I shall call it Bob!


*Reese's P.O.V.*

I get back from work, I can't believe I go back to school tomorrow. I check the schedule on the fridge that Mom made so I know what time she's coming home. She should've been here by now. Oh well, guess that means I can pig out on junk. Just as I pull a bag of barbecue chips out of the cupboard I hear the door click open.
"Reese! You home?"
"Yeah." I yell back.
"Can you help me out?" I shove the chip bag back in the cupboard and head to the door where Mom is bringing in flattened boxes.

"Umm, what are the boxes for?" I ask scratching the back of my neck.
"Oh." She says looking nervous. "Well now's a good a time as any to tell you." she stands up straight, "We're moving."
"Umm why?!" I demand.
"We're moving to your Dad's." I stare at her for a moment.
"Because, well," she stutters, "Your dad and I are in a serious relationship and-"
"Okay, don't continue please." I murmur, "But then I can't go to the same school."
"Tre said Jakob's school is pretty good."
"But its private school!" I exclaim, "I'll have to wear a uniform! And Nick won't be there."
"You can see Nick on weekends." Mom says running a hand though her hair.
"Why can't Dad move here?" I say knowing full well I'm acting like a five year old.
"This place only has two rooms and I seriously doubt you want to share one with Frankie when he stays over and I don't think the neighbors will appreciate Tre's drum set."
"Fine." I mutter, "When are we moving?"
"Tre's next break."
"That's three weeks away." I say slowly, "Will I start school here or at the private school?"
"I still have to get you registered, Adie said she'd pull a few strings with the principal since Joey was on the honor roll and stuff."

I let out a sigh. "Its for the best, you'll see." Mom says slowly, "Now can you help me bring up the rest of the boxes." I march down the stairs and silently help her bring in the rest of the boxes.

"I'm going to Nick's." I announce after dumping the final boxes in the living room. I speed walk down the street to Nick's house. In a few weeks I'll have to take three buses, or get someone to drive me.

I pound on the front door and as always Andrea answers the door, her mother glancing from the living room to check who it is.
"Hi Reese." She calls.
"Reese!" Andy exclaims, "Nicky taught me a song on guitar, I wanna show you." before I can refuse she's pulling me by the arm into the living room where Nick's black acoustic guitar is sitting. She starts to play the beginning of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) she gets stuck at the bridge though. "Was I good?"
"Yeah." I lie, like you lie to every little kid who learnt something new, "Very good." She smiles brightly, "Is Nick here or what?"

She smirks evilly and runs up the stairs yelling "Nicky! Nicky! Nicky!" at the top of her lungs.
"Andrea!" her mother exclaims. She rolls her eyes, "He's been working at the garage since six this morning, he's napping."
"Mom!" I hear Nick yell, "Andy won't leave my room." I giggle into my hand.
"But Reese is here." I hear Andrea say. I head up the stairs and into his room to find him trying to shove his little sister out his door.

"Oh, you are here." He says laughing.
"Told you!" Andy says putting her hands on her hips. I walk into his room and he lies back on his bed. Compared to his brothers' rooms his was always surprisingly clean.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so fucking tired." He yawns. "So wassup?"
"I'm moving."
"Where?" he murmurs.
"Oakland, my dad's house."
"But that's half an hour away, you'll have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to school." He says staring at me. I feel my eyes fill with tears but I hold them back.
"I'm changing school too." I sigh, "Private school on top of it." He rolls out of bed and comes up to me to hug me.

"Oh fuck, I forgot it again." I mumble.
"Forgot what?"
"Your souvenir from Germany."
"What did you get me?" he asks smirking.
"I can't tell you." I say crossing my arms.
"Oh please." He says tackling me to the floor and tickling me. "I can keep it a secret."
"No, no, no." I laugh as I try to push him away. "Not going to tell."

"What going on in there!" David yells as he bangs on the door.
"Nothing!" Nick grumbles.
"Then open the door." Nick gets up and heads over to his bedroom door and opens it.
"Tadaa!" he says sarcastically.
"Mom's rules, not mine." David says as he crosses the hall to his own room.

"You're in trouble, You're in trouble." I tease, he just laughs as he flops back onto his bed. I sit on the desk chair and spin round a couple of times.
"So when are you moving?"
"Three weeks."
"Alright." He says putting his hands behind his head. "Wanna go to the movies on Friday?"
"Sure." I say spinning round once more. These spinning chairs are funner than anything.

"Alright thank you very much." Mom says hanging up the phone just as I enter the apartment. "Good you're home."
"I am?" I ask glancing around comically.
"That was the school, you got accepted and we just have to go in now for the paperwork and stuff."
"Yeah." She says looking at her watch. I groan as I turn around and head out the door.

"I know you don't like this." She says as we drive down the street towards the bridge.
"Damn straight."
"But you'll make new friends at this school, and you're not that far from your old friends." She lectures, "and this way you can spend more time with your dad."
"Yeah whatever."
"It won't be all bad, Jakob will be at your school." I just let out a sigh and the car falls silent. Silence was better than her telling me how great it'll be.

"Here we are." Mom says pulling up in the parking lot of a private school.
"Looks like penitentiary." I state as we get out of the car and head inside.
"Have you ever seen a penitentiary?" Mom questions.

We go into the front office.
"Name?" the secretary asks coldly.
"Theresa Trawny Wright." I says monotonously.
"Did you bring your ID?"
"Uhh." I say reaching into my pocket, "No."
"I did." Mom says taking out my library card and bus ID.

The secretary looks them over and types quickly on her computer.
"Alrighty then." She says casually, "You'll need a uniform." I swallow hard, I feared this moment. She grabs a set of keys from her drawer and leads us to the next room.

Stacks and stacks of blue plaid and white shirts are stacked up on four tables.
"Girls uniforms are here." She says pointing to the two tables to the left.
"Umm okay, so do I just pick out what I want?" I ask nervously.
"Yeah, then just come to the front office when you're done."

I sigh as I walk past the dorky dresses. I grab my size of the plaid skirt, a white shirt and solid blue pants. I make my way to the next table a grab a pair of shorts and t-shirt, which are the gym uniform. I head to the back of the room where a screen is set up to try everything on. It takes me about a minute and half to try everything on.

"Does everything fit?" Mom asks when I come back out.
"Alright, take two of everything except for gym clothes, you only need one." I hand her the stuff I just tried on and go to get so more stuff. "Do you want the sweater too?"
"I guess." I say slowly as I put my stuff down and try one on. I add it to my stack of clothing and try on the second.
"Get both." Mom says nodding. "Do you want a sweater vest too?"
"No!" I say quickly, "Sweater vests have to be the ugliest thing ever invented." Mom just laughs. We make sure we have everything before heading to the office.

"This everything?" she asks grabbing a couple of large plastic bags with the school logo on it.
"Yup." The secretary takes a couple of minutes to tally everything up.
"Three hundred dollars."
"Holy shit." I say under my breath. Mom takes out her check book and write a check for 300$. I could get a new guitar with that money.

"And Mr. Wright, already called about the payment of the school books." The secretary says looking at her computer screen. I giggle at the fact she called the infamous Tre Cool a simple 'Mr. Wright.'