I shall call it Bob!

Poor Jakob

We're going back to the states today. Ladies and kids are going back to California, except for Ramona, she's coming with us because the USA part of the tour is starting in New York.
"Bye Dad." Frankito says hugging me quickly, he doesn't like hugs from me anymore. Guess I have to get used to him growing up.
"Bye boy-o, stay out of trouble." I say, he just rolls his eyes. I know within a weeks time his mom will be calling me telling me what 'criminal act' he committed at school.
"Bye Dad." Reese says hugging me.
"You called me Dad?" I say in disbelief.
"Guess I did." She laughs. I can't remember feeling so ecstatic, Reese called me Dad! I'm probably smiling like a mad man at this point. She walks off with her brother to meet up with Jake, Joe and Stella.

"Bye babe." Ali says wrapping her arms around me.
"Bye." I say putting my nose against hers, "I'll see you soon."
"I'm looking forward to it." She laughs. I asked her yesterday to move in with me and she said yes. She and Reese are moving in the on the next break from tour which is about a month away.
"Flight 430-C to San Francisco is now boarding, that's flight 430-C to San Francisco." The intercom blares apathetically. Ali sighs.
"See you then." She mumbles as she kisses my lips. Next thing I know she's out of my arms and walking away.

"Come on man." Mike says patting my back. "It's only a month."
"Yeah." I say reassuring myself, "Only a month."

*Ali's P.O.V.*
I sit in the airplane in between Adie and Brittney. Jakob, Reese, Stella, Joey, and Frankie, are in the next bunch of seat chattering away. I look over to see Jakob talking to Reese vividly. Reese can be naïve sometimes, Jakob is practically throwing himself at her and she believes his intentions are just friendly. I like Nick and all, he's a good guy, but they don't have a spark.

"Oh so you see it too." Adie laughs, breaking me from my trance.
"Jakob and Reese."
"Yeah, he's one head over heels guy." I say as I blink a couple of times, gathering my attention away from the teenagers.
"Like his Dad." I can't help but laugh as I remember a few of the songs Billie Joe had written for Adrienne. "I find Joey is more, suave."
"Suave?" Brittney laughs. "I haven't heard anyone use the word suave since-well its been a while."
"I mean, he's more casually about it, hides his feelings. Meanwhile Jakob is more of a hopeless romantic."
"Yeah, Reese needs to wake up and smell the coffee, or hormones, whichever." I say as I see Reese laugh at one of Jakob's jokes.
"But doesn't she have a boyfriend?" Brittney asks taking off her headphones, intrigued by the conversation at hand.
"Yeah, but they were friends for a few years so I think it was just like, hey we've been friends for this long, let's stamp a title on."
"Friends first relationships never worked to well for me either." Brittney says casually.

"Anyway, Mike told me you and Tre are moving in together."
"Yup." I say smiling wildly, "Next break of touring Reese and I are moving to his place."
"Does Reese know yet?" Adie asks as we turn our heads away from the teenagers.
"Not yet, I'm going to tell her once we get back." I say running a hand through my hair, "In case she freaks out."
"Good plan." Adie laughs. "Last thing you want is to cause a scene in a public place."
"Yeah, just like Tre, Reese is a bit for the dramatics."