Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

The Basketcase

"Adeline Baxter, come to my desk please." Fuck, what the hell does she want now. I glance up from my (blank) test page, my fringe falling in front of my eyeliner smudged eyes, blocking my vision. This school might be hell to me but, the last thing I need is another drug bust or assault charge to get me thrown out.
"What did I do this time," I asked with a slight glow of fear and curiosity about my face.
:"I'd tell you if I knew honey, but it's the Principal Watkins that wants to see you." Damn, this can't be good, that bitch hates me, but I should go anyway. I take off out the hall and on the way I run into Mike Pritchard, my only friend in this hell hole.
"What's going on, you look pissed."
"No shit, Mike, Principal CuntFace wants to see me for some fucking reason." We stop at the door to her office and I let out a grunt.
"Good luck," he sighed and walked off, probably to go smoke back behing the bus depot.

"Miss. Baxter, I've been expecting you." She always looks happy to make my day hell.
"So I've heard. Look just tell me what the hell I did and get on with the punishment."
"Please watch you languge Miss. Baxter. I can assure you that you are in no trouble, unless you keep up with your disrespectful attitude" I rolled my eyes and let her droun on." As I was saying, you are in no trouble, we have a new student and I would like for you to show him around if you would."
"Don't you guys usualy get the pep squad to show around all the chavvs that enroll in this school, face it I'm not exactly the type of person who gets along with those preppy fucks."
"He's not exactly like everyone else here, he seems more or less like the type that you and Mister. Pritchard would hang out." I highly doubt she knows the "type" of people we hang out with.
"Fine then, bring him in." I waited, expecting to see some dork in suspenders and flip flops to walk in but no.........I swore it was like looking at God. Jet black hair, a Misfits shirt, and eyeliner. For once Principle CuntFace had done something right. It was at that moment that I knew, the new kid and I were either going to end up having sex or hating each other.