Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

This story takes place back in highschool for Billie and Mike. But instead of Billie being the jock he was back then, he's totaly different, and he's a transfer student. When pot and tequila kick in Billie finds out something he never knew about Mike. Could a secret tear their friendship and Sweet Children apart.
  1. The Basketcase
    Adeline and Mike meet a new transfer student (Billie) and the drama begins
  2. At The Library
    Adeline and Billie meet, Drama between Mike and Bille
  3. I've got a dark alley and a bad idea that you shou
    Mike walks in on Adeline and Billie making out, someone gets a hospital visit
  4. Ha ha you're dead
    Adeline returns to school bruised broken and out for revenge on the one she loves
  5. Smoke em if you got em
    Billie gets himself in some deep shit without quite realizing it
  6. Lifeboats for High Hopes
    Adeline soon realizes that she has met her match, Billie doesn't take shit from anyone
  7. Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
    Drama sheesh
  8. Some People Are Like Slinkies, Useless, but Fun To
    Adeline decides to blow some steam by doing something she's always wanted to do