Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

I've got a dark alley and a bad idea that you shou

"What the fuck Adeline!, You've known him for less than a day and you're already whoring around with him!"
"Mike calm down." I was about to cry, I have never seen him this mad and it was scary."
"Don't fucking tell me to calm down, that bitch had his hands all over you. You don't treat a gril like that dude!" I could see a vain throbbing in Mikes forehead, his face turning shades of violet and red. Judging by the look on Billies face, he was about to blow.
"Shut up, why don't you go back to whatever trailer trash home you came from and leave me the hell alone," Billie screamed in Mikes face.
"You know nothing about me, where I came from, or who I am. Get the fuck out right now or I'll see to it myself that you do." Mike towerd over Billie, he arched above him using his height as an advantage. At that moment Billie flung Mike to the ground, Mikes back cracking on impact. He jumped up and stuck a blow to Billies right eye. I had to stop it.
"Guys stop! STOP!" Tears were streaming down my face as they kept on fighting. Billie picked up a beer bottle and attempted to strike Mike on the side of the head, missing, and hitting me above my left eye. Everything went black and I fell to the floor....................

Was I dead? It felt like it. I couldn't open my eyes but I was hearing music, Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana strangly enough, wow the angels sure do know me here. I couldn't be dead because at that moment pain throbbed through my body making me whimper. I slightly opened my eyes to find myself lying in a hospital bed, multiple ivys in my arm.
"She's alive, Adie can you hear me?" It was Mike, all of a sudden I remembered the fight, and the hit I took. I couldn't answer him, but I managed to stifle a moan.
"Where's Billie, what happened." That took all my stregnth to say. So Mike told me about the fight and how Billie drove he, Mike, and myself to the hospital but left promptly after. I was dissapointed. Part of me wanted him to like me, and thought he did. I was dreading the next day of school. The awkward stares, and worst of all I was dreading seeing Billie, I hated him and if possible, loved him at the same time.