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As I scurried out into the hallway I saw an cluster of bodies that seemed tighter then usual.

"YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" I heard a familiar voice shout over the turmoil.

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" Another voice cried back.

"BUT YOU WERE GOING TO! NEVER EVER EVEN CONSIDER IT AGAIN" And by the harsh sounds that fell upon my ears I could tell that the two guys were exchanging punches, and a punch punctuated every word spoken by the familiar voice. I was about to just wonder by and think about who this fight was for when I heard something that made me stop dead.

"WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?" The second voice rang out.

"BECAUSE SHE'S MY SISTER YOU IDIOT! SO DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT EVER AGAIN" I paused in horror. That was Matt's voice! That meant this fight was...was... was! I plunged boldly through the mass of people to finally stumble up to the front of the silent circle that had surrounded my brother and his friend, or maybe ex-friend.

"Stop,"as my voice rang out clearly to all. Matt and Rick's face turned to look up at me guilty.

"Why?" I asked sounding as strict as any teacher I had ever had. Matt answered.

"Because Rick was saying some inappropriate things about you and then he wouldn't take them back when I said it was wrong, and then he proceeded to say some even grosser things, and I know you deserve better then that."

"Yes, I do, but next time tell somebody before you swing," I chided lightly.

"Yes sissy," Matt said with a small smile, knowing that I was just saying this because I didn't want to come across as liking fights.

"And you," my voice turned cold and nasty when I turned to Rick.

"Is what Matt said true?" Rick nodded,shame faced, red flooded to his face puncuated this.

"Well, then it seems that you need major time to nurse those wounds, but let me say one thing," and I proceeded to take steps to close the distance and I slapped him across the face and the kneed him where it hurts the most. He groaned in pain as I stepped back.

"Well I think that wraps that up," I said dismissively as I turned to audience that had filled in around us. "Time to go to class people! This spectacle is over." And just like that, people dispersed, leaving only papers falling like feathers to the floor. Rick limped off as I hugged Matt.

"You know, you didn't have to fight him," I assured him.

"Yeah, but what else could I do?" I smiled and I started dragging him down the hall.

"Where are you taking me?" Matt asked as I laugh seeped into his voice.

"To the nurse's office," I said, naturally as I continued dragging him.
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Alright, well, this is incredibly short, but sort of important. Rick might have mad friends or maybe Jakey feels jealous! Dun dun dun!!