Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

At The Library

"I'll leave you two alone to get better aquainted," said the principal with a bit of fear on her face, probably fearing what he and I would do while left alone.
"Well.......Welcome to hell high, see that bitch that just left, on weekends, she plays poker with Kurt Cobain." I couldn't believe I just made a REALLY shitty Kurt Cobain reference, for all I know, he hates Nirvana.
"Ha, nice one. A girl who knows about Nirvana, maybe the worlds not as fucked up as I thought." He whips a lighter out of his pocket and pulls either a ciggy or joint out from behind his ear. I smell the air, oh shit....that's pot. I had just gotten busted for smoking that shit last week in the bathroom.
"Dude, put that away." I was about to spaz out on him, for sure.
"Why, are you too pussy to smell smoke?"
"No, I got in trouble for that shit last week. One more drug bust and I'm out of this place, for good." Damn, don't cry Adeline, don't cry. Too late, I was on the verge of tears.
"God damn, don't go crying on me, shit." He put the joint out and tucked what was left of back behind his ear. Presumably saving it for later. "So where do I have to register or whatever?" He looked kinda pissed that I made him put his joint away.
"You have to go to the library. If you want, after that we could skip and I could show you around the town." I was hoping I didn't sound anxious or anything like that, but knowing my dumb ass I probably did.
"Yeah, whatever, come on...uh...you..uh, what's your name?"
"Adeline Baxter, and you are?"
"Billie Joe Armstrong."
"Alright Billie, come on.

After I got Billie registered and all that, we decided to hit Starbucks.
"Two Carmel Macchiatos." I hoped he liked coffee, damn, was I ever being a suck up. I paid the chick at the register and handed BJ his coffee.
"Damn this tastes like shit," he said with a look of repulsion on his face.
"Whatever, don't complain it's free. Ok, so we're gonna go meet my friend Mike at my house. My parents are gone for the week, so you can stop being in such a pissy mood because you can finish smoking that shit at my house." He seemed surprised that I was able to read his mind, but as a junkie, I know being deprived of your addiction is like cutting off your arm.

We reached my house and went inside.
"Hang on, I got a text from Mike, he's gonna be here in like thiry minutes......Got another one?" He could tell I was referring to his joint and he pulled out a baggy cointaining about a dime of pot.
"Roll your own." I rolled the joint and began taking some drags off of it. After about 5 drags I could feel it kicking in. Shit, I knew I was about to do something stupid. I started singing.
"Roll roll roll your joint, tie it at the end. Take a puff that's enough, now pass it to a friend."
Billie fell to the floor laughing his ass off and soon enough I did the same. When we stopped laughing, he smiled and I noticed he had a tongue ring. I had always wanted one, but hadn't yet got one, I was a big pussy when it came to needles and such. I couldn't resist, I was having this lustful urge.....I kissed him full and deep on the lips and slowly pulled away. He looked stunned, but kissed me back the same. Soon we were on the floor making out, he slowly lifted my shirt off and began kissing at my neck descending downward. I let out a moan. We weren't having sex, but the feeling was just as strong. I stopped, frozen. I heard a noise, my first thought was that my parents had came home, but no, it was worse. Standing in the door way was Mike, frozen with a look of rage and shock glued to his face. Mike is like my older brother, only we dated. I was afaid what he would try to do to Billie, my bet is that it would be painful.