Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

Ha ha you're dead

*Alarm Clock sounds*
Hearing the alarm clock while your head is busted open hurts about as much as listening to Cradle of Filth during a hang over. I had been dreading returning to school every since I left the hospital. Mulling over what I was going to do about the whole akward Billie, Mike and I thing, I ran out the door to wait on Mike to drive me to school. The doctor said I'd have to be all sorts of stupid to try to drive with the egg sized bumb on the side of my head. Basicly, the wound made me look like the Easter Bunny beat the shit out of me. Mike was here, things have been very weird with us since the accident. I jumped in his truck only to see him surpressing a laugh.
"What," I asked, irritated by him finding this humorous.
"Nothing, *laughs* You do know that you have a softball growing out of your head." He was practicly laughing his ass off.
"Whatever. Just drive." The rest of the ride was pure silence. I stared out the window plotting whatever I was going to do about Billie. That's when it hit me, I knew his weekness. I was going to do something that would make Billie sorry for what he did. And I knew just who to ask to help me.