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Tell Me, Will It All Be Okay?


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  1. Prologue: "Going Home"
  2. Chapter One: (Flashback) "Kiss Me Frank"
  3. Chapter Two: "Will They Find Out?"
    Warning: Sex.....^_^
  4. Chapter Three: "Shipped Away"
  5. Chapter Four: "Meet The Parents"
  6. Chapter Five: "Summer's Over Already?"
  7. Chapter Six: "Confessions Of A Little Sister."
  8. Chapter Seven: "Will I Ever Be Able To Talk To Him
  9. Chapter Eight: "Bob, You'reLeaving Too?"
  10. Chapter Nine: "Homecoming Call?"
  11. Chapter Ten: "Why Am I Running Away?"
    Flashback in Frank's P.O.V until otherwise stated..
  12. Chapter Eleven: "I Don't Believe It!"
  13. Chapter Twelve: "Who's Calling At This Hour?"
  14. Chapter Thirteen: "What's Going On?"
  15. Chapter Fourteen: "I Can. I Will. I Forgot."
  16. Chapter Fifteen: "Connections To Home"
  17. Chapter Sixteen: "Pick Up The God Damn Phone And C
  18. Chapter Seventeen: "Homecoming At The Airport."
  19. Chapter Eighteen: "Coincidence? Or Fate?"
    Okay....we're back to Lisa's POV Until otherwise stated
  20. Chapter Nineteen: "Dont' Worry. He's Not So Bad."
  21. Chapter Twenty: "Deja Vu. Oh-No"
  22. Chapter Twenty One: "Who's Fault Is It Now?"
  23. Chapter Twenty-Two: "Stay? Or Go?"
  24. Chapter Twenty-Three: "Lock 'Em Both Up, Together"
  25. Chapter Twenty Four: "Handcuffs and Shadows By The
  26. Chapter Twenty-Five: "Are We Officially Over It?"
  27. Chapter Twenty-Six: "Bleeding On The Bathroom Floo
  28. Chapter Twenty Seven: "Did You Come To Stare Or Wa
  29. Chapter Twenty-Eight: "Think Happy Thoughts."
  30. Chapter Twenty-Nine: "Just One Last Time?"
    SEX....I think...O_O I forgot my own story...
  31. Chapter Thirty: "Will They Find Out?"
  32. Chapter Thirty One: "Choices..."
  33. Chapter Thirty-Two: "When Both Our Cars Collide."
  34. Chapter Thirty-Three: "Are We Back To Normal?"
    *Giggle* Hot sex next chapter!!!!
  35. Chapter Thirty-Four: "Stockholm Syndrome"
    WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!!!!!!
  36. Chapter Thirty-Five: "Pregnant Again?"
  37. Chapter Thirty-Six: "Imaginary Wedding Gown."
  38. Chapter Thirty Seven: "Lifelong Wait For A Hospita
  39. Chapter Thirty-Eight: "Living A Normal Life"
  40. Chapter thirty nine: "A hangover you don't deserve
  41. Chapter Forty: “I’m Writing This Letter.”
    Just when you thought the drama was over...O__O DUN DUN DUN
  42. Chapter Forty-One: “So Much To Question.”
  43. Chapter Forty-Two: “Parents Can Be Deceiving”
  44. Chapter Forty-Three: “I‘d Rather Feel Pain Than No
  45. Chapter Forty-Four: “Everything’s So Blurry.”
  46. Chapter Forty-Five: “It All Sounds Crazy.”
  47. Chapter Forty-Six: “Nothing Lasts Forever.”
  48. Chapter Forty-Seven: “She Doesn’t Understand.”
  49. Chapter Forty Eight: “Happy Holidays, You Bastard”
  50. Chapter Forty-Nine: “Cops And Robbers.”
  51. Chapter Fifty: “Drunken Presents.”
  52. Chapter Fifty One: “Damn Regret.”
  53. Chapter Fifty Two: “We All Have A Hell.”
  54. Chapter Fifty-Three: “Let Me Break This Awkward Si
  55. Chapter Fifty-Four: “You Never Learned A God Damn
  56. Chapter Fifty_Five: "The Time Has Come"
  57. Chapter Fifty-Six: “Famous Last Words.”
    Rest of story in Mikey's POV!!
  58. Chapter Fifty-Seven: “Painless And Asleep.”
  59. Chapter Fifty-Eight: “Love Is The Red, The Rose On
  60. Chapter Fifty-Nine: “Welcome To The Black Parade.”
  61. Chapter Sixty: “The Ghost Of You In The End.”
    LAST CHAPTER!!!!!!