I shall call it Bob!

Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

As punishment Jakob and Reese weren't aloud to hang out for the rest of Christmas break. So when they got back to school their hands were glued to each others all day and their lips glued as often as possible, but with teachers on every corner it wasn't that often.

*Tre's POV*
Me and the guys are back on tour again. I miss Ali like crazy, but when I return around March I have a huge surprise for her. I'm going to propose. See me and the guys are planning on taking our families to Florida for vacation. The kids have two pedagogical days that week so they'll only miss three days of school.

I plan on taking her out for a night on the town and end it with proposing and then hopefully really hot engagement sex. I got Adie to help me out by going shopping with her and then convincing her to try on some rings and bracelets and stuff so I can find out her ring size.

"Dude!" Billie calls opening the door to the washroom stall with his cell phone in his hand. "Adie wants to talk to you about your plan." Its general knowledge, when on the tour bus you use your phone in the washroom because no one's going to shut up just because your one and only calls. I grab the phone from him and take his place in the washroom.

"Hello?" I say anxiously.
"Hey Tre, okay I went shopping with Ali today, she's has a size seven ring finger."
"Lucky number seven, okay," I say repeating it a million times in my head.
"Oh and I casually brought up engagement rings, making up some bull shit on how I needed to get mine cleaned and crap," she rambles, "and she said her ideal ring would have a small diamond, nothing to big or flashy, you know simple."
"Erm okay," I say taking in everything she just said.
"Do you want me to simplify it?"
"Yes please."
"Okay, size seven, simple, small diamond."
"Thanks Adie you're golden." She laughs.
"Bye Tre, good luck, oh and if you really need help you have a picture phone right?"
"Well just send me the pictures blah, blah, blah I'll help you."
"Thanks again." I laugh, "I'll keep that in mind."