Cinderella Man

One Last Time

Her breathing was heavy, mimicking his as their hips moved in unison. She was sprawled on his mahogany desk, her hands clutching the sides of it as he rocked back and forth with full force. Each thrust sent surges of pleasure through her body. It was utter bliss.

Marshall clutched the desk as well, with Aubrey in between his arms. She mumbled a “fuck” or two, causing his thrusts to accelerate. The increase in speed and force caused Aubrey to moan rather loudly. She couldn’t risk them getting exposed, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in the crook of his neck to muffle her moans.

“I fucking hate you,” Aubrey mumbled against his skin. At the moment, she did hate him. She hated how he made her feel. She hated how good her made her feel. She hated the fact that he was so undeniably good that she would have wet dreams about him. She hated the amazing feeling of his dick sliding back and forth, penetrating her warmth.

“You say that now,” Marshall began to slow down his pace, savoring the feeling of her warmth against his member. His hands moved to her bare hips, grasping them and holding her steady. Another moan erupted from the dark haired beauty as his dick slid further in. “Wait till I make you cum, you’ll be begging me for more.”

Mentally, yes – she would be begging him for me. She had been mentally begging him to fuck her since their last intimate encounter. Would she ever voice her sexual desire? Hell no.

“Not if you keep this slow pace up,” Aubrey retorted.

Marshall smirked as his lips moved to her neck, still slowly gliding in and out of her. His lips traced her collarbone, gently sucking at her sweet spot. “I wouldn’t want my receptionist to hear you.”

Aubrey grinned as she moved her lips to his ear, whispering, “You can always gag me.”

“Kinky,” Marshall snickered. Without warning, he completely pulled out of her. He grasped her wrists and pulled her up to stand on her feet. He slowly brought his lips down to hers, connecting them in a hungry and passionate kiss. She parted her mouth, letting his tongue in to explore the caverns of her mouth. She moaned into the kiss as their tongues battled for domination.

Before Aubrey could win, Marshall pulled away with a smirk. His baby-blue eyes danced with mischief. “Try not to get too loud, aite?”

Aubrey didn’t even have time to respond as Marshall whipped her around. He placed his hand on her lower back, gently pushing her down towards the desk. She obliged, grasping once more the edges of the mahogany wood. This was her favorite position.

Aubrey felt him against her inner thighs as he slowly inched his way inside of her. His massive size penetrated her warmth again, tearing apart her walls with his forceful thrusts. Aubrey quickly bit down on her bottom lip to keep the blissful moans from pouring out, but a few managed to escape.

Marshall shoved his member in and out of her tight warmth, etching the feeling into his memory. He kept his left hand on her lower back, pushing her ass up higher in the air. His right hand entwined her long, dark hair, pulling at it. This always aroused Aubrey. The mix of pleasure and pain was enough to send Aubrey to her ecstasy.

Soon after that Aubrey felt Marshall reach his peak. He let out a husky grunt, letting go of her back and hair to grasp the edges of the desk. She was the only woman able to make his knees weak after climaxing. It was an indescribable feeling, but he wanted more.

“Damn,” he huffed, trying to catching his breath.

Aubrey was in no better shape. Beads of sweat poured down her hot skin and her breathing was ragged. He was amazing, she would give him that. It was unfortunate that she would not be able to experience the feeling again.

Aubrey straightened her skirt and blouse. She quickly threw her hair in a messy ponytail and glanced over at Marshall, who was still working on buttoning up his baggy jeans. Her heart stung at the sight of him. She was falling for him more and more by the second, but her mind was battling her heart.

She had made up her mind to fuck Marshall one more time, to experience the pleasure he offered one last time. Then, she would leave. He, technically, had her resignation letter.

Aubrey glanced at a mirror than hung on the dark blue wall, checking her reflection. She felt a toned arm snaked around her, the hand stopping on her stomach. His child was in there, still developing. Aubrey swallowed the lump in her throat.

His free hand moved her hair to the side, exposing her neck. He brought his lips down against the skin, leaving gentle kissing on the sun-tanned canvas. He couldn’t describe what he was feeling at the moment…it was like love. The woman he cared for, the woman who could bring him to his knees… was carrying his child.

Aubrey took a deep breath before moving his hand away. “I better get back to work.” She contemplated about kissing him. She knew she would never see him again, so she placed a quick peck on cheek. She turned to leave, Marshall still holding onto her hand.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he voiced, slowly letting go of her hand- a finger at a time.

Aubrey heart sunk, but she forced a smile as she gave him another look over. He would be a great father; she knew that from his relationship with Hailie. But she wasn’t fit to be his better half, to play the mother. “Yeah,” she replied meekly before leaving his office for the last time.
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