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Head Over Heels

Tanner and Parker have been best friends since diapers. They know each other inside out. At least that's what they think. Tanner has been in love with Parker for as long as he can remember but Parker is straight. And Tanner only feels guilty considering he's only using his boyfriend Ian to get over Parker.

How long will Tanner be able to deny his feelings for his best friend?
And will Parker be able to figure out the sudden emotions he's been feeling towards a certain person?

Electric Chapel writes in Tanner's POV
lostwithoutyou. writes in Parker's POV
  1. Ever Fallen In Love With Someone
    You Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love With
  2. I Fall In Love
    But Never In Grace
  3. Two In My Heart
    Have Left Me A While
  4. I Know Something Is Wrong
    Just Tell Me
  5. Curious About What?
  6. I Need You To Know
  7. If We Kiss
    I Won't Resist
  8. Here is all you need to know