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When I arrived on the party scene I was nervous, and anxious,
especially since the small crowd of familiar faces had vanished. So I
did as most party goers would, I kept to the outskirts of the mosh
pit. That was until a couple spilled forth from the sea of bodies.

"Whew! That's so much fun! You my friend need to get out more often,"
the guy pronounced as he sauntered off of the floor. His friend merely

"but that means you have to rescue me," and she added on a typical
blond giggle. I sighed and went back to blending in and then my
thoughts started to drift to-

"You!" I jumped. They couldn't be talking to me, so I went back to my
train of thought about-

"wait! Turn back around please. Who are you? I don't know you."

"What a shame," I spoke sarcastically just loudly enough for them to
hear me.

"It is. Now what is your name?" the male asked

"You first," I demanded of the couple.

"Well, I am Linda and he is David or just plain Dave." I'm telling
you, these two should win an award for being so incedibly cliché. Dave
has dark, lush, hair with toned abbes while Linda was a petite blond
who, I'm sure, were either totally "in love" or they were just
together for appearance.

"So...can we have your name?" Dave asked in a totally cute voice.

"Nope, I'm good," I countered swiftly before climbing off of the bar
stool I was perched upon.

"Why not?" Linda pouted as she said this, and until this moment I
hadn't realized it was possible. I opened my mouth to issue a witty
comeback when Murphy chose this time to find me.

"Elle! There you are!"

"Oh, so your name is Elle, I pegged you for an Amber," Dave shot at
me. I shrugged and did my best to escape from them when Murphy found me.

"Hey, where have you been?"

"Floating around."

"OK, just making sure your OK," and with that the crowd swelled out to
envelop her, and I was trapped again.

"Hey Elle! Wait, can I call you Amber?" Dave asked.

"Uhh, sure?"

"Good, so come and dance with us."

"please!" Linda asked throwing in her two cents.

"I don't know..." and I was whisked away by Ken and Barbie.

"so. What school do you go to?" Linda asked innocently.

"Why?" I knew it came out blunt and rude but I couldn't help it, I was
used to being able to just be by myself.

"Because we're all friends now, silly." I think I have whip lash from
the double take I did.

"When did this happen?"

"When Linda picked you from the crowd," Dave explained as I'd saying
2+2=4 with his arm slung casually around Linda.

"Umm, OK. I uh... I go to Red High," I uttered in a stunned daze, shocked that anyone who was obviously so much more popular then me could even want to associate with me.

"Really?! Us too! It'll be so much fun! You can sit with us at lunch
and we can go shopping the three of us and-"

"Woah, what about my other friends? I can't just leave them hanging."

"Hmm, well maybe we should sit with you at lunch. Yes, that it!" I
glanced at Dave for help and he merely gave a mused glance. Next thing
I know my cell has been commandeered and Linda was punching her number.

"So, why haven't we seen you around?" Dave asked.

"Well, uh, did you see the fight a little while back?" I asked nervously, hoping they hadn't, as this would make my life easier but I figured that honesty was important.

"Yup. It was hard to miss. I feel sorry for that girl it was over. I wonder why the two boys went at it for her though, we heard the rumors but they seemed a little out there, but those seem to be the true ones," Dave speculated. I rolled my eyes.

"It was over me." The look I received was quite amusing. Both of their jaws went slack and Linda moved to comfort me.

"Oh, you poor thing. What was it over?" I smiled, I knew what this was for. Information is indeed power in the high school stage and this girl probably loves power.

"Oh, this and that," I said evasively, dodging the question with ease.

"Spoil sport! Please tell us!" Linda's begging was humorous to be sure.

"Well, can you keep a secret?" I asked. Linda's eyes got large as she nodded her head, un able to believe she was about to wiggle the biggest secret of the year out of me.
"Rick was being a jerk and Matt punched him." Linda's face fell dramatically.

"You know more then that!" she accused. I nodded my head, confirming the information. "Then please tell me!" I had a feeling I would become accustomed to that whine.

"But I barley know you." My overly obvious statement didn't' seem to bother her s she shrugged.

"Please don't force me to," I asked as my eyes widened and my voice dropped to serious and vulnerable.


"Linda, leave it alone," Dave was the voice that came to my resuce, almittly a bit boredly but I was grateful none the less. Linda allowed her face to morph into a small, inconsequential pout before he dawned her normal composure and started flouncing around again.

"Fine, But let's dance!" And so the two of them pulled me in forced me to dance away most of the night.
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