I shall call it Bob!

Start of the Dares

Let's play dares!

-Don't tell ANYONE what the dare is (feel free to come up with zany excuses for why you're acting so weird)
-This game is for Green Day children ONLY
-If you're reading this then you HAVE to perform the dare
-You must perform the dare exactly as explained
-And like Fight Club, you don't talk about dares!

Your dare:
Everyone you meet or bump into today you must kiss, including parents and other 'players. ' Just one peck on each cheek, hey we're in France, it's the kissing capital. This dare is effective until midnight tonight. After you read this pass it on to the next person on the list.

The list: Ramona, Stella, Jakob, Franky, Joey.

-Project coordinator Theresa Trawny Wright (I will also be performing this dare)

*Joey, rip this paper into itsy bitsy pieces and dispose.

After reading over this piece of hotel stationary a couple of times I walk across the hotel room to where Franky is half sitting, half lying and peck him on each cheek just like Stella had done to me and slip him the paper. He looks at me confused then unfolds the paper as I walk away I see him nodding to himself.

*Back to Tre's P. O. V. *
I knock on the hotel room of the girl's hotel room. Ramona, Reese and Stella were bunking together in one room and Joey, Jakob and Franky in another.
"Hey Dad," Ramona says as she plants a kiss on each of my cheeks. At this sign of affection I expect to find the room trashed or something else that'll cost me money or just plain piss me off. But to my surprise I step into the room and everything's normal.
"Hey Pops, what's happening?" Reese says coming up to me and repeating Ramona's actions.
"Uh where's Stella?" I ask looking around.
"Her Dad's room," Reese says distractedly.
"Okay well I just came to say we're going down for brunch in about ten minutes."
"Alright, we'll be ready," Ramona says as Reese nods in concurrence.

I leave the room and walk down the hall where I bump into Joey.
"Hey Joe."
"Hey man," He says grabbing my face roughly and plants a rough kiss on each cheek.
"You're turning into your father, you know that?" I say weirded out.
"Damn!" He laughs. "I knew something was up this morning when my eyes were green instead of brown."
"Hey tell your roommates we're going down for brunch in ten minutes." He nods as he quickly goes back into his hotel room. Jesus, it must be something in the water.

I go back into my hotel room where Ali strolls by me in only a towel and goes to pick out something to wear from her suitcase. Just looking at her almost makes me hard. Last night was an awesome night, I had forgotten how wild she was in bed.
"Hey, how are the kids?" she asks pulling on a pair of black bikini style underwear.
"Umm really strange," I say scratching the back of my neck, "Both my daughters kissed me on the cheek."
"Wow, that's really strange! We should call a crew of shrinks!" she exclaims sarcastically as she pulls on a tank top.
"Then Joey did the same thing."
"Oh." She laughs hysterically.
"Yeah, I think it's all a sick joke," I say crossing my arms.
"Awe," She says as she pecks at my lips affectionately. "Hey, we should get going."
"Yeah," I say releasing my grip from her. She pulls on her jeans and a pair of shoes and we head out.

In the hallway we run into the kids who are waiting at the elevator.
"Hello children," I say as Ali and I stand with them. The teenagers, in turn kiss Ali and I on the cheeks before retaking their places waiting for the elevator. Well Ramona, Reese and Joey didn't kiss me for a second time.
"You're right, this is weird," Ali whispers in my ear. The elevator doors open and we all step in.
"I'm in the mood for pancakes," Reese says, breaking the silence.
"Scrambled eggs for me," Joey says moments later.
"I wants my bacon," Franky says with a French accent. The elevator doors open and we head over to the hotel restaurant where Mike, Brittney, Billie Joe and Adie are already seated. Like history repeating the kids go up to them and kiss them all on the cheek.

"Am I missing something?" Adie asks as everyone takes their seats.
"I think it's all one sick joke," I hiss just above a whisper.
"I sure as hell hope so," Mike mumbles.
"It's a little too creepy for me," Brittney says as she grabs a sugar packet for her coffee.

After brunch Billie, Mike and I head down to the venue for sound checks and all that lovely stuff. The kids and our ladies stayed behind at the hotel, they said something about checking out the Eiffel tower. Sound check went pretty routine no one else kissed us, except for one fan who asked Billie for a kiss. It was only three in the afternoon and teenagers started crowding outside the entrance. I went to sign autographs and stuff, I may have mooned the crowd but don't tell my kids that, I promised I'd cut down.

About an hour before the show the families arrived and when one of the assistants greeted them, it was a repeat of the kissing thing. Luckily most of the assistants were with the venue, so they were European and didn't mind.