I shall call it Bob!

Another Boring Night

"Good night Claudia." I say as I'm about to leave her house. I just spent the day with Frankito and just dropped him off. He's becoming a little trouble maker, well I shouldn't say little he's already eleven.
"Good night Tre." She says shutting the door. I head back to my car which I so nicely named Blueberry. I realize it's only eight o'clock, meaning I have shitloads of time to kill before I'm anywhere near tired. I grab my cell phone out of my pocket and call Mike.
"You've reached me, Mike! So leave a message after the beep, okay?"
"Hey, it's your bitch, sorry forgot you were busy tonight." I breath. I look over my list of numbers, no shit Billie was busy tonight too, it was his anniversary. I decide to call Jason.
"Hey man!" I practically yell.
"Can't go womanizing with you man." He says chuckling.
"Awe, c'mon just a couple drinks."
"Fine, but no drinking contests or any shit like that, I have to get up early tomorrow."
"YAY! I love you man."
"Well are you going to pick me up or what?" he says in a feminine tone.
"On my way babe." I hang up my phone and slide into my pocket while carefully steering my car in the direction of Jason's neighborhood.

I get to his house and he must've heard Blueberry because he came to the door. After locking up he comes over to the passenger's side of the car.
"Hey bitch." He says playfully slapping me upside the head, "Where we going?"
"Which bar?"
"The special one."
"Oh of course, now I know exactly what you're talking about." He says sarcastically.
"You know the one near the cinema, where they play live music."
"Oh that place, it's called Last Ditch." I can't help but giggle at the name. We find a parking space not far from the bar and we end up having to walk a block.

"Dude!" Jason practically yells after a beer and a half.
"Yeah." I say popping out of my daze.
"You've been all distracted, like you're burnt out or something." He says trying to look me in the eye.
"It's nothing." I mumble as I rub my face, "I just feel like I've been waiting for something exciting to happen."
"Well we start touring next month."
"Something more that that."
"Oh you're talking about some chick who will teach you new and exciting kinky moves." I can't help but burst out laughing.
"Maybe." I say wiping my face again.
"Well you know what Billie says, touring is a cure all."
"Yeah." I say distractedly.

"Take me home bitch." He says nudging me. We walk out of the bar and down the street to where I parked Blueberry. Before I know it, Jason is gone and I'm alone again, might as well head home.

As I walk into the house the phone is ringing. I run to go pick it up before the answering machine does, god I would even talk to a telemarketer at this point.
"Hello?" I say out of breath.
"Hi." It was a girl's voice, "Is this Frank Wright?"