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After I had dragged Matt to the Nurse's office, I then had to drag him to his next class. The nurse had told him he could go home and I was on the way to tell his teacher as Matt stumbled along, doing his best to look innocent. As I did my best to walk up right and still get Matt down the hallway I bumped into Jake.

"Hey Elle. Why aren't you in class?" Jake asked a little, strangely.

"I'm taking Matt home," I said like it was obvious. Jake's face changed to look a little defensive.

"Why?" his voice had changed to diamond hard.

"Because he's hurt and the nurse said to take him home, so don't go all mean on him!" I said, angered that he would take that tone with my brother.

"Humph," Jake said as he turned on his heal and fled the scene. I sighed exasperatedly as I turned into Matt's class room to tell her that Matt was going home. She merely nodded as we made our way out.


As we walked into our house, I led Matt to the couch and got him an ice pack.

"I appreciate your protection thing, but did you really have to pick that fight?"

"Well, It was sort of a spur of the moment thing," Matt admitted sheepishly. I laughed gently.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Matt asked, confusion clouding his face.

"Well, most of your friends are really close with Rick and that means most of you friends are a tad bit angry."

"Oh, well I suppose that they will be. Hmm, interest.," Matt said with an air of determined not caring. I hugged him and they I pushed him up the stairs and into his room and threw him his back pack.

"Do your home work strange one!" I said quickly as he made a sour face at me. I then walked casually toward my own room with a particularly high pile of homework waiting for me as well. I sighed as I then began sorting through the clutter on my desk, seeing as I would need it tonight.

I started in surprise when I felt something give my finger a paper cut. I glanced down at it, preparing to throw it away when I noticed what it was. A plane ticket. How did that get there? I didn't bother to look at it's destination as I stored it away, pinning it up to my memory board.


The next day, when I came abruptly through those tall double doors was, for lack of a better word, strange. All eyes turned in my direction and nobody even bothered to hide the fact that they were staring at me as I made my way down the littered halls.

When I stepped into English class I was whisked away by Murphy.

"Have you heard it yet?" she asked nervously.

"Seen what?": I asked bewildered. Murphy just sighed as she tried to detach a piece of paper from the inside of here sweatshirt pocket.

"This!" she said as she finally got the piece of paper out. As I looked atr the paper I gasped at it's content. Who would sink this low?

The paper read as follows:

Hello Elle.
I hope you know what you did to me. You led me on and then ripped out my heart. I can't believe you got your brother to stand up for you. He must know what you've done to my heart. Or have you bewitched him too? How many others have you bewitched? Really, I want to know. And because you hurt me, I'm going to hurt you. Anyone who asks for the story will hear about it, straight from the source: me.

I stood stunned. I never broke his heart! I hadn't even talked to him before that two faced liar!

"Elle, is this that stuff true?" Murphy asked.

"Of course not! I've never spoken to him before! He's lying! THAT JERK!" I started off whispering and I ended up screaming.

"Elle. Chill out a little so we can fix this," Murphy consoled.

"We?" I asked a little weakly.

"Yes, we. I know that I'm your best friend. I'm not blind."

"But I'm not yours so why do you want to help?" I asked.

"Because we're still good friends," Murphy said simply. "Now, how can we expose him?" Then a brilliant idea crossed my mind.

"I know how, but it might take some work," I said, then my excitement lessened. "But it's probably not going to be worth it."

"Well at least tell me!" Murphy asserted.

"Well, I could become, oh I don't know. I can't do it."

"Do what?"

"Be popular."
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Oh no, did Jake forget Matt and Elle are siblings?