Eyeliner, Drugs and Two Tongue Rings ( Chapter 1)

Some People Are Like Slinkies, Useless, but Fun To

I was terrified for my life. There was a chance, somewhere in the back of my mind that Mike and I were going to have sex. That feeling soon faded much to my pleasure. After scarfing down junkfood that was soon to make my thighs the size of Donald Trumps' ego, I stared at Mike and did something I had never done before, let out my emotions. Biting on my thumbnail, I poured out my thoughts.
"Yeah?" He furrowed his brow bringing a curious look about his pale face.
"I'm about to say something to you and you have to promise that after I say this that you will drop the subject and never mention it again, 'kay?" I was hopeful. Mike was a stubborn guy and usually if someone were to say something like this to him he would reply with some kind of smart ass answer.
"Shoot." He folded his arms across his chest......wtf.....Mike has a chest......a nice one....dayum.
"I've been thinking, about us....let me finish. I do like you, as more of a friend, and that kiss......was one of the best ones I've ever gotten. But...you're friendship means the world to me, so for now, I would like it, if you did nothing to make me like you more. 'Kay, I'm done." I think that was the fastest I've ever spoke. Damn, I'm out of breath. Shit, Mike was about to say something. I knew he wouldn't listen to me, I knew it, stubborn fuck.
"Hey Adeline? You wanna go get a piercing?" He looked vacant, dazed........high even, it almost made me want to laugh.
"Whoa......umm....yeah....what kind?" I already had snake bites and 3 piercings in each ear, the only thing that I really want that I haven't got is my........no......he wouldn't pay for me to do that....would he? With a mischievious look, Mike flashed a smile at me, almost challenging me. How could I question his bright blue orbs?
"You'll see." He pulled me up off my couch and walked me to his truck, smirking the whole time.
Red Beards Tattoo Parlor. The cheap neon sign with a transvestite looking pirate on me glowered overhead, mocking me.
"Here we are Adie, nervous?" He laughed. I choked on my words giving him the pleasure of seeing me in a position that I didn't like.
"Fuck no, why would I be scared, I have 8 piercings." I'm such a shitty liar.
"You suck at lying. You're fucking sweating, you can't say you're not scared. Hold out your hand." Reluctantly, I held out my clammy hands, and in them, Mike dropped a Valium.
"Valium? 30 mg, niiiiiiiice."
"I knew you were scared shitless so I decided to get something to losen you up." He smiled, his bright dazzling teeth blinding me. I popped the pill and about thirty minutes later, I was totaly out of it. An hour later all of the work at Red Beards was done and over. Too bad I was too toasted to be able to know what I was getting done.
The next morning I woke up, soar and stiff............with Mike in the chair across the room from me. My radio alarm clock blared Bird and The Worm by The Used and Mike grunted and woke up. Flinching I got up and went to the mirror to see what I had got done.......and oh.....my.......god.