I shall call it Bob!

The Truth About Nick

"C'mon Reese you're going to be late!" I call up the stairs.

"I'm not ready yet!" she yells back down. This has become the routine.

"I'm sure Jakob finds you hot no matter what!" I call back up. I just realized what I said, yes its become obvious Jakob has a thing for my youngest daughter but she's going out with Nick.

"What did you say?" she asks slinging her school bag over her shoulder.

"We gotta go," I say nodding my head towards the door, I see she's wearing bright red chucks. "You allowed those at school?"

"Hell if I care," She says as we head out the door. "I'm wearing the assigned uniform so I'll wear whatever shoes I want."

"That's my girl!" I say as we get into my car.

"So you're leaving tomorrow," She says after trying every button on my car radio.

"Yeah, there's a party at Mike's tonight."

"Are us kiddies invited?"

"Yes, which reminds me, I might be late picking you up after school today because I have to pick up Frankie first."

"Alright, I'll just find some random boy toy to make out with while I wait, heck he might even hit third base."

"Don't talk like that in front of me," I say as shivers run up my spine, this girl was too much like her mother sometimes.

"When's Ramona coming to visit again?" I think about that for a moment.

"Either Thanksgiving or Christmas or both, I have to talk to Lisea," I say as I pull up in front of the school.

"Give 'em hell Reese." I say as she gets out of the car.

"Trust me I will," She laughs as she walks away.

*Reese's POV*

"Poke...poke...poke." I hear as I get prodded on the forehead.

"Frankie stop it or I'll chop off your finger," I say rolling my eyes.

"Make me," He says poking me once more. I adjust my seat belt and attempt to tackle him.

"Kids!" Dad says trying not to laugh.

"Yes father?" I say sarcastically, Mom snickers.


"But father, Theresa tried to hurt me." Frankie says with a thick British accent.

"Father you mustn't believe him, he smells of old cheese and cabbage," I say, sticking my tongue out at my brother.

"Alright you two," Mom says laughing as we pull into the driveway at Mike's house. We clamber out of the car and head to the door. Dad opens the door and lets himself in. We're the last to arrive, because the Billie and Adie are relaxed on the couch.

Frankie and I say our hellos then I follow Frankie to the basement where Stella, Joey and Jakob are hanging out. Ever since Jakob kissed me I can't help but sort of have a crush on him. He's one hell of a kisser. Jakob hasn't talked to me directly since his birthday. Throughout the evening I keep looking him over wanting to kiss like that again.


It's a rare occasion, I'm over at Nick's house and we're there alone. His sister went to the hair dresser with his Mom, Ryan is at school, David and his father are at work. We're on the couch making out. Its one of the first times we really make out, I straddle his hips as my lips are locked against his. Thoughts of Jakob can't help but appear in my mind. I part lips with Nick.

"I'm sorry," I say as I back away to the next seat.

"What?" he asks cocking an eyebrow.

"It's too weird."

"So you know?" he sighs, putting his head in his hands.

"Know what?" I ask cautiously.

"Don't have to beat around the bush; I know you know I'm gay." I stare at him for a second, its so believable.


"You didn't know?" he says slowly.

We sit in silence for a couple of moments.

"Why are we together if you're..."

"Well, I heard about these camps you can go to, to stop being gay." He murmurs, "I figured I could turn myself straight if I really wanted to."

"Why do you want to be straight? There's nothing wrong with being gay." I say hugging him. "We live in San Francisco for fuck's sake, the gay capital."

"It's not that." He sighs, "What do you think my brothers would say? Or my dad for that matter?"

"Oh," I say slowly.

"I love you Reese, don't get me wrong, I love you." he says slowly, "Its just I don't fuck you love you."

"I love you too." I say hugging him tightly.

"Why was it too weird?" he whispers. I figure if he could be honest with me I could be honest with him.

"Jakob kissed me, and now I can't get it out of my head."


"I told him to piss off and stuff but-"

"Yeah, you can't help your lust." He chuckles.

"You're not mad?"

"I cheated on you," he murmurs, "When you were away, I mean Anthony was there and-"

"Anthony's gay?!" I exclaim, Anthony was one of the guys in our group of friends.

"Apparently." Nick chuckles.

"So we're broken up now right?" I ask casually.

"Yes," He laughs, "So go fuck around with Jakob all you want."


"Just remember a condom." I shove him playfully. "I'm sure your dildo will understand."

"Bitch!" I screech and he tickles my sides, I'm so glad I got my best friend back.

"So is Anthony a good kisser?"