Cinderella Man

I'll Do All The Work

Aubrey skipped to his office, feeling unusually happy. She didn’t know why or what, but something was lifting her spirits. Maybe it was the fact that she aced her criminal justice exam, or maybe the fact that she had just finished typing up a resignation letter. She couldn’t – wouldn’t – for an ass like him. She would find another job and put the whole situation behind her.

With paperclip and brown bag in hand, she opened his door. It was lunch time and she picked up some random thing at a nearby restaurant. She didn’t give a damn what she got him anymore.

She practically let the bag fall onto his desk. He raised an eyebrow, choosing to keep him comment to himself. She took a deep breath before beginning the list of offers. “Local radio wants to do an interview with you.”


“Jimmy Kimmel interview?”

“I’ll think about it. Remind me again tomorrow.”

“SNL wants you to host..” Aubrey stopped mid-sentence. Something in her stomach stirred and she knew exactly what was coming. She grabbed the first thing she saw – which happened to be the brown paper bag that contained Marshalls’ lunch. She quickly opened it, hurling out her recently eaten lunch.

Marshall made a face, almost gagging himself. When she was done, Aubrey set the bag back on his desk, wiping away the residue on her face.

“I would say ‘my bad’, but this is all your fault,” she said while pointing to her stomach.

Marshall slowly pushed the bag towards her, afraid to touch it as if it were a disease. “It may be my fault, but as long as I’m your boss your finna go fetch me another one, aite?”

“Sorry, no can do,” she replied with a sly smile. “I can’t do a lot of strenuous activity – doctor’s orders.”

Marshall stood up and walked up to her. He circled her until he was behind her. “Here’s a proposal,” he snaked one hand around her waist, still sending a chill down her spine. Though she hated to admit it, his touch could make her go crazy. “We got back to my place, you can lay down on your back, and I’ll do all the work,” he whispered in her ear as his other hand snaked around her waist as well.

Her breathing became heavier, uneven. “All that driving for only five minutes of your work?” She turned around to face him, a smirk plastered on her face. “I think I will take a rain check.”

“Oh c’mon,” his breath mingled with hers as he spoke. His voice was low, seductive. He backed her up against his desk, leaning both his arms against it to trap her. “I’ll pamper you…think of all the pleasure,” he offered as his lips connected to her neck. Small, wet kisses made a tail down to her collarbone. A muffled moan erupted from her as his mouth worked on her spot.

“Marshall,” she said breathless, “please stop.”

His hands worked on her blouse, slowly unbuttoning it. “Don’t fight it, Aubrey. You know you want it.”

She wanted it. But she couldn’t admit it. She felt his hands on her thighs and in one sift move, he lifted her onto his desk. Her pencil skirt rode up her legs, giving him entrance to her warmth. His hands went under her skirt, searching for her panties. Once he had a good grip on them, he slowly pulled them down and tossed them to the side.

“This is so wrong,” she confessed between kisses. His tongue played with hers in a passionate, lustful kiss. Her hands worked furiously to unbutton his jeans.

“Nothing we haven’t done before,” he replied. His rock-hard dick slipped into her hands. She massaged it, running her hand up and down his shaft. He moaned into the kiss, begging to enter her.

She moved closer to the edge of the desk, allowing him better access. Within seconds, she felt him rip her walls apart.

“I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world. Life in plastic, it's fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation.” She groaned, blindly reaching for her cell phone. She turned the alarm off, throwing the phone off to the side. ‘What the fuck…I’m having nightmares,’ she thought as her dream slipped into her conscious.

She was so into the man that her subconscious conjured up dreams about him. With a sigh, she threw her legs over the bed and ran for the toilet.
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