I shall call it Bob!

Fashion Show

I dress up in my favorite striped suit with a black shirt. I spike up my hair and apply a small amount of eyeliner, after the American Idiot tour I've ever since felt compelled to apply eyeliner for special occasions. I put my pass in my pocket and head out.

I get to the McKenzie Center and I'm directed to the outdoor court yard. I'm guessing it's an outdoor show. There are waiters going around with champagne. I spot Reese's wild coloured hair a bit ahead, she's with Nick. I go up to them to find out what's going on. They both have a glass of champagne in their hands.
"Does your mom let you drink?" I snicker.
"It's just champagne," She says, rolling her eyes as she hugs me none the less.
"Nice to see you again Nick," I say. He smiles as if to say hello. "Have you been bossing around the chefs?"
"No, Reese said I'd have to behave myself here." She slaps his arm playfully.

I look at what she's wearing. A white dress with a black floral print.
"I see you didn't reconfigure this dress."
"Umm no, Mom had this made special." I look at the straps of the dress, not exactly a typical design.
"So what's going on?"
"Well the show itself is going to start in," Reese glances at her watch, "exactly fifteen minutes and it goes on till eight."
"Exactly fifteen minutes?" I snicker.
"Yeah, everything is timed down to the minute on these things, nothing runs late."
"Yeah but-"
"It's not like a concert if anything's a minute behind schedule, it could mean my mom's job."
"Wow," I say as Nick snickers at my reaction.
"And did she mention besides things being on time they also have to be perfect?" Nick pipes up.
"Concerts have a half hour buffer," I state, "I thought all shows have buffer time."
"Oh yeah, there's a buffer time, it's about five seconds," Nick say in mock casualty.

Techno music starts to blast through the speakers people head over to where the chairs are set up in front of a catwalk.
"It's starting," Reese says as she leads us towards the front, she links arms with Nick.
"Hello Theresa." A guy in a pink shirt and floral scarf says, pecking her cheeks. "Your mother put together a really nice show this year."
"Well thank you."
"I'm surprised you're not back stage helping out as usual."
"Not this year," She says casually.
"And is this your date?"
"Yes, Antoine, this is Nick. Nick this is Antoine of Vogue."
"Nice to meet you," Nick says shaking his hand.
"And this is my father, Frank Wright," She says motioning towards me.
"Your father." He says nodding, quite interested as he shakes my hand.
"More commonly known as Tre Cool," I add in.
"Ahh yes, the rock star," He says nodding. He walks past us.

"What was his problem?" I ask as we take our seats.
"He doesn't like your suit."
"What's wrong with my suit?"
"Nothing," She says sipping her champagne "It's just stripes are last season." Nick snorts with laughter.
"What about him!" I refer to Nick, "He's wearing bondage pants with, with, with a suit jacket."
"You don't understand, there's eccentric, then there's last season."
"Now you're making me self-conscious in this suit."
"Only five percent of the population actually knows that stripes are last season, then there's the one percent, who will actually be bothered by it."
"So, I don't look like an idiot?"
"Not at all."
"Show's starting," Nick mumbles.

"Welcome to the final day of San Francisco Fashion Week 2013," the announcer blares as several models make their way onto the catwalk.

Eight o'clock on the dot and the show ends and people go back to the courtyard to mingle and drink more champagne. I wander away from Reese and Nick.
"Hi Tre," Ali says, removing a head set from her ear. She hugs me and I gently kiss her lips. She looks gorgeous, she in a very sexy low cut black dress.
"Hey," I say smiling, "I found out the hard way that stripes are last season." She laughs.
"You look great."
"As do you." I link arms with her. "So can you escape from this place or do you have more to keep track of?"
"No, my assistant can handle everything from here," She says smiling.

We walk past a bunch of very stylish, freakishly skinny people to where Nick and Reese are 'mingling.'
"We're going for dinner now, will you two be okay?" Ali asks.
"Yeah, we'll just take a taxi back," Nick says, his arm around my daughter's waist.
"If we're lucky Antoine will take us back in his lemo," Reese says laughing.
"You do know it's not a lemo," Ali snickers.
"Well its black, expensive and has its own driver."
"Okay well have fun, and not too much champagne," Ali warns. I nod as I glare at Nick.

"He had his arm around her waist," I say as we head out of McKenzie center.
"So?" Ali asks dumbfounded, "Reese is a smart girl and she can handle herself."
"She's carrying pepper spray and Nick is a good kid."
"I was a good kid too in front of my girlfriend's parents."
"Here try this on for size, trust," She says slightly annoyed, "Trust Reese to make the right decisions."
"You said pepper spray, right?" I ask as the valet pulls up with my car.
"Yes," She laughs as I open her door for her.