Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

Smoke em if you got em

"Mike wait up! I need to talk to you, look, I wanna get back at Billie just as much as you and I'm gonna need your help." I was out of breath, from fear, and from running across the parking lot at full speed trying to catch up to Mike. He looked at me without any emotion, until slowly a smirk spread across his face.
"What do you have in mind?" I smiled flirtily, whoa, what the fuck, did I just flirt with Mike.
"Ok, well you know how Billie is a total pothead, I noticed when he was at my house that he tucks joints back behind his ears. I wonder if he's ever had one "spontaniously light on fire." I grinned at Mike, he grinned back. I knew we were both thinking the same thing. Revenge was in order.

Biology, my worst class, but today I was looking forward to it. Mike and I shared biology with Billie and he sat a seat in front of Mike. I glanced over at Mike, assuring his participation, but I couldn't help but notice how his brown hair lined his cheek bones, eww gross, he's like my best friend, I really don't need to think of him like that.
"Ready," I whispered to Mike once I caught his attention.
"Yeah, pass me the lighter." He held out his hand waiting for my Zippo. I scavenged around in my Misfits purse until I found my lighter, careful not to get caught I handed it to Mike. He lifted the top, the noise startled me, I thought we almost got caught. Mike leaned forward, lit Zippo in hand he located the joint Billie had stuck back behing his ear and lit it. Within seconds the teacher noticed. She smelled the air, and at that moment Billie jumped up, I guessed that the lit end had singed his skin.
"Billie Joe Armstrong, we have a no tolerance policy for drugs like that at this school. Go to the office, NOW!" He got up, and slammed the classroom door behind him. I felt bad, this was the last class of the day so I wouldn't be able to apologize.

As Mike was driving me home from school I told him all about how bad I felt for doing that to Billie.
"Adeline, he was a little bitch to you, he hurt you really bad and then ran off without talking to you afterword. Don't worry about it, okay?" He looked at me waiting on me to answer.
"Yeah, sure but I just don't............" He kissed me. I felt my cheeks flush with color, and I wrapped my arms around him. After about 5 minutes we let go of each other.
"So... does that mean we're.." I knew what he was going to say. I had no clue how to react to it. So I stalled, and avoided confrontation.
"Uhm, Mike, I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?" I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "Bye"
"Bye" He looked depressed. Great, just what I needed. More drama.