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"Elle, isn't there a, decitful way to do that?" Murphy asked.

"Why not though? I could do it, right?" I asked, ignoring her prevoius question.

"Oh Elle..."

"What?!" I demanded impacetly.

"It's just that you hate Veronica and why? It's because she used people to become popular and now she uses it to beat on you right? So doesn't this plan of action seem a little, oh I don't know, hypocritical?" I sighed in defeat. She was right. "Now making some friends, there is nothing wrong with that, just don't make them to use them, because you will only end up hated." Angain, she was right.

"I suppose it won't hurt to show my socail life a little more care," I admitted, a little begrudanly.

"Of couse I am, now where shall we start with this new found social life of yours?" I laughed.

"I have absolutly no idea," I said with a small laugh. Murphy grinned at me, an idea forming visably in her mind.

"I do."

"And why am I not surprise," I said with a small grin, mirroring Murphy's.


I was sitting at home that Friday night fidgiting. Why? Because I as about to go out on a group umm.... outing a suppose would be a good word for it. Murphy had promised to introduce me to some of her close friends. I only nodded with stunned disbelife that I was actully making friends before I actully relized the full wieght of what this meant for me. Iwas about with a group, clique if you will, to the mall. You don't have to be a social genius to know that cliques are hard to break into, even if you do have an in. I sighed as I lanced around at all the street lamps that were lighting up and sending shadows dancing across the streets as an ocasional caar drove past, sending a dancing shadow of it's own sauntering across the pavement.

I sat there, memorized be the light beyond my window until I heard the rough sound of knuckles on wood and I took a good moment to compose my self before I pulled the door open.

"Hey! You ready?" I heard Murphy ask, and strange enough I found myself nodding. Why was I going again? My mind drew a very long blank as I was numbly led to the car.

"Murph, why are we going to the mall?" I heard someone ask. Oh, wait that's me.

"Because you really need some party clothes and I don't know what size you are. No worries, we'll go to a party later." My eyes were wide and I felt mousture prick at my hands. A party? I was definatly not a party person. Nope, I was that super smart girl who was ok to hang out around, but totally not a party girl!!

Never the less, by the time we pulled up in front of the collection of connected buildings, I had resigned myself to my fate. I was to be forced into many clothing-trying-on-stalls and to have many clothes shoved at me. I was right. Out fit after outfit was tossed over the doors for me to try one. When I had finally go through all of the out fits they had given to me I decided on about three of my favorites and I emerged form the dressing room and they all agreed I looked very nice in them, so we departed toward the great event and (what a surprise) it was a party.
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