I shall call it Bob!

English Project *cough*

Like planned, I meet up with Jakob after school and go with him on the bus to his house. Its raining like the end of the world is upon us.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt," He sings, seemingly absent mindedly as we ride the bus. He glances at me then smirks.

"You're not too sexy," I say in a low voice.

"I am too."

"Oh, I see what's happening, you're in denial," I tease, he crosses his arms and pretends to pout.

"I'm not talking to you until you say sorry."

I laugh as I look him over, he's such a goof. "Jakob, I'm sorry."


"You are too sexy."

"Thank you," he says smugly. "OH! Here's the stop."

With that he grabs my hand and leads me off the bus. Why is he holding my hand? As soon as we step off the bus he lets go.

"C'mon Reese." He walks ahead, was he blushing? I walk briskly next to him, I'm wearing pants today so I don't have to worry about my skirt flying up if I walk too fast. I'm getting soaked to the skin, why was the bus stop so far from his house.

We arrive at his house and he unlocks the door. We get inside and kicks off his shoes and jacket. I do the same. He looks me over and licks his lips. I tie up my sopping wet hair to get it out of my face.

"Wanna change clothes?" he asks looking me over once more.

"Yeah," I chuckle as I feel my shirt sticking to my skin. He nods towards the stairs then goes up them, I follow nervously. I've never been upstairs, I'm curious what Jake's room looks like.

"Here we are," He says opening a door. I step into the bedroom. Actually a pretty typical teenage room. The walls are covered in movie and band posters, the bed is unmade but other then that, pretty clean. As I'm looking over the atmosphere of his room, Jakob heads over to his chest of drawers. Next thing I know he's waving a pair of grey sweat pants and a black ACDC T-shirt out for me.

"They're clean." He chuckles as I'm shaken from my daze.

"Thanks," I say trying to hide my embarrassment. I shiver as the cold sinks in.

"You want a sweater?"

"Please." He walks over to his closet and pulls out a black zip up hoody and tosses it to me.

"If your bra is wet, I can't help you there" He smirks, "You'll have to go braless."

"Perv," I say rolling my eyes as I head out of the room to the washroom across the hall.

I strip out of my wet clothing and put on Jakob's clothes. They're comfy and smell like fabric softner, then I put on the hoodie. He probably wore it since it's been washed because it smells like his deodorant or shaving cream, he probably shaves, because sometimes he comes to school with slight stubble.

I gather up the pile of my wet clothes and head out of the room where Jake is standing in a pair of loose jeans and a red My Chemical Romance shirt. Thing about me and Jake was we both owned a large collection of band tees. My collection is newly acquired thanks to my dad's shopping spree.

He shoves his hands in his pockets and leads me down the stairs and then down to the basement. He plucks the clothes out of my hand and goes into one of the basement rooms. I follow to see it's the laundry room and spot him putting the clothes in the dryer.

"Now we can do homework," He chuckles. We go back upstairs and get our bags before heading to the dining room table.

"So I was thinking," he starts off, "we can start off the radio show with the last bit of a song and I could be some zany hippy deejay then we move onto the commenting on the recent events of Alice's mysterious over dose."

"It didn't say anywhere in the book that her name was Alice," I point out, "I think the title refers to Alice in Wonderland."

"Too bad, I'm calling her Alice," Jakob says childishly, causing me to grin.

"Anyway we have the news report then commentary then we'll end with the weather, which'll be you."

"Whoot!" I say laughing, "I get to be the sexy weather girl."

"And I was so hoping it would be me," Jakob says in a southern cowgirl voice. I stick out my tongue.

I pull out my notebook to write some notes of our ideas. "Since she died in the sixties the song playing should be from that time."

"My Generation!" he exclaims. "the hippy song."

"Most of the sixties was hippy songs." I laugh, "or we could do Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

"Wasn't that seventies?"

"Fine, My Generation." I cave as I write it down. "Then Mr. Hippy?"

"Yeah he should say something like, Dudes and dudettes, wasn't that radical couldn't you just see the music well now we have to mellow out and listen to this righteous news report." His voice was ultimate hippy. I write down what he just said, trying not to laugh as I did so.

"I want my name to be Sunshine Sue," I say grinning.

"OH! I wanna be Reefer Regis!"

"That name sucks, its not hippy, its stoner."

"I don't see the difference," He snorts with laughter, "Umm what about Glimmering Star?"

"Cool," I laugh as I write down our names, "I should I say groovy?"

"Groovy is one radical word, righteous," He says in hippy mode.

Someone enters through the door. "Its raining like a mother fucker out there." A male voice grumbles.

"Hey Joe," Jakob says absent mindedly as he starts doodling a doobie on the corner of his page.

"Hey-oh hey Reese, what are you doing here?"

"English project." I say motioning towards the scattered school books.

"Sucks to be you." he laughs as he heads up the stairs.

"Isn't he supposed to be away at college?"

"Reese, next week's thanksgiving," He says mocking me, "Didn't you ever wonder why we get the week off?"

"Shut up, I just forgot," I protest as I cross my arms.

"Someone had their bitch-flakes," He says grinning, damn I knew that grin, it was the one he had right before he kissed me.

Did I want to kiss him? Yes, I really, really did. Nick even said I should it would put me out of my misery. He's talking but I don't hear a word he's saying. His lips keep moving, I need to stop them, I lean forward and bam!

"Fuck," I say rubbing my forehead, he just had to turn his head at that moment.

"Shit, are you okay?" he asks, I could tell he's trying not to laugh.


"You sure?" I nod.

With that I decide its best not to try to kiss him again. I go back to working on the god forsaken English project.

Eventually Billie Joe and Adrienne get home.

"Hey Reese, you staying for supper?" this wasn't so much as a question as a statement but I feel its only polite to answer the mother of the guy I want to screw.

"Sure." I pull my cell phone out of my bag to call home, I have yet to learn the phone number so I have to call on my cell phone where my new home number is saved.

"Tell your dad he owes me ten bucks." Billie says smugly.

"What? Why?"

"Just tell him, he'll know what I'm talking about."

Dad answers the phone. "Hey Reesey."

"Don't call me Reesey." I say stubbornly.

"Sorry, He lies. "what's on your mind?"

"I'm staying here for supper."

"Where is here?"

"The Armstrong Manor." I laugh, Dad called it that, Armstrong Manor, Dirnt Manor and Cool Manor, sort of reminds me of those old school horror flicks.

"Oh right." He laughs, "How's the project going?"

"Fine." Billie clears his throat, "Oh and Billie says you owe him ten bucks."

"Son of a-" he chuckles, "Tell him when pigs fly."

I look up at Billie, who's now standing alone because Adie went off to the other room. "He says right after pigs fly." Billie laughs.

"Tell him he lost fair and square." I roll my eyes.

"Here you talk to him!" I shove the phone in his hand. Billie goes off into the next room to talk to my dad.

Wow, my dad that still seems weird to me, my whole life it was just my mom and me but now I have my dad and this whole new life. It's kind of scary if I think about it too much, I found its better to just go with the flow. I have to admit, this is one weird flow. When I got my dad's phone number that while back I was expecting to find some guy who used to be some wild garage band guy who settled down with some office job and wife and kids sort of thing. Never would I have expected a friggin rock star.

*Jakob's POV*

Rumor has it Reese and Nick broke up. I'm not sure if I should wait to make my move, but I know if I wait too long some other guy at school will get his flirt on. I'm dying to know if she likes me that way.

"Jake." She says startling me. "So we need to start explaining Alice's story."

"Oh right," I say shaking my head, "We can start off with some comments from her family and her boyfriend." She nods and starts writing.


"So you and Reese are working on a project together?" my brother asks me suspiciously, after Tre came to pick Reese up.

"Yeah," I say trying to dodge into my room.

"And she was wearing your clothes?"

"We got soaked on the way home." I grunt as I try to push past him, but his athletic build is blocking the doorway to my room. "From the rain."

"Did she change in front of you?"

"No you jackass, in the washroom." I say as I shove at his gut and manage to get into my room.

"Oh, so did you get to make out with her then?" he persists as he follows me to my computer.

"No! Now just piss off!"

"What crawled up your ass and died?"

"Fuck you."

"That's my girlfriend's job, remember?"