I shall call it Bob!

Ass Crack Day

*Reese's P.O.V.*
We continued touring with our dads for about a week when Jakob dropped off a message on a piece of hotel stationary to our room.

Let's play dares!

Same as last time

I dare you to go commando for the next twenty-four hours, and every time you hear the word 'barracuda' you have to show a minimum of one and half inches of your ass crack to prove your lack of undergarments. After you read this pass it to the next person on the list.

The list: Franky, Jake, Reese, Stella, Ramona

-Project coordinator Joseph Marciano Armstrong

*Ramona dispose of this paper as you see fit

"Hey Stella," I call as I walk across the hotel room. "Message."
"Huh?" she says looking up from tying her shoes. She grabs the paper and reads it over. "Fucker." She goes into the bathroom and returns second later and shoves her underwear back into her suitcase. I do the same as she goes to give the 'message' to Ramona.

We all head downstairs to the tour bus because we have to get to the next venue, which is a good drive away.
"Barracuda," Joey says smugly as he flashes his ass crack, the rest of us do the same in return.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" Mike says walking up to us.
"It's the salute of the day," Ramona says casually.
"Salute of the day?" he chortles. "Sounds like a load of bull."
"Bull? Hmm, you have something against cows?" I say cocking an eyebrow, "You're being sexist."
"Yeah honestly Dad," Stella says clicking her tongue and shaking her head.
"Whatever it is, I don't like it."
"Oh c'mon," Jakob says obnoxiously, "You have no problem when my dad shows off his ass crack."
"Mouthy teenagers," Mike mutters as he walks away.

"Teenies!" Tre yells across the hotel lobby, "We are departing!" We all grab our suitcases and follow the adults out the door to the bus. It's a three hour drive, and we arrived in the fifth country for this tour; Austria.

*Tre's P.O.V.*
We finally get to the location of our Austrian show. We brought along a whole bunch of skateboards which the kids snatched during sound checks and went around the venue. Suddenly Heart starts blasting through the speakers. I was never much of a fan but I don't mind. I go to search for an unused skateboard and the current song ends starting a more popular Heart song Barracuda. I start hopping along to it and I finally find where all the kiddies are boarding.

Joey passes me from behind on a skateboard.
"What the hell did you do?!" Ramona exclaims glaring at Joey.
"Wha? Don't you like Heart?" he asks innocently as he gets off his skateboard.

"Owe! Barracuda!" the speak blares and suddenly I'm being mooned my six teenagers.
"What every father wants to see," I say cynically.
"Uh, haha." Reese laughs, "Monkey see, monkey do."
"But I've been cutting down, I swear," I say grabbing a skateboard that was lying abandoned on the ground. I start pushing myself along when the chorus for the Heart song starts up again and I'm mooned once more. "Alright, I've seen enough, I'm going now." I skateboard away from them with images of too many ass cracks stay burned in my head.

Mike charges at me and knocks me off my skateboard.
"Hey!" I yell as he laughs his head off and skates away with my board. "Jerk!"
I walk along the venue to the where the entrance gates are, I figure I'll sign a few autographs.
"Tre! Can I have a kiss!" one teenage girl asks eagerly. I peck her cheek and I swear she was about to go into cardiac arrest. I signed three drumsticks and four shirts before waving good bye to the screaming fans. I find Billie walking around playing random shit on his guitar.

"Hey, have you been suspiciously mooned by six teenagers today?" I ask, he just laughs.
"No, but Mike has."
"I think those kids are trying to drive me to the loony bin!"
"Don't worry, you were well on your way before then," He mocks. I spank his ass in return. "Hey there, no need to get vicious."
"Have you seen Ali?"
"Girly time with Britt and Adie."
"Awe, I'm bored," I whine childishly. "I wanna be stroked."
"Pretending I didn't hear that," Billie says laughing. "I too could go for a good stroking right about now, let's find Mike and we'll pry them away from each other for some much needed stroking."
"I'm mad at Mike," I say laughing.
"Why's that? Did he insult your manhood?"
"No, he knocked me off my skateboard and scooted away with it." Billie bursts out laughing. "He's a cold hearted thief I tell you!" We continue to walk around the venue when we see the ladies coming toward us.

"Ali! I need to be stroked!" I yell obnoxiously.
"Me too Adie!" Billie yells. We can hear them laughing.
"Where's Mike!" Brittney calls, "He probably needs some pre-show stroking too."
"He stole my skateboard and disappeared," I say bitterly. Ali comes up to me and pats my head jokingly.

"Excuse me," one of the techies says as she walks up to us, she had a thick Austrian accent. "But we'll be letting people in soon, so you have to go back stage now."
"Alright," I say putting my arm around Ali.
"I already told your children and Mr. Dirnt."
"Okay," Billie says smirking; he gets a kick out of it when people call any of us mister, especially me 'Mr. Cool.'

We all take our sweet ass time to get back stage. Another techie looks over his list.
"Alright that's everyone," He says shutting the door behind us. We hang around the dressing room for a while, I of course am sending constant death glares in Mike's direction, he's getting a kick out of it. Ali is gently stroking my hair line, her finger tips are so soft, mine are all calloused from fiddling about with my guitar.
"Time to get pretty," Jason says walking into the room. Jason's wife and daughter are only joining us next week for touring.
"Already?" I say looking at my watch, only out of habit. It was the wrong time anyway. Ali releases me from her grasp and I go over to the clothing rack.