I shall call it Bob!

The Dinner

I hear a crashing noise followed by Reese's voice.
"Fucking shit!" I can't help but chuckle. I knock on the door and in a matter of seconds she answers.
"Hey Tre, how's it going?" she asks letting me in.
"Not bad, do you talk to your mother with that mouth?"
"Umm so you heard me?"
"The whole building heard you sweetie."
"Don't call me sweetie."
"Alright," I say slightly shocked at her feistiness. "So what happened that made you curse so?"
"Dropped a pot."
"Oh is that all then?"
"Yeah," she says glancing toward the kitchen. "My mom should be home soon, she works late on Fridays."
"So is that why you cook?" I ask as I take a seat at the kitchen counter.
"No, we usually go out for supper on Fridays, but sometimes I feel like cooking," She says as she goes to stir something in a pot. "Oh uh, do you want something to drink?"
"Sure, uh watcha got?" she opens the fridge.
"Milk, water, orange juice, some weird health drink, Sprite, beer."
"I think I'll go with Sprite," I say, she giggles, "What? Did you expect me to choose beer? That's occupation profiling."
"Sorry." she giggles as she passes me a can and a glass.
"So does your mom let you drink or is she a strong rule enforcer?"
"Umm well she let's me drink beer mixed with Sprite."
"Oh okay," I say nodding. A timer dings and Reese opens the oven and pulls out a tray of french fries," I thought it was spaghetti night."
"It is, this is for dessert," she says as she puts the french fries in a bowl.
"Oh sure, french fries for dessert is totally common."
"French fries and chocolate?"
"Oh, oh yeah." I say thinking back to Tuesday.

"Hey Reese, smells good, is Tre here yet?" Ali calls out as she walks toward the kitchen.
"Yes I am!" I call out happily. "Reese was just telling me about how many tequila shots she can down in ten minutes."
"He's lying, Mom," she says as she drains the pasta in the sink. "It was vodka shots." I can't help but laugh, man did this kid have quick wit.
"Oh vodka, that's okay then," Ali says laughing. Ali takes some plates out of the cupboard and sets them down on the table as Reese adds the pasta to the sauce.
"Can I help?" I ask hopelessly.
"Nope," Reese says shaking her head. As she brings the serving bowl to the table. "Let's eat."
"Drinks," Ali says rolling her eyes as she heads to the fridge and pours herself a glass of what must be the 'weird health drink.' "Reese, what are you drinking?"
"Sprite I guess," she says as she takes her seat at the table.
"Have you had any soda today?"
"No, this would be my first," I can't help but snort of laughter as Ali comes to the table with her health drink and Reese's can of soda.
"What?" Ali asks less than amused.
"Last time we hung out you'd down three beers in one evening plus god knows how many cans of soda."
"Wow Mom, you were a real party girl," Reese says evilly.
"Do as I say not as I do," Al says raising her eyebrows, "Tre you're a bad influence."
"Oh sure blame it on Tre."
"When you're twenty-four you can make your own decisions, till then you stay sober." Ali dictates.
"Yeah okay Mom."

We finish up dinner with more than amusing conversation, I found out a lot about my daughter.
"So you said something about dessert?" I say casually.
"Oh yeah," she says hurrying off to the kitchen.
"You made dessert?" Ali asks quizzically, "What d'you make?"
"French fries and chocolate," she rolls her eyes.
"It's stuff like this that proves she's your daughter."
"Hey," I say laughing. Reese comes back to the table with a bowl of french fries and a bowl of melted chocolate. I take a couple of french fries and dip them in the chocolate, I take a bite. She wasn't kidding, it is good.
"This is fucking awesome," I say taking some more.
"Told ya it was good," Reese says taking some for herself.
"It must be genetic," Ali says taking some plain fries. She goes into the kitchen and returns with ketchup.
"Ketchup is nasty," Reese states.
"Maybe you'd be more fond of it if you hadn't added it to your juice," Reese shrugs.
"I have to say, I prefer chocolate to ketchup," I add in as I help myself to some more chocolate fries.

"So Ali, what are you up to these days?"
"Well, I have a job as a floor manager for San Francisco's Fashion."
"Umm I no good with designer stuff," I say laughing.
"Yeah, well I basically make sure shows run smoothly from the manufacturing of the clothing to getting the models out on the catwalk."
"Sounds stressful," she shrugs.
"Only this time of year, fashion week is coming up. Right after fashion week, work is dead," Ali sighs, "This year's fashion week is going to be worse due to the loss of my intern."
"Hot Topic needs me mother!" Reese exclaims. "Just hire some college bimbo."
"That's what I'll probably end up doing."
"So, Reese you're interested in fashion?" I ask trying to continue with such conversation.
"Nope, I hate it, I just wanted some extra pocket money past five years."
"That's a lie," Ali states, "You enjoy reconfiguring your clothes."
"I like taking my clothes and changing them up a bit, you know make them original?" Reese states. "So I guess I should change my answer to I like creating my own designs."
"Can I see one of your reconfigured thingies?"
"Sure," she heads off down the hallway to her room, I follow. The walls of her room are covered in various band and movie posters, in one corner she has a blue acoustic guitar and her desk is half covered with sheets of guitar tabs and half with drawings.
"These are really good," I say looking at a drawing of some sort of vampiress tacked to a cork board.
"Oh yeah, well that's an old drawing," she says casually, "It was the design for my junior prom dress."
"You went to junior prom?"
"Yeah shut-up, Mom strongly suggested I go," she mumbles as she pulls a dress out of her closet. "Well here's the dress, Mom had it made for me."
"Cool," I say looking it over, "You designed this on your own."
"Yup," she says proudly.
"Anything else?"
"Oh well, I just finished this skirt," she says holding one up. "It was plain black before," I look it over, there was red stripes on it and a thin chrome chain along the bottom.
"Thanks, well I change most of my clothes when I get them."
"That's cool. I see you also play guitar."
"Yeah, somewhat."

"Hey umm, tomorrow my son is coming over and well you said you wanted to meet him," I stutter, "Well if it's okay with your Mom, would you like to spend the weekend at my place."
"Sure, can I mom?" I turn around to see Ali standing behind me.
"I'll make sure she doesn't over-dose on soda," I add in.
"Yeah sure, I'm going to be busy all weekend anyway."
"So umm, do you want to come with me now or come tomorrow morning, it's up to you."
"I'll come now," Reese says strongly as she pulls a duffle bag out from under her bed and unzips it, "Less car pollution that way."
"Did I mention our daughter is some what of an environmentalist?" Ali says laughing.
"Hippy!" I say between fake coughs.
"Shut-up," she says rolling her eyes as she shoves a pair of jeans her bag.
"Nice folding," Ali says laughing.
"They weren't folded in my drawer, why should they be folded in my bag."
"Oh yeah, she is my daughter," I say smugly, Reese just laughs as she pulls a couple of t-shirts from her drawer. She goes over to her desk and tosses a hair brush and stick of eyeliner in her bag.
"Just need my toothbrush," she mumbles as she steps past us and heads to the washroom.
"What? No stash!" I say mock appall.
"No I keep it in my bra, police can't search there or else I can file a sexual harassment case."
"I should get a bra," I say laughing.
"You should take a sweater," Ali says just as we're about to head out the door.
"Mom, its Jul," Reese says rolling her eyes.
"Yeah but still."
"Fine," she mumbles as she heads back to her room, returning with a black hoody.
"Don't cause too much shit for Tre, okay?"
"Umm I'm not making any promises," Reese says slinging her bag over her shoulder. Dear god, this kid is awesome.