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I shuddered as I thought of what Linda and Dave might do to avenge me, the thought was rather scary but I just hoped it was my over sensitive and over-active imagination, but well, who was I kidding this is the jungle known better as High School. My thoughts were interrupted though by none other then our own Jack.

"Uh, hi Elle," He said a little uncertain as he approached me.

"Hi Jack," I said dismissively, A hurt expression flitted across his face chased by an annoyed one at being blown off and then remorse took their place,

"Listen, can we talk?"

"No right now Jack. I have to go," I insisted, grabbing my books and leaving the table.

"What? But you just got here!" he protested, a little too loud for my taste.

"Oh? So now your watching me? Well too bad for you then because now you can watch me leave!" I snapped, feeling a stab of guilt, but mostly an overwhelming since of pride for sticking up for myself, something Jack's awestruck face just re-enforced.

"Elle! You- I- I really just want to explain. Please," and it was that last word that broke me. He whispered it with desperation in his face that I just couldn't find it in me to say no, especially since he looked so inceriblly sad at that moment.

"Fine," I said, trying to keep some of the snap in my voice,

"Thank you. I - uh, let's go to the library. It's sort of quiet there." I nodded and mutely, I led the way as we slowly walked through the empty hallways, the sounds of yelling growing louder as we got closer to our destination.

"HOW DARE YOU. YOU ARE JUST A SELFISH LITTLE BRAT!" I got worried that I might know who was shouting those hurtful words so I took off down a side hallway a plunged into the next one to try to get between the two girls and guy. This can't be happening,

"Stop it! Stop it now! Dave, Linda. this fight is between Veronica and I. Not you two. Ok?" I got no response and by this time Jack had rocketed down my path and emerged with a confused look on his face upon seeing me drag Linda and Dave away from Veronica who looked extremely pale beneath her tan, but otherwise undamaged and ok.

"What happened?" Jack asked with a strange look on his face.

"Uh, Jack I would love to tell you but there are two problems with this plan. One, I don't know if I can trust you and two, I'm not sure myself," Said with a tad bit of difficulty seeing as it took all of my strength to keep Linda from diving toward Veronica.

"Ah. umm, ok. I guess. Veronica. You should go now," Jack said to her and at this she scampered away not attempting to hide her relief at her urge to rush away.

"Don't hurry away there Veronica," Linda spat with a huge amount venom and sarcasm that I didn't know it was possible for her to even say anything that cruelly. Dave merely sighed and helped us haul Linda away to her next class and sat with her as Jack and I walked to the library to have our ever important chat.

"Alright Jack, what would you like ever so much to tell me?" I asked, back to my aggressive stance and crossed arms.

"Just that, I'm sorry. Sorry that I tried to tell you what to so and sorry about how I treated you."

"Oh. You're sorry? Well, that's all better then. Really Jack? Really?" I spoke the first part with as much sarcasm as I could manage.

"What do you want me to do Elle? Huh? What can I do? I can't really think of much else to do," Jack's face looked desperate and a little regretful.

"Look Jack," I spoke with as much earnesty as I could,"I really want to forgive you. I really do, but the problem with that is that I just ... I just... I just can't. I trusted you and then you judged me and then-," and then the most terrible thing happened. I started to choke up and my eyes welled up.

"Elle, are you crying?" Jack asked seemingly distressed.

"I- I think so," I spoke thickly.

"I didn't know that I hurt you so much."

"I- I should go Jack. See you around," and I took off trying to get rid of my tears. I don't know what overcame me, it's just he represented every bad thing everyone wanted to just assume about me. And I don't think I can face that at that moment. Maybe that's for the better because the past always seems to like being left in the past. And with these thoughts I rushed past Linda and Dave and out the school doors.

Linda saw Elle walk away, and she smiled to herself because as prickly as Elle seemed she was genuine and Linda missed that among the hoards of people who fawned over her because they felt they were supposed to. The only person she felt she really knew, before she knew Elle, was Dave, and every now and then she felt like Dave was hiding a part of himself, a deeper part. 'I'm not blind,' Linda thought to herself. She saw the way his eyes would light up then he would quench the fire within himself as soon as he started to really glow, and she felt bad that he felt compelled to quench it. She felt bad that he couldn't just shine like that all of the time, but lately it's taken him longer and longer to quench that fire and maybe the newbie Elle was not only helping her but also helping Dave. Maybe this is the begging of a beautiful relationship.
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