I shall call it Bob!

Naughty, Naughty

*Joey's P.O.V.*
Its almost pathetic how Reese and Jakob are in love with each other but neither of them will make a move. But enough about them, I hear the doorbell ringing, its probably Carrie, my girlfriend. Tonight is the big Christmas Eve party my parents host almost every year.

I slide down the banister.
"You're getting too old for doing that." My mother sighs as I go over to the door, I open it to see Carrie standing there.
"Hey baby." She says as goes on her tip-toes to kiss my lips.
"Hey gorgeous." I say softly as I wrap my arms around her. She really is gorgeous, she has orangey-blond hair, that sort of has whisps of curls. Tonight she's wearing a shiny black dress, damn she looks hot in it.


We're all sitting at the dining room table eating dinner now. I catch a glimpse of Jakob and Reese sitting next to each other further down the table. Stupid kids, they should just take the back room and get it out of their system, I can feel the tension from all the way here.

*Jakob's P.O.V.*
Everyone's sitting around chatting, the dinner plates have been cleared and now we're just waiting for midnight. I feel like Reese is only talking to me, usually she and Stella are on constant girl talk mode when put in the same room but they've hardly spoken. I plan on telling Reese I still like her tonight, I got her a bracelet I think she'll love. I glance down at my watch, eleven thirty.

"Bored already?" Reese asks giggling.
"Hey umm, wanna see something cool?" I ask casually.
"Sure." We get up from the table and inconspicuously head upstairs. I hid her gift in my room, last thing I wanted was Joey finding it and bugging me about it. "So what's this really cool thing?"
"I uhh have to show you."
"If its your cock-" I start laughing as I go into my room to the chest of drawers.
"It's a present, for you." she smiles from ear to ear.
"Its not midnight yet."
"So?" I hand her the box and she opens it.
"Its awesome." She says putting it on right away. I rock on my heels contemplating what to do then suddenly her lips are pressed against mine. "Sorry."
"No." I say cupping her cheeks and kissing her again more passionately.

**Tre's P.O.V.**
I look down at my watch and stand up.
"Ten, nine, eight, seven." I start chanting, "Six, five, four, three, two, one! Merry Christmas everyone!"

Everyone stands up and cheers, I kiss Ali, now that I think of it, this is our first Christmas together. We come to realize all the kids have gone else where.
"Get everyone else, and we'll open gifts." Adie announces. Mike heads to the basement, Billie heads to the living room and I guess I get to find anyone who's upstairs.

I climb exactly sixteen steps before heading down the hall to Billie's office. The kids sometimes hang out in there and surf the web because that's where they keep the lap tops. I open the door and peer inside to see an empty dark room. I glance down the hallway to see a glimmer of light coming from one of the rooms. I head over and push open the door to find Reese and Jakob on his bed making out, his hands up her shirt having a nice feel around.
"Hey!" I yell angrily, I've never seen Jakob go so red or see him move so fast to get away from my daughter. "We're opening gifts downstairs." I say not wanting to ruin everyone downstairs' holiday.

Jakob walks red faced past me and then Reese gets up and straightens out her shirt, she's red as a tomato as well. "We'll talk about this later."
"Okay." She says quietly as she walks past me.

I follow the two teens downstairs just as Billie initiated passing out the gifts. I can't even look at Reese the same. I got lucky with Ramona, I didn't have to catch her in the act, I just got the relayed message from her mother, and I thought that was horrible.

Ali kisses my neck gently as I retake my seat.
"What's up?" she asks, trying to read my expression.
"Uhh nothing." I say shifting in my seat, I look at my girlfriend who's not amused, "I'll tell you when we get home."
"Okay." She says casually.


At home when Ali and I are getting into bed. She lays her head on my chest, I stroke her soft hair.
"So what happened before?" I sigh.
"Well I went upstairs to see if any of the kids were in Bill's office, they weren't instead I found Reese and Jakob making out in his room." I see Ali's eyes flare. "His hands were all over here!"
"Fuck, what are we going to do?"
"I have no idea." I say shutting my eyes, "None of the punishments Lisea and I could think of did much for Ramona."
"We can't just pretend nothing happened!" she exclaims.
"Well, we can give her the sex talk so next time she thinks about getting frisky with Jakob she'll have the lecture buzzing through her head." I suggest, "That's how my parents kept me celibate till the age of fourteen." She just laughs.
"Only fourteen."
"Well it kept me from most naughty thoughts till fourteen."

"Yeah okay, do Billie and Adie know?"
"Not yet, gotta tell them too."