Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

Lifeboats for High Hopes

I woke up at 5:30 and got ready for school. So much was on my mind. I had really hurt Billie, so badly I had sunk to his pathetic level. I guess my mind was so clouded that I didn't realized that I was about to run into a locker, and did it ever smart like a mother fuck when I hit it. My head slammed hard into the locker thrusting my nose upward.
"FUCK!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I got several nasty stares, piercing through me with more force than that the locker had applied to me. Mike escorted me to the nurses office, my stomach doing flips over the awkwardness that radiated off of him. He kissed me, our friendship was more fucked than a little boy at the Neverland ranch.
When we got to the nurses office Mike left, without saying anything. It scared me, he never not talked to me. Sighing, I glanced around the room looking for the nurse when Billie walked in. He sat down next to me, sporting a black eye. If there were ever anytime to make ammends it would be now.
"Billie, we need to talk..." He cut me off.
"Yeah, I know, I should've stayed, what can I say, I'm a dick. But can things just not be a mess with us."
"That sounds good to me." WIth that, I walked into the office for some ice and Tylonal.

"Mike, MIKE, I made things right with Billie. Don't mess with him anymore okay."
"Adeline, I love you to death, and that's why I'm gonna show you this." Mike opened the bathroom door and I walked inside surprised by what I saw all over the walls in there. I was about to blow.
"Why that boner biting son of a bitch." I screamed at the top of my lungs.