I shall call it Bob!

Jake's Birthday

"Reese it's for you!" mom yells after the phone rings three times. I grope at my night table and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I groan, I hate when people wake me up on Saturday.

"Hey Reese."

"Who is this?"


"Oh hey Jake," I murmur as I look at my alarm clock and after realizing it's already eleven thirty I decide not to yell at him. "What's up?"

"Well I'm turning fifteen on Tuesday."

"Happy Birthday."

"Thanks, but I'm having a party thing tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come." There's a moment of silence as I contemplate such invitation, "Stella will be there."

"Umm," I groan, "You just woke me up."

"Sorry," he says but I can tell he's trying not to laugh. "So you wanna come?"

"Yeah sure," I say rubbing my eyes, "Where, when blah blah blah."

"Uhh round seven at the pizza place on Pine Avenue."

"Okay." I jot the info down on the notepad on my night table, "What do you want as a present? Or do you like money cards?"

"Don't get me anything."

"I have to."

"No, you don't."

"Yeah, I do," I say just to bug him.

"Get me a permanent marker."

"What colour?"

"Any colour," he laughs.

"Can I ask you why a permanent marker?" I ask giggling.

"To draw penises, sorry rocket ships duh!"

*Tre's POV*

"Line's busy," I grumble as I hang up the phone. I dial Ali's cell number instead and wait patiently as I rock back and forth on the hotel room bed.

"Hey baby," I stutter at the sound of her voice, "I actually use my caller display."

"Oh," I laugh. "So how's everything going?"

"I got most of our stuff packed up and Reese starts school on Monday."

"Is she happy about it?"

"She was pissed when I told her, but she's okay about it now," I didn't want Reese to be pissed about moving.

"Why's the phone busy?" I ask feeling quite childlike.

"Reese is on the phone with Jakob."

"Billie's Jakob?" I question.

"Do you know any other Jakob's?" Ali teases.

"So she broke up with that Nick guy?"

"No, they're still together."

"Are they that strange thing called just friends?" I joke.

"Yes, I believe so."

"Mom, I'm going out!" I hear Reese yell in the background.

"Where are you going?" Ali asks, their voices muffled.

"To buy Jakob a birthday gift, his party is tonight."

"Okay," Ali says coolly.

"You're letting her go to such party!" I exclaim laughing, "As a teenager Armstrong parties had beer!"

"Tre." She laughs, I laugh too.

"Yeah, yeah," I say rolling my eyes.

*Reese's POV*

Mom drops me off at the restaurant and I spot Stella right away.

"Hey, you came," she says smiling.

"Yup, where's Jakob?"

"He's there, with his friends," she says slowly, "You made a mistake wearing a low cut shirt, some of these guys are pervs."

"I'll risk it," I say shrugging as I head over to Jakob.

"Happy birthday," I say shoving his gift in his hand.

"You actually got me something?" he asks with big eyes. He unwraps it to find it's a package of permanent markers, twenty-four colours. He bursts out laughing. Jakob puts down the markers to hug me. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," I say laughing.

"Who's the girly?!" a guy with a black faux-hawk asks.

"Guys, this is Reese," Jakob says loud enough for everyone to hear. "Reese this is Pete," points to the fax-hawk guy, "Corey and Amanda." He points to a guy with blond spiky hair and a girl with long light brown hair, "Rory and Maya." A guy with short dirty blond hair, and a girl with shoulder length red hair.

"Hi everyone," I say nervously.

"Are you the new girl?" Corey asks casually.

"I guess," I say sitting down next to Pete, Jakob sits on my other side.

"I'll show you around if you want," Pete offers, Stella raises her eyebrows as if to say told you they were pervs.

"Sorry, Jakob already volunteered," I say quickly. "And stop looking down my shirt."

"I wasn't!" Pete protests.

"Yes you were," Maya says laughing.

A waiter places two pizzas on the table and everyone digs in. I see Stella took a seat on Rory's lap. I wonder if Mike knew about such guy. I realize except for Pete's "staring problem" Jakob's friends are all pretty cool, so I'm not so worried about starting school on Monday.

I snatch the box of permanent markers and select a nice dark blue without anyone seeing. I manage to draw a penis on Pete's arm without him noticing.
"I saw that." Jakob says in my ear. I manoeuvre myself so I'm sitting on my knees and I hold Jake's face still with one hand as I write PENIS on his forehead. He tries to tickle my sides to stop me but I manage to complete the word as everyone bursts out laughing. I end up collapsing on Jakob's lap.

Everyone snatches a marker and tries to write on each other's arms. The waiter tells us to stop so we do, because last thing we wanted was to get kicked out since it's raining outside. I get up and head to the washroom. I try to wash off the ink on my face but soon give up and head back out to be stopped by Jakob.

"It won't come out!" he says pointing at his forehead. I laugh as he jokingly cracks his knuckles and backs me up against the wall.

"I guess mommy will have to see how profane your friends are." I giggle but I'm stopped when his lips are pressed against mine. We part. "Jakob what the fuck!" I exclaim regardless of how good a kiss that just was, "I have a boyfriend!" He backs away from me shamefully.

"Sorry," he says quietly, "I forget." I could tell he wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything so let down my guard.

"It's okay, just...don't do it again," I say slowly, "I'll just pretend I never bumped into you out here." With that I go back to the table and sit next to Stella, who's now alone.

"Where's Rory?" I ask casually.

"He and Corey had to catch the bus, they just left," she says shrugging.

"So does your dad know you have a boyfriend." She laughs.

"Nope." She rolls her eyes, "He knew about my last boyfriend and he was a paranoid mess, I'm just saving him the hysterics."

"Sure you are." Amanda laughs.

"Just all of you keep your yaps shut," Stella says crossing her arms as Jakob comes to sit down.

"Penis, penis, penis," Pete repeats as he pokes him on the forehead.

"Stop," Jakob says as the two guys starts wrestling right there on the seats. Maya kicks Pete's butt so he falls to the floor.

"HEY!" Pete says upset as the guys retake their seats.

"My mom's here," Maya says catching a glimpse outside. "C'mon Pete." The two of them head out of the restaurant. I glance confused.

"They're twins," Amanda informs me, I nod. "Anyway, I should get going." She grabs her bag and heads out the door.

"So how come that Nick guy didn't come?" Stella asks as we slump around the table waiting for Adrienne to come pick us up.

"I didn't know he was invited," I say not looking up at Jakob when I say so.

"Well next time-" Stella starts but she's interrupted.

"There's my Mom!" he exclaims. We head out to the car.

"Hi girls," Adie says as Stella and I slide into the back seat.

"Hi," I say buckling my seat belt.

"Have fun?"

"Yup," Stella says as he starts up the car.

"Jake, why are you so silent?" she asks, Jakob just turns to face him and Adie bursts out laughing. "Who's handiwork is that?"

"That would be Reese's," Stella laughs.

"Gonna have to tell your dads about this, they'll have a field day, especially Tre." Adie laughs.