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My Sweet Mistake.

I remember the first time I saw you. I was at a restaurant with her and I had just proposed to her in front of everyone. I felt like it was more a formality rather than something I actually wanted to do. You were sitting a few chairs to the left of where I was standing. You were wearing a red and black plaid shirt, black as-tight-as-they-can-be skinny jeans and blue converse. You were sat with your back to the bar and you had a glass of Bombay Sapphire in your hand. Your eyes lifted to meet mine. I could see something in your eyes that just completely drew me in. You leaned across the chairs, closer to me. Even though there was a distant between us I could still smell the alcohol on your breath. Yet, I could feel a weird longing to get to know you.

Jack is engaged. Alex doesn't care. Jack doesn't care, either.

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Warning : Occasional use of strong language, very suggestive boy-on-boy and slightly depressing ending. Don't like, don't read. :)
Title Credit : Hey Monday - Homecoming.
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