ever seen.” He pressed his face into her cheek, knowing she was slowly crumbling. “Nothing, nothing gives me more pride than to have you bearing my children, Phoebe. No trophies, no medals, and certainly no Cup.” He whispered huskily. “Don’t you want to see Chloe as a big sister? If she grows up to be half as amazing as you – which I know she will – she’d be an incredible big sister.” He pointed out.

“I…” Phoebe sighed.

“Please baby, I’ll do anything.” He begged, his hands trailing up and down the curves of her body. “Just one more, I’m not ready to be done having babies.” He pleaded quietly.

Phoebe’s mind was in a swirl before she could answer, her thoughts in a jumble as the words tumbled out of her mouth.

“One.” She insisted.

“God, yes, baby, thank you.” Jordan exhaled in a hurry, covering her mouth with his in a passionate, mind-spinning kiss. Phoebe’s pupils dilated as he kissed her fiercely, his hand winding their way into her hair. “Let’s get started right now.” He insisted, sitting back on his haunches and peeling his shirt over his head. Usually, this was enough to get Phoebe ready and raring’ to go, but she had one more rule to abide by.

“No sex at your parent’s house, and we don’t need to have it right away.” She said pointedly, placing her hands on his chest as he went in for the kill, watching as his face dropped into a rather pathetic expression.

“But… but you said!” His voice cracked as his chest dropped.

“I know I said, but we’re not going to have sex when your parents are sleeping in the room next door!” She pointed out. “Besides, if we’re going to have another, I think we should wait until Chloe is about two.” She said, winding her fingers up into his hair as he flopped back down onto the bed dejectedly.

“Another year?” He frowned immensely. “Baby, I can’t wait that long.” He shook his head.

“Last time I checked, sweetie, it’s not up to you.” She kissed his cheek softly. “We can have one more, but I’m not getting pregnant again right now.” She finished. “I’ll make it up to you, okay?” She asked quietly as he slowly snaked his hands around her body, unhooking her bra, and drawing her into his chest.

“Like how?” He asked, his eyes in full-fledged puppy mode and his lips set into a thick pout.

“I’ll go back on the pill so you can stop using condoms.” She offered.

“What else?” He asked as she rubbed his back softly.

“Umm… I don’t know.” She blushed.

“Phone sex.” He immediately replied.

“No.” She shook her head.

“Fine, Skype sex.” He insisted. Phoebe exhaled loudly before finally agreeing.

“Fine, but not every time you’re away.” She narrowed her eyes.

“And back rubs.” He demanded pathetically. “Lots of ‘em.” He added.

“Yeah, I can do that.” She nodded. A comfortable silence fell over the two as they cuddled quietly, their hearts syncing up to beat in union.

“We’re having another baby.” He whispered, palming her stomach delicately.

“We’re having another baby.” She repeated softly.
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