L'amoure Est Juste Un Jeu


_________-______________Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months.
_______________________________________And then, one not so very special day.
______________________________I went to my typewriter, I sat down and I wrote our story.
_______________________________________________A story about a Time.
______________________________________________A story about a Place.
____________________________________________A story about the People.
_____________________________________But above all things, a story about Love.
___________________________________________A Love that will live Forever.

_____________________________________________"Excerpt from The Moulin Rouge"

"Love Is Just a Game" Inspired by one of my favourite movies- the Moulin Rouge and my love of theatre. Dedicated to The Way for helping to spawn this story. Princess, Valium Freak and Tre the Cool for helping with the french vocabulary. And Bastard Son for helping altogether. For the English translations of French words, check out the first post on the comment thread. Lastly, I'm not a super fast updater and it's a lot easier if you subscribe rather than me telling people I've updated. I just don't have the time to have to run around telling people. Enjoy.

___________________"I ask myself time and time again, never getting an answer: Why me?"
__________________________________Copyright © 2007 Kiss.Me.Goodbye
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