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I stumbled in the hall and dropped all of my books. All of them, and me being clumsy me, I tried to get up and I fell again. Or maybe it was the girl towering over me pushing me down. That would be Veronica. Shame, she used to be a lovely person. As stupidly cliche as it may sound, we used to be close when we were little. I used to call her my best friend. She never deserved the title. But the again, how was I supposed to know that using someone didn't make her your best friend? I suppose that ignorance can be bliss, but it's not with Veronica.

"So, how's the weather down there?" she asked in a sugary sweet voice.

"It's cloudy with a chance of stupid brunette." Veronica, for all her faults, really didn't know a good comeback from a bad one, so it doesn't really matter what you say, as long as you say something it will take her at least a minute of two to comprehend what you've just said, making a perfect escape.

"Huh?" Veronica asked asked the air as I slipped away after quickly picked up my books.

"Who was that nasty girl," I heard a masculine voice ask. I spun around and I saw a stunningly cute boy standing behind me. He was tall with dark hair and a set of amber eyes. I almost looked over my shoulder to see who he was talking to. Then I realized that he was talking to me. Something that rarely happens.

"Veronica. Are you new here?" I asked. I had never seen this boy around, and I'm sure I would remember this boy if I had had so much of a glimpse of this dude.

"Yes I am. What did you do to tick Miss. Veronica off?" mystery boy asked.

"A lot of things. It kind of goes both ways though."

"Honesty. I like that in a friend," the mystery boy said in friendly tone.

"Oops, look it's nice meeting you but I need to get to class."

"Wait. I'm new after all and I need a guide. Want to be that guide?" he asked in a sweet voice.

"Sure thing. Were are you going?" I gave in quickly but cautiously.

"Um, Mrs. Whittler for English," he said in a cute tone. I was a little shocked, that's where I was going.

"OK, then we have to get going. I have her too." I broke into a jog running down A hall and thought D into C hall and sprinting up to Mrs. Whittler's class and making it just in time and I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't have detention for running, not that I care too much.

"Hey Ms. Whittler, just showing the new kid the sights," I said, slightly out of breath, to my young teacher. She's known for being a push over, but we all love her for it.

"Just in time Ellie. Whose this?" Mrs. Whittler asked, her head turning toward mystery boy. "Are you Mr. Cooper?"

"Yes, Jake Cooper." As Jake went to get his work form Mrs. Whittler I quickly rushed to my seat next to my friend Murphy.

"You know the new boy? Details!" I should explain, I don't have a lot of good friends and Murphy is the closest thing I have to a best friend. Another thing you should know is that Murphy has a rocker image, when she squeals, it not a girlish squeal. It's something hard to explain, but it totally supports the rocker image she has.

"No details. He was just being nice to me. The good Samaritan and all that jazz." In my mind, that's all it is. I'm not a romantic. That lovely quality left me when I saw all of the heartbreak and drama in this miserable place.

"If you say so," Murphy never was one for a fight or argument with friends. The rest of the lesson went with out a hitch, except the annoying whispers about Jake. I ignored it as well as I could but after class the whispers turned to me.

"I can't believe that he choose her as his guide."
"Maybe he was just being polite."
"She's disgusting."

I heard all of these things about me, and I felt like I was suffocating. This is why everyone likes the power of a group. The group always has your back. I briskly walked out of the room, only to have my wrist caught by someone. I whipped around and I saw Murphy.

"Hey, I have to go," I said in a half hearted lie on my way to the bathroom to compose myself.

"I'm sorry that their so mean, but they're lieing. You are not disgusting and any guy would be lucky to have you.' I laughed, no guy would ever dream about me, but the attempt was appreciated.

"Sure," I said in an empty immation of a laugh before making my escape into the solitude of the bathroom stall.
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