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Tragedy Strikes

For the Best

I had come to Kimmy and I's attention that Chicklet having a kid was going to change a lot of things with the band. So we held a meeting at Kimmy's place to hash things out.

"I don't just wanna have the baby and then hop on the tour bus and not see it for three months!" Chicklet exclaims, this innocent meeting had escalated to an argument.

"That's not what I'm saying!" I yell back, "You can bring the baby along."

"Do you have any idea how stressful that would be!" Kimmy yells.

"Well we can't just stop Tragedy Strikes!"

"I know!" Chicklet says angrily, "Just two years off, and then second year we can even start recording, okay?"

"Yeah, that sounds fair enough." Kimmy nods, "So that's like a year and half off."

"Okay," I say slowly, "I'll write songs for a year and half, we can still jam from time to time right?"

"Of course," Chicklet says nodding, "Just official stuff we'll put on hold.

We sit in Kimmy's living room silently when it hits me, Frankie and I agreed to have a kid in a couple of years.

"No, that won't work." I sigh, "Frankie and I plan on having a kid in a couple of years."

"Oh," Kimmy says stunned, "So we've gone from a two year break to a four year one."

"Well actually more like three," I say thinking back to the conversation I had with Franky I had earlier this week where I shortened his wait by about a year.

"Oh fuck, things are going to shit, aren't they?" Kimmy moans into her hands.

"Yeah," Chicklet and I say simultaneously.

"We should just take the three years off and then see if we're still up for being a solid band again," Kimmy says with uneasiness in her voice.

"Okay, but I want you two to promise that three years from now, we'll actually give it a shot," I say worriedly.

"Promise," Chicklet says nodding.

"Promise," Kimmy repeats.


Tragedy Strikes took the three year break. Which was much needed for self-discovery and self-reflection. After having a kid each the three rockers got together in Kimmy's basement and started playing again. Within a short while they were recording and a little while after that they were up on stage accepting a Grammy together.