Cinderella Man

I'll Do Better Than Handle It

Aubrey had lost count of the drinks she had consumed. A few fruity martinis, a couple of shots, and a beer or two. She wasn’t going to be rude and decline the drinks the guys were buying for her.

Marshall, Kuniva, Bizzare, and Aubrey sat in the VIP section. Kuniva and Bizzare both had two girls under their arms, all wasted as hell.

Marshall, on the other hand, was busy eye-fucking Aubrey. Her black, strapless dress pushed up her cleavage and accentuated her curves. As she stood up she held out her hand to him, “Dance with me?”

He licked his lips, his eyes lingering on her almost exposed ass. He stood up, taking her hand and letting her lead him to the dance floor. Usher’s “Love in This Club” was playing, a song fit for her intentions.

With her back to him, she took his two painted, toned arms and snaked them around her waist. She began to grind her back against him while swaying her body side to side in his arms. She could feel something poking her.

Marshall, aroused and in the moment, nuzzled her neck from behind. He sucked on her skin, slowly leaving a mark that she would later have to cover up with make-up. He brought his lips to her ear, whispering, “I wanna fuck you so bad.”

She smirked, whipping around to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck while his stayed around her waist, his hands cupping her ass. “Then what are you waiting for?”

It was his turn to smirk. He gently grabbed her wrist, leading her out of the congested dance floor. They pushed past people, eager to get to a secluded place and enjoy each other’s company.

“Where are we going?” Aubrey asked while stumbling to keep up with him. She was definitely tipsy.

They were quite a few miles away from their hotel so there was no sense in going there. Aubrey’s question was answered as soon as she saw the two blue plates hanging on the door. One was the picture of a man, the other a man in a wheelchair.

Usually, Aubrey would have protested and refused to give herself to him in such an un-classy way, but she was drunk. She didn’t know any better.

As soon as they entered, Marshall locked the door behind them. The club must have known people would go to the bathroom to fuck, so they installed locks on the bathroom doors. How convenient.

His hands immediately went to her back, eager to unzip her tiny dress. She pushed his hands away and shook her head. “I have to see what I’m working with first.”

Marshall grinned and leaned his back up against the wall, giving her the freedom to do whatever she wanted to Marshall Jr.

Her hands trailed down to his belt, slowly undoing it. Her lips connected to the skin of his neck, gently sucking on it. Her hands still worked on undoing his jeans, deliberately going slow. She could feel him grow bigger at her touch.

She pulled back when she got a handful of him. She looked up at him, a smirk edging onto his lips. “Still think you can handle it?”

She grinned, remembering her response when he first asked her the question. “I’ll do better than handle it.”

“Yeah?” he snickered. He put his hand on her head, slowly pushing her down to a crouching position. “Show me what you got.”

She pulled him out, her eyes taking in the massive size. It was at least eight inches long and about five inches in girth. She looked up at him, her hazel eyes piercing through him.

Nothing aroused him more than a girl, a beautiful girl in fact, who looked up at him while giving him head. Aubrey could have sworn his dick grew even bigger in that instant.

Without hesitation she took it in, forcing more than half of it into her mouth. Her head rocked back and forth while Marshall held a steady hand in her brown hair. He guided her head, slowly shoving all of him in her mouth. He moaned, throwing a “fuck” and “shit” around occasionally.

She pulled back, a smirk playing on her lips. She was not about to let him enjoy everything. “I didn’t tell you to stop, Aubrey.”

He wasn’t too happy about her actions. He pulled her up by her hair and whipped her around so that her back was now against the wall. His hands snaked around her, slowly unzipping her dress. He had waited since the interview to see her naked. He even daydreamed about it. The way she would twist her hips when she walked out of his office drove him crazy.

Her dress fell to the ground, exposing the tanned skin of her naked body. No bra and no panties. Marshall smirked, “Damn, you came prepared.”

She giggled, “No, I just never wear panties.”

He pulled back slightly, “So you came to work without them?”

She nodded. If he had known that, he would have fucked her the first day. There was no stopping him now.

He grabbed her thighs, pulling her up. She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Without warning or hesitation, she felt him penetrate her, ripping her walls apart. He groaned at her tightness while she screamed at the pain.

Slowly, the pain was taken over by pleasure. He pulled in and out, his face buried in the crook of her neck. She wrapped her arms around his head, holding onto him as pure pleasure surged through her body. She moaned his name, throwing in a few inappropriate words as well.

He tried to block out her sweet moans of pleasure. They were driving him crazy. He tried to block out the amazing feeling of being inside her tight, wet warmth. He wanted to last for an hour, but her moaning was preventing him from doing so.

As they both slowly inched closer to climax, a familiar feeling was taking over her. A feeling of regret. A feeling like she would never be anything more than a fuck toy. A feeling she always felt with Michael.
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I got this sex scene idea from DeeButtersnaps (love you girl!) I hope you like it ;) I felt weird writing this because I wanted to be like one night stand type of sex (hence the no kissing). I hope that’s how it came across. Anyways, thank you so much to my amazing readers and the people that comment. I love hearing from you guys, even if it’s bad. Your comments mean the world to me! <3