I shall call it Bob!

Wear Your Penis on Your Sleeve

*Reese's P.O.V.*
"So what's going on at your end?"
"I dunno, Andy is trying to get me to teach her how to play guitar."
"How torturous." I mock.
"Shut-up, you get to tour Europe." Nick states, "Where are you now anyway?"
"Lucky that's where all the hard core metal bands are."
"I guess." I say running my hands through my hair, "We're going shopping today, you want any German stuff?"
"I don't know, if you go to a head shop and see anything interesting. . ."
"Yup," I say happily. Ramona comes up to me and hands me a paper. "Nick, I gotta go now, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
"Alright," he sighs as he hangs up. I put the phone down and unfold the paper.

Let's play dares

Rules: same as always

Dare: draw a penis on your lower arm, remember it has to take up the entire place from your wrist to your elbow and no wearing long sleeved shirts. Proudly show off your penis art work. You have to keep it on until midnight tonight. If you need help drawing it on you can come to me, since your not allowed to talk about dares just say "cranberry." Pass this paper to the next person on the list.

The list: Reese, Stella, Franky, Joey, Jakob

Project coordinator Ramona Wright (I will also be participating in this dare)

*Jakob, destroy this paper

I walk over to the nightstand where Ramona had so nicely left a Sharpie and draw such profanity on my arm before handing the paper to Stella. She rolls her eyes as she takes the Sharpie from me and draws her own penis.

Us teenagers meet up with my mom, Brittney and Adie in the lobby. They rented two cars so we could hit the streets and go shopping. I'm in the car with Joey, Jakob and Frankito; Joey is the one driving.
"Touch the radio again and I'll chop off your pinky," Joey says aggravated with my brother.
"But this station sucks," Franky says changing the station.
"Jesus Franky," Jakob says kicking the seat in front of him, "Listening to the stations switch back and forth is worse than Joe's music."
"True, but Joe, what the fuck is this?" I say listening to some crappy light rock, "We're in Germany lets get a feel of their metal."
"You're all fucking annoying," he mutters, "When I'm driving I choose the music."
"But we're too young to drive so it's unfair," Franky whines.
"Yeah, I want Ramona to drive us back," Jakob states. "At least she isn't a homicidal driver."
"Shut-up! Shut-up!" Joe yells aggravated. I can't help but burst out laughing.
"Jakey, is your brother always like this?" I ask laughing.
"Yup," he laughs, "it was a tragic accident, ever since that broom stick got shoved up his ass he's never been the same."
"I said SHUT-UP!" Joe says at this wit's end. "Finally," he mutters as he parks the car not far from the other car.

We meet up with everyone else on the street corner.
"Why do all of you have penises on your arms?" my mother asks glancing at us teenagers.
"They're not penises!" Stella exclaims, "They're rocket ships."

Brittney snorts with laughter. "That's priceless, is that what you plan on telling your father?" Brittney asks still laughing.
"Well I'm just going to hope it's a phase and go shopping," Adie laughs, "Where will you kids be."
"Head shop," I say quickly.
"Same," Jakob pipes up.
"Head shop," Stella says nodding.
"I'm going to wonder from store to store, but probably end up at the head shop," Ramona says shrugging.
"Let me guess," Adie says turning to Joe, "Head shop?"
"Damn punker kids," my mom says in mock old person.
"We'll meet you guys back here in two hours, okay?" Brittney says looking at her watch.
"Yeah sure." Joe says as they head up the street and we head down it.

We head into one of the headshops and start looking around. I come to a black bucket and pick up on of the fabric swatches to find it's a thong, a man thong.
"Stella!" I call excitedly, "Look what I found." I hold it up for her to see and she along with the rest of my buddies laugh their heads off. I look at it for a second and decide I'll buy it for Nick. I also end up buying him a couple of cuff bracelets.

We walk back up the street to where the cars are parked when suddenly Jakob charges at me. I was caught in the middle of a game of tag and Jake was IT. I manage to dodge him three times before he picks me up and puts me over his shoulder.
"Put me down!" I laugh. Frankito prances behind making faces and teasing me. "NOW!"
"Nope, I got me a prize," Jakob says smugly.
"You're going to get kicked in the nuts!" I threaten.
"I'd like to see you try," he challenges as he holds my leg away from his body.
"Joeeeeyyyyy!" I plead, "Help."
"I'm sorry but you insulted my driving," he says crossing his arms, "Why don't you ask Ramona?"
"Ramona?" I ask meekly, she shakes her head, so does Stella.

I turn my head to see my mom, Adie and Brittney waiting by the cars.
"Mommy!" I call childishly. "Help me."
"Jakob, put Reese down," Adie laughs.
"Awe mom," he laughs as I feel my feet touch ground again.

*Tre's P.O.V.*
We just got back to the hotel after a show and drinks. The kids got back earlier, they all had penises drawn onto their arms for some reason. Anyway Ali said she bought something for me today. She's in the washroom now, and I'm sitting here watching TV I cannot understand one bit. I flip though the channels till I find the BBC channel. Damn make over show!

"Hey Tre," I hear Ali say as I shut off the TV aggravated. I turn my head to see her, she's in the sexiest black lingerie I've ever seen.
"Wow," I say as I feel my eyes bulge, not only was it the sexiest lingerie, she looked damned good in it too. "Is that for me?" she giggles and nods. I loosen my tie as I make my way over to her.

We lie there for a while, I feel sweat trickling from my forehead. Her body is glistening, that was some damn good sex. Fifteen, almost sixteen years later and Ali is still the freak in the sack I remember. I trace over the heart shaped tattoo on her ass with my finger. She laughs and slaps my hand.
"Harsh," I laugh as I bury my face in her slender, beautiful neck. "I fucking love you."
"Love you too," she giggles as she turns to face me and starts kissing my neck, moving down to my nipples, then down further on my torso. She really knows her shit when it comes to making me moan.