The Portrait from Godric's Hollow

Chapter 3

'My lord,all these years. It's good to see you back.'

'Same to you Wormtail. That hand does things of its own accord. Nevertheless,I expected you to be able to control it.'

'My Lord,I was weak.'

Lord Voldermort strutted to the other side of the room.

'Two decades I've spent,' he stood up,'and I'm not going to wait any longer.'

'The Dementors are hesistant to leave their posts."

'Tell them why cram themselves into a small port island,and waste a world full of happiness.'


'You will do as I say.'

'And this my Lord?' Wormtail pulled out a picture.The man turned and looked at the painting, 'I shall not want it out of my sight.'

Wormtail set the painting gently on the weathered table and left the room. For what seemed like the first time, tears welled up in the man's eyes.The scarlet slits became wider,and soon they were the handsome eyes they once were. Before him stood a young girl.

The two teenagers drew closer. She was beautiful and Voldemort's heart throbbed with love for her. He had never felt this way before. 'Ariana...' he was thrilled to say her name once more. He reached out to take her hand, to press her against his chest and make her his once more.

'Tom,you know we cannot do this.'

'But why,what's wrong?'

Ariana made to go away,but Tom Riddle wouldn't let her. He grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

'No Tom. My brother is somewhere,away,and my mother must be looking for me.'

She turned and ran back to her cottage.Tom Riddle stared after her.

She didn't look back.