I shall call it Bob!

Smash the System

*Tre's POV again*
I finally get around to checking my email. I dislike the computer, mainly because I can't understand it half the time. YAY! I got three emails. First on is from Reese.

Hey Dad (that's right I'm calling you dad... weird huh?)
Uhh went to Jake's birthday met all his friends they seemed pretty cool. So that's who I hang out with at school. School uniform is icky, I got yelled at for wearing my studded belt with my uniform. But I wore it again every day this week anyway. My math teacher has issues with the eyeliner I wear, and one of Jake's (and now mine) friends Maya has bright red hair and she got in trouble too. They're so strict friggin fruit loops!
Can't wait till you get back
(At school I'm known as Reese's Pieces)

Can't believe I sent her to such a horrible school, but I'm glad she's rebelling. I think I'll buy her a bigger studded belt and more eyeliner. I never liked teachers all that much, especially the homework giving ones. I write her back.

Hey Reese!
Now you know why I umm dropped out, that and because drumming was my destiny! But I'm sure your destiny includes college! I'll make sure it includes college, any college you want. I recommend Clown College, some truly awesome frat parties... whoops, you're not going to any frat parties! All I can say is keep rebelling and SMASH THE FUCKING SYSTEM!
Lots of love your one and only father
Tre Cool

Next up is an email from Adrienne but I skip ahead to the one from Ali, my sexy love! The email is from a couple of days ago.

Hello my hot and sexiness
oh god I hope Billie and Mike aren't reading over your shoulder. Three more days till you get back, I was thinking about really wild sex, but its up to you. Nothing eventful has been happening here... I get to organize the fall show but its very small and I have a highly trained crew of employees I get to boss around so barely any work for me. With all this free time I should get fat.
Catch you in your birthday suit

Damn, I love my freaky Ali. I shift in my seat just thinking about her, only twenty-four hours till I have her back in my arms.

Congratulations you have given me an erection from a gazillion miles away. Twenty-four hours till I get back to you. And yes a wild night (or week) of sex sounds more than lovely. My house though, the walls are soundproof and I wanna be loud without traumatizing anyone. Don't worry I'm alone so no Bill or Mike. Congrads about the fall show, but don't get fat, I need you in good shape for all the wild sex when I get back.
Love ya... and your bod

After my lap buddy goes down (with some help from Mr. Hand) I move onto the final email which is from Adrienne.

Here's the result of Jakob's birthday party. Courtesy of Reese. I open the attached file to see a picture of Jakob with the word PENIS across his forehead. I nearly fall off my chair laughing. Ah Reese is really a trip.

I drive into San Francisco shortly after my arrival. I arrive at Ali's apartment to see the moving truck already parked outside. I park my car across the street and head over.
"Dad!" Reese yelps, I see her loading a box onto the truck.
"Hey Reese." I say as she runs up to hug me. "Did you smash the system?"
"Working on it." She laughs, "Mom's inside."

I head up the stairs passing Nick on the way. I go through the open apartment door to find Ali taping shut a box.
"Hey you," I say slyly, she whips around and runs up to me.
"Fuck, I missed you," she says, her arms around my neck.
"Missed you too." I kiss her lips a bit.

"Gotta get these boxes on the truck," She says pointing the stacks of boxes behind her, "I sent the rest of the stuff Reese and I won't need to Salvation Army."
"And I see you got Nick as your minion."
"He volunteered to help us out so he could spend the day with Reese," Ali says lifting up a box. I take fairly large box and follow her down the stairs.

We get to the truck to find Reese and Nick along side it, damn kid getting his flirt on with my daughter.
"Excuse me!" I yelp startling the shit out of them, "Boxes to be moved." They groan and head back inside.
"You can be such a hypocrite," Ali says shaking her head as we load the boxes into the truck.
"I know, and for good reason." I protest as we head up the stairs.