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I sighed as my front door swung closed. I ambled slowly up the winding staircase of stairs and into my simple room. It's wall were only adorned my the occasional poster form a concert or two I had seen live. As I slowly dropped my messenger bag I went and collapsed on to my bed.

After I'm not sure how much time trudged past me before my older brother peaked his head around my door frame.

"Hey Lola!" I spoke brightly. I groaned at the name he had bestowed upon me when were 3.

"What do you want?"

"I was wondering if you could cover for me today."

"Why?" I asked bluntly.

"Because i want to spend the night at Rick's house." I shrugged.

"I guess. But why?" I asked. Matt's face darkened.

"Just cause." Then his face took the chance to lose part of the sinister look it was radiating. "Please. I have some matters to sort out with him." I nodded a little begrudgingly. I hated secrets that were kept from me. I hated them even more when it caused Matt's face to darken like that. That look always meant that some bad stuff was going to go down. I sighed again as Matt's face disappeared from my door way and I slid off my bed.

I walked slowly toward my desk that held my shiny laptop computer. I typed in a few choice words and up popped my word documents and iTunes. I sighed as I let out my pent up feelings and they flowed into my hands and from my hands onto the keyboard. I let a smile lift the corners of my mouth as I listened to the clacking my fingers made on the keyboard.

When I was done I nodded in approval when I read over my work. I quickly saved it and I went down stairs to grab some dinner, that I would eat once again, alone. I scarfed down a quick meal of corn, spaghetti and garlic bread before I trudged back up into the confines of my room to wait out the night and maybe even accomplish a little bit of homework too.


The next morning I rushed about my room to get really. Being me, I had slept right through my alarm and now I was faced with the consequences. I grabbed by brush first and yanked it through my tangles mess of hair. Next was my tooth brush as I put it against my teeth and did my very best to clean them before I grabbed an outfit at random from my closet and put it on in record time. I jogged over to my mirror and nodded in approval at my appearance. Of course, it wasn't my favorite, but it would. Next stop was at my vanity where I grabbed my usual jewelry and I hurried downstairs to run out the front door to the waiting bus.

As I collapsed into a seat, I allowed myself to relax a little bit. I had made it. Then I recalled my unfinished English homework and I groaned. I tugged the bag up onto my lap and rifled through the papers till I found it. I then spent the rest of the ride rushing to complete the impossible homework.


When I hurried off the bus it would be just my luck to bump into the only person on the planet I don't want to. As I watched all my papers fall on to the ground and I looked up at the one person who I despised.

"Oops. Was that me? Ah well. Too bad." I let out a sound of rage and I proceeded to pick up all of my belongings. Then I heard a wonderful sound. Someone sticking up for me.

"Come on Veronica. That wasn't necessary was it? She didn't even do anything this time." I laughed at that because Veronica's face had turned all innocent and unknowing.

"But Jaakkee! She bumped into me." Doesn't this girl know how to play fair?

"No, I think you bumped into her, so just leave the situation alone, and Elle or that matter." I got back up on my feet and smiled toward Jake with real gratitude showing through.

"Thanks Jake," I said as Veronica huffed and flounced away.

"Sure thing. I am you friend you know. You can trust me with what ever happen between you two." I sighed. What a mood ruinener.

"Not yet. It's not all that simple Jake."

"Suit yourself," Jake said companionally as by some unspoken agreement, he walked me to our next class with Mrs. Whittler.

"Hello class!" Mrs. Whittler chipped as she sprung into the room, happier to be here then anyone else. We all grunted and groaned some sort of response.

"You can do better then that!" Again she only received some uncomprehending responses. "Well, I suppose it works for now," she conceded with a slight frown before she launched into a long lecture with plenty of questions and time for me to space out. I knew this class a little too well, so today would be a good time to think.

I thought about my home life, my pathetic, non existent social life and (even worse) my love life. I thought about how sad all parts of my life are. I thought about how I wanted then to be better, then I thought bout the sacrifice Veronica made for a better social life and how much I didn't want to be her. Lastly I thought about how much I hated being so lonely all the time. I wished that I had 1 or two really close friends. Someone to tell my secrets to and to confide in and to not worry about being judged while I'm with them. I wanted that. I-

"Elle. an you answer me?" I pretended to ponder what she said.

"Can you phrase the question differently?" I asked politely.

"What do you think Shakespeare's best work is?" I sighed to think again. I hated Romeo and Juliet because they both die, but Taming a Shrew was ok I guess.

"Taming A Shrew," I replied seriously.

"Ah, an interesting work I'm sure. Well, I suppose we can take some time to study that." The class groaned, the same thought flowing through all of their minds. Not more Shakespearean work. Most kids dislike the dialect of that time, and it can be difficult at times. Ah, well at least we haven't had Romeo yet.

"Prepare to get new reading materials next class and be prepared to discus it class after next!" she yelled over the sound of the bell ringing out as we all scuttled to get out. A flood of students heading to the next class.
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