I shall call it Bob!

Life at the Cool Manor

"Hey Tre!" Reese yells the next morning from the top of the stairs.
"Can I slide down the banister?"
"I don't know can you?" I ask laughing as I head out of the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs.
"May I slide down the banister?"
"Yeah go ahead, I do it all the time." She smirks as she hops on and slides all the way down. "Was it all you thought it would be?"
"Yeah," She says as we head into the kitchen.
"How'd you sleep?"
"Alright, Ramona's room is awesome."
"I'll make sure to tell her, sorry about the guest rooms, I kind of got bored and had the fascinating idea to renovate them."
"S'okay," She says shrugging. "So umm what's for breakfast?"
"Uhh I have normal breakfast food like cereal and toast and stuff. Then I have weird breakfast stuff like frozen pizza and Chinese take out."
"Oh tempting," she says opening the freezer. "Can I have waffles?"
"Listen, I'm only going to tell you this once, my home is your home, you don't have to ask."
"Oh okay," She says nodding, "I'm having waffles bitch!"
"Lovely," I say laughing. "I need coffee or you're going to kill me." She laughs as she puts a couple of waffles in the toaster as I pour myself some coffee.

"Got any syrup?"
"In the fridge, on the door."
"Oh okay." She says as she finds it, she puts her waffles on a plate and grabs a fork and knife out of the drawer.
"Now I want waffles," I say as I intake the smell. I get up and make my own as Reese sits herself at the kitchen table.
"So, does Franky know about me?"
"Yeah, he does, I don't think he fully believes me but he will."
"What about Ramona?"
"She knows about you too, so do my band mates, everyone except my dad and siblings." She nods, "I'm going to tell them soon."
"Yeah alright, take your time," Reese says as she puts a forkful in her mouth.

The door bell rings.
"That's probably Franky now." I say as I get up from the table, Reese follows behind. I open the door and none other than Franky and Claudia are standing there. I let them in.
"Is that Theresa?" Claudia asks.
"Yeah, but call me Reese."
"She has your eyes."
"Umm hey, I guess I'm your brother." Franky says waving. "Hey Dad, wasn't your drag name Therese?"
"Well I have to get going," Claudia says shifting her purse on her shoulder, "It was nice meeting you Reese." Claudia steps out of the house.

"Drag name?" Reese states.
"Oh, you didn't know Dad dresses in drag?" Franky says laughing.
"Only for shits and giggles," I say rolling my eyes.
"So do people ever call you Reese's pieces?" Franky asks.
"Reese's pieces? What the fuck?"
"You know like the candy?"
"Umm no," she says laughing. "Do people ever call you Frankito Burrito?"

Nice to see my kids are taking to each other.
"You're a cherry head."
"Thanks," she says laughing. The phone starts ringing and I go to pick up.

"Hey Tre!" Billie screeches.
"Hey man."
"We need to have a band practice."
"Can't, Franky and Reese are here."
"So bring em, I really really want to go over some shit."
"Fine, but not more than half an hour, kay?"
"Fine. I'll see you soon."
"Yeah see ya."

"Half an hour for what?" Reese asks.
"Probably band practice," Franky says rolling his eyes.
"Yes, actually it is." I say casually. "And you're coming with me."
"Now?" Reese asks.
"We leave in five minutes." Reese runs up the stairs, probably to the washroom.

"She seems cool," Franky says casually.
"Yeah," I say nodding.
"Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" Reese says as she slides down the banister, "Alright, I'm ready to go."
"Alright." I say laughing. I put on my shoes and we head out. "To the Blueberry!"
"Dad named his car Blueberry," Franky mumbles. We get into the car and we start of down the street.
"So where exactly are we going?"
"Billie Joe's house," I say as I turn the corner.
"Don't be nervous, they'll like you, and if not who cares," Franky says evilly.

We get to Billie's house fairly quickly and we pile out of the car. We head up to the door and I ring the doorbell. Jakob answers the door.
"Oh hey come in," he says moving away from the door.
"Who's he? He's hot," Reese says quietly. I can't help but laugh.
"Don't get your hormones in a twist," I say rolling my eyes.

"Hey I'm Jakob," He says clearly to Reese.
"I'm Reese."
"Jake, my man, how's it hanging," Franky outbursts.
"Dude, ease up on the caffeine." The three of them walk away, probably to the living room. I head down to the basement where Billie and Mike are already playing some shit.
"I'm here!" I exclaim as I run up to the drumset.
"Hey Tre, is Theresa here?" Billie asks.
"Yeah, and apparently she has the hots for Jakob," I say laughing. Mike snorts with laughter.
"It's an Armstrong thing, we're irresistible," Billie states proudly.
"You keep telling yourself that," Mike mumbles.

-Reese's P.O.V.-

"Who's that?" I hiss at Franky, I'm referring to a dark haired guy a few years older than me.
"That's Joey, also Billie Joe's son." I sit on the couch next the Franky.
"So, umm you're Tre's long lost daughter huh?" Joey asks.
"Yeah, I wasn't lost, I was just not present." I say laughing.
"So like is your mom all of a sudden in need of child support of something?"
"Fuck no!" I say insulted, "She makes more than enough money! I chose to find Tre on my own!"
"No need to get pissy, we're just curious," Jakob says casually, "It's not every day that illegitimate children comes into the picture."
"Okay." I mumble, "I'm bored, what's there to do for fun?"
"Umm TV?" Jakob says dumbly.
"Jeez, I have the attention span of a goldfish, you can't expect me to sit and watch TV."
"Well no need for a paternity test," Joey snorts.
"Let's do dares," I suggest.
"Oh! Me first!" Franky says excitedly. "Joey, I dare you to do that freaky ass chicken dance."
"Fuck no."
"It's a dare," Franky insists.
"Fine but you're next," he says raising his eyebrows. Joey stands up and starts squalking around like a chicken, it was fucking hilarious.

"Alright Frankito Burrito, I dare you to moon on-coming traffic." I say smirking. He shrugs and we all go outside to the street and wait for a few cars to pass. As Franky moons the people in cars I blow kisses.
"Alright Reese," Jakob says, "I dare you to dive into the pool."
"But I didn't bring my bathing suit."
"We know." He says evilly, "You game?"
"Sure, get your lily ass into the house and get me a towel." He smirks and disappears into the house. The rest of us head into the backyard from the outside. Jakob comes outside holding up a towel. I take off my shoes, pants, tank top, socks and remove the money from my bra and step onto the diving board. I walk to the end of the diving board and dive in. The rush of water goes past me and I swim to the ladder.

"Happy?" I ask as I snatch the towel from Jakob.
"Are you a hooker?" Jakob asks.
"No why?"
"You keep your money in your bra."
"My pants don't have any pockets." I say trying to dry off. I head back to my pile of clothes and put them on.
"Now I get to make up a dare!" Joey says evilly, "I know, Jakob I dare you to kiss one person on the lips."
"Well except for yourself."
"Hmm." Jakob says looking around, next thing I know my cheeks are being cupped and his lips are against mine."
"Whoa!" I say pushing him away.
"Like that didn't yeah," He says raising his eyebrows evilly.
"Yeah, sure whatever you say," I say shoving the towel at him. I pull on my final article of clothing which are my shoes. "Now what?"

"Umm, we can play foosball if you want." Joey says as we head back into the house. Joey and Jakob lead us to a back room with a foosball table and a CD player. Jakob goes to put on some music, which happens to be hard rock.
"Teams?" Joey asks.
"Wrights against Armstrongs," Franky suggests.
"Alright, lady and gentlemen, take your places," Jakob says as he and Joey take one side, we take the other.

"Oh we win! In your face!" I chant after Franky scored the winning goal.
"You went down!" Franky yells. "Reese, you're now my favorite sister." I laugh.
"We let you win," Joey insists. "You have a new-be it's only fair."
"Sure you did," I laugh.

"Hey kids, we're leaving now," Tre says coming into the room. "Reese, why is your hair wet?"
"To do what?"
"Wet my hair." I say meekly, I can tell he doesn't believe me but one of the rules of dare is not to tell anyone what the dare was.
"Yeah whatever, let's go," He says nodding his head towards the door. The four of us follow Tre down the hall.

"Oh Mike and Billie want to meet you first." Tre says as he leads us to the basement.
"Okay." I see the two rockers putting away their instruments.
"Guys, this is Reese," He says pointing at me, "Reese this is Billie Joe and Mike."
"Hey." I say casually.
"Nice to meet you," Mike says shaking my hand.
"Hi," Billie Joe says as he shakes my hand. "Is that an Adeline shirt?" I look down at my tank top, originally it was plain red but I put a black star design down the sides.

"Hell no. I designed it," I say laughing, "You think I'd buy Adeline? Over-price punk shit." Everyone in the room starts smirking. "Honestly, have any of you seen real punks wear Adeline? True punks spend their money on music not clothing." At this point Jakob and Tre are laughing their heads off.
"Interesting," Billie says nodding, "I don't suppose you know who the owners of Adeline are."
"Cha, like I could give a shit."
"Well I'll tell you anyway, two of the owners would be me and my wife." I can feel myself turning red. Billie Joe and Mike start laughing now too.
"Sorry," I mumble.
"It's okay," Billie says still laughing, "You're entitled to your own opinion."
"It's okay," Joey says as he puts his hand on my shoulder, "I'm sure they'll forget about this in a year or so."

Everyone finally regains their composure.
"So you design your own clothing?" Mike asks.
"Yeah, I like my clothes to be original, and well it's less expensive than buying my wardrobe from Adeline."
"Yeah okay, I get it," Billie snorts.
"Well we should get going," Tre says still giggling.

-Joey's P.O.V.-

They head up the stairs and Mike and my dad follow.
"You like her don't you?" I say to my brother.
"You have the hots for Reese."
"She's cool and all but I wouldn't say I have the hots for her."
"Oh yeah? Wasn't it you who dared her to jump into the pool? And when we played foosball I could tell you were trying to look down her shirt."
"Yeah whatever man," He says walking away from me, "And what about the kiss?"
"You expected me to kiss Franky? Yeah right."
"Fair enough, but why'd you dare her to jump into the pool? So you could check her out no doubt."
"Just leave me the fuck alone."
"What so you can wank while her image is still fresh in your mind?"
"You need a life," He mutters bitterly.