L'amoure Est Juste Un Jeu

Prologue: Nightmares

The lonely wind howls beyond the sanctuary of this old room as my heart beats rhythmically in the darkness of this place where so many secrets have been hidden. My eyes cloud with confusion as I find myself sitting here with this journal. The knowledge of the past haunting me, overwhelming me. It is all I can think of. Mais tonight- tonight is different. The words which have so long escaped me, have returned. Pouring out through my fingertips and bleeding onto the pristine surface of the paper, sending chills down my spine as I so dangerously shift through the thoughts that I so cowardly cannot speak to anyone.

These nightmares, they have returned once again. Consuming my mind…Consuming my thoughts….Consuming any inch of sanity that remained in my humble soul. No matter how hard I try to forget, these memories have been etched into my being. Just like the names that have been carved so perfectly into l'Arc de Triomphe over time.

No matter how hard I try to forget the ghosts spawned from a lingering past, I cannot. Instead, I find myself here, telling the story that my eyes have so carelessly witnessed once upon a time. A story about a time, and a place, and a love. A story so heavily laden with secrets and lies that my heart cannot bear to have knowledge of. I ask myself time and time again, never getting an answer: Why me?

So now my friend, my weary heart shall spill the story it has hidden for so long. Murdering the innocent pages of this journal and waiting. Waiting for a pair of unknowing eyes to stumble upon them.

Avec Amour,