Cinderella Man

Interview with the Perverted Devil

She took a deep breath in before approaching the blond haired receptionist with a forced smile. “Good afternoon,” she greeted, “I’m here for an interview with Mr. Mathers.”

The young blond behind the counter looked up at her through green orbs, her pearly white teeth exposed as she smiled back. “Name?” she asked, glancing down at some paperwork.

“Aubrey Davis,” the five-foot two brunette replied.

The receptionist nodded, picking up her phone and dialing some numbers. “Mr. Mathers?...Yes, Miss Davis is here….I’ll send her in.” She replaced the phone on the receiver, looking up at Aubrey. “His office is down the hall, third on your left.”

Aubrey nodded, thanking her before slowly strutting down the hall. She was nervous, as anyone would be when they are about to enter a job interview. Her heart sped up, her palms beginning to sweat.

As she approached his office, she stopped as a full length mirror on the wall caught her eye. She looked herself over: Black slacks and a form-fitted white button down shirt adorned her body. She left two of the top buttons loose, spicing up and adding youth to her sophisticated look. Her black pumps added a few inches to her short stature and her brown hair was loosely pulled into a bun. She sighed, continuing on her trail.

She reached the third door on her left, gently placing three paced knocks on it. “Come in.”

With another breath, she slowly turned the knob. She stepped into his office, the faint smell of musky cologne hitting her nostrils.

The room was a dark, but pleasant, shade of blue. A white leather sofa rested in the corner of the spacious room, while the center held a large mahogany desk with stacks of paper dumped on it. A chair was placed in front and behind the desk, one of course being occupied by her potential boss.

Her honey-colored eyes studied him, taking in everything. He was leaning back in his chair, a phone glued to his ear. He held up one finger, signaling for her to give him a minute. His hair was covered by a black starter cap, the word Shady illuminated in white over the front of it. His gray hoodie hung loosely around his body, hiding the physique Aubrey knew was under it. She was well aware of who this man was- the all too famous rapper Eminem. She heard some of his songs- even liked a few, very few- but she did not particularly like the man behind the microphone.

Why was she trying to work for him? Simple- the country is in a recession. Gotta make do with what you can.

That was not really the reason. Aubrey is currently enrolled in college and going on broke. She’s in her third year of pre-law and it was sucking her dry. She looked through numerous newspaper ads and even tried googling some jobs, but it was fruitless. No one wanted her. This was, you could say, her last hope.

She slowly set down her purse, gliding into the empty chair.

“Look, for da last time, I don’t give a fuck. Tell ‘em they can sue me out da ass, I ain’t backin down.” He hung up the phone, glancing down at her application. “Sorry ‘bout that. Damn lawyers,” he cursed, his eyes glued to the paper before him.

Note to self; do not tell him you are pursuing a law degree.

“Aubrey Davis?” he asked, his mesmerizing blue eyes finally looking up at her. He took in the woman that sat before him. Her hair was pulled back in a messy, yet still classy way. Her red lace bra was clearly visible to him through her tight button down. Her cleavage was just barely visible, teasing anyone that looked upon it. Her legs were crossed, her black pants outlining the curves of her legs. Honey like orbs stared back at him through almond shaped lids, a sly smile greeting him. His eyes traveled back down to her breasts, a full c cup. He noticed her body tense.

She nodded, “Yes.”

He snapped out of his temporary trance, glancing back down at her application. He quickly scanned the paper, searching for something to get his mind away from the thoughts that plagued him. “College student? What are you majoring in?” He admired a woman with brains.

She quickly rummaged through some majors, “Pharmacy.” She was always a good liar, like all women. She gave him another smile, trying her best to make it look genuine. Lying was easy, being genuine was all together another issue.

“Got a smart one on my hands,” he mumbled, but Aubrey heard him clearly. “It says you have no previous job experiences,” he remarked, his eyes meeting hers.

“Never needed one but a recession can make a woman do crazy things,” she retorted. She already knew this job was screwed. She could tell as soon as his eyes lingered two seconds too long on her chest. He wouldn’t give her the job, just maybe offer a good fuck.

To her surprise, he let out a chuckle. “I hear ya.” He turned the page,” How flexible are you?”

“Excuse me?” It was the first thing that popped into her head and it left her mouth even faster. How inappropriate.

“Your schedule, sweetheart,” he snickered.

A faint pink tint graced her cheeks as she processed his statement. She cleared her throat. “I’m free weekends and Wednesdays. I can come in morning till five on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays I have classes in the morning but I can come in at noon till whenever you need me.”

He arched an eyebrow at her last sentence. It came off dirty, as if she was suggesting something. “Well, Miss Davis, you got da job.”

She sat there, unfazed by his words. It had not registered that she actually got a job. “Wow, my first job,” she stated more to herself but she knew he heard her. Her mother would be so proud. Her twenty-one year old daughter finally got a job.

He smirked, “I like being first.”

Her blush returned. “When do I start?” she asked in hopes of getting out of the uncomfortable atmosphere. He was so perverted, unlike anyone she was used to.

Today was Tuesday. “Tomorrow morning at seven. I’ll have some stuff for you on your desk.”

She nodded, rising from her chair. “Thank you, Mr. Mathers.”

“Marshall will do,” he offered, leaning back in his chair.

“Marshall,” she repeated. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Her slight southern accent reached his ears as her legs slowly began to move. He watched her hips sway from side to side, enticing him. He was definitely going to have fun with this personal assistant.
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